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I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes…

on April 14, 2013

Whether we choose to notice them or not, signs are all around us. Literal and sometimes metaphorical. There’s the signs that tell you which way to go, there’s signs that warn you of danger, there’s signs to indicate the name of a building or shop. But then there’s the other kind of signs. The signs sent from above.

The signs can be found in divination using tarot cards, runes etc, but that’s signs and advice we are actively asking for. There are the less obvious signs that take you by surprise, that might mean nothing to one person but to someone else it could be something much more meaningful.

Yesterday on my way to work, I saw something unexpected. At first, I thought it was just a pile of leaves on the ground, and almost just walked past it without giving it a second glance, but then I saw it had eyes and I nearly jumped out of my skin! It was a brownish coloured frog! This isn’t a usual sight for me on my way to work, I was walking down a main road and I was nowhere near a pond or lake.

Animals are definite messengers of spirit. Animals are highly sensitive- cats and dogs for instance will often know when their owners are coming home, or exactly what time feeding time is! In lots of pagan traditions, something called power animals are used. These can be real animals or ‘spirit animals’ that are very real in our own minds. Power animals are animals that can teach us important lessons and guide us when we need advice. We can use them in meditations and even learn by watching the real thing, learning what skills they have and applying to our own lives. In shamanism, animals are very important, when tribes hunt animals they will use the whole of the animal and fully respect the spirit of the animal. On my personal path, I choose to be vegan, and not harm animals in anyway because I feel for me, that I’m in a position to live a cruelty free life and also that as my faith is about respecting nature, that should include animals even the ones we’re brought up to eat. However, I totally respect that shamanic tribes have a different approach to mine and understand it’s nowhere near the same as how western culture in general treats animals.

Anyway, about the frog. If I see an animal, but more so, if it’s an animal I don’t see everyday I take this as a sign. So of course when I got home later yesterday I looked up the spiritual meaning of the frog. I was quite surprised at how relevant the meanings were for me.

Firstly the frog is about finding opportunities in transition and can help us through tough transitions- which as I’ve mentioned before is how I feel about work at the moment- it’s still quite tough and next week we will be one staff member short again, so it definitely will be a challenging time!

They also represent transformation, rebirth and renewal which is hopefully what will come when I reach the other side of this difficult time.  They are also lucky in many cultures (if you look at feng shui statues there are always frogs with money in their mouths) and also they help with deepening our connection with spirit- which appropriately enough is something I put in the despacho ceremony!


I’ve started re-reading one of my books about witchcraft, and this morning I was reading about divination and the writer described something called a ‘cledon’ basically you might hear a snippet of a conversation, a song, a quote on a t.v show, which feels utterly relevant and meaningful. I’ve had this happen before, heard something in a conversation and once I just heard the line ‘Everything is a- okay!’ from The Darkness song ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ but nothing else.

Then today another one! I was with my husband Miguel in Wilkinsons, and they were playing an Alisha’s Attic song ‘Indestructible’. If they played any of their songs I’d probably notice as I really like them but it was a song I don’t usually hear just in a shop- despite the fact it was one of their songs that was a single it doesn’t really get played on the radio any more. The particular lyrics that stood out though were ‘So give me a sign…because we are indestructible’  which I would take as another sign about being strong at the moment and being reassured I can get though it.

Even looking at the whole song now, there are so many bits that I can relate to- “but even when madness heads, it’s only gladness I keep inside” and “you always stay real strong, you can take the rough with the smooth, and I know we forget what we mean to say, too proud sometimes, guess we’re only human’

So I guess there is definitely something going on a deeper spiritual level with me at the moment and I’m being looked after. The signs are always there around us if we choose to see them.

Here’s the video to that song, as I feel it could be meaningful to some of you too!


2 responses to “I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes…

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey, this is a great post, thank you. This is something I think about too and the word ‘cledon’ is going to be such a useful one for me! I hope you got through the week without too much stress. 🙂

  2. […] 8. I Saw the Sign and it Opened up my Eyes..(April 2013)- about being given ‘signs’ in everyday life. […]

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