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Pigtails and Army Boots Weeky Update

lack of news today sorry, as been away, not been on top of it!

Weekly event guide

Mon 27th- Sun 2nd June

Wed 29th-

  •  Cazz Blaze: Worlds within worlds: punk ladies, riot grrrls and fanzine culture – Working Class Movement Library, 51 Salford Crescent, Salford, M5 4WX – 2pm

    This talk will discuss the role women played in the UK punk scene and the UK incarnation of the female focused, female dominated riot grrrl scene

    You can find details for visitors, including access, here

Thurs 30th- Marnie Stern at Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Artist of the Month- Wolf Like Child- check out yesterday’s post to hear some of their awesome music!

Cover of the week


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Artist of the Month: Wolf Like Child

Have a listen to the May artist of the month!



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Good Things: Netherlands Special!

Everyday this year, on both my Facebook and Twitter accounts I have posted a ‘Good Thing’ about every day. It helps me focus on the positive and posting it publicly means people expect me to do it, but also I think it makes other people think of what theirs are, so I like to think it helps spread a little positivity and happiness.

I’ve just been on holiday to the Netherlands this week so I haven’t been able to post them, but I have been writing them down, so here is the ‘Good Things’ of my holiday, the epic version with pictures!


This was the day we arrived, we had to have a very early morning and a lot of travelling as we stayed two nights in Borger, where Miguel’s mum and stepdad live. The good things about this day were- when we arrived at the airport we tried the dutch tradition of chips with satay sauce


we also discovered that Holland has bigger sparrows than the ones in the U.K who are so much cheekier! The ones in the UK are very shy, but these ones will jump next to you on the bench and we even saw one try to take a bite of someone’s lunch!


and of course it was lovely to see Nina and Peter, and their beautiful garden.



Another day in Borger, the good things were that a short walk from the house there was a lake, we went and fed the geese


then we even saw a moorhen on a nest with a chick! (there were more chicks but we didn’t get a photo of them)


Later on in the day we went to visit some ancient burial sites which are called ‘hunnabeds’. We visited the largest one that had a lot of tourists but also went to visit a twin one where there was no one else. We sat in both of them. One of them felt more feminine, I felt like I had been there before. I got images in my mind of women making things under there. There was also lots of acorns underneath, so a lot of squirrels must go under there possibly to bury their food. The other one felt more masculine, more like a feeling of protection. Later on, I did a shamanic journey and I was in the feminine hunnabed making clothes with a group of women and we had blue feathers in our hair.

IMG_2719 IMG_2735


Monday morning we went onto Haarlem to visit some of Miguel’s old friends. We didn’t take any photos there. The good thing about Monday was just meeting people from Miguel’s past and also we visited Amsterdam briefly in the morning and had some falafel for lunch.


From Haarlem, we went onto Amsterdam and obviously one of the Good Things is that we met up with our friend Rachel who now lives in Switzerland so we don’t see her too often. The day was full of lovely things as we checked out the sites, had a decent hotel room, had a drink and played connect four in the downstairs bar!




My favourite day! We done lots of Good Things! First we went to the Kuan Yin shrine, which is a Goddess I really connect with. The temple was smaller than I expected, but it was beautiful and really peaceful.

IMG_2780 IMG_2778 IMG_2785

We then went to the Cat Museum which as you can guess was amazing! (and yes there were some real cats there too)!

IMG_2790 IMG_2798 IMG_2797 IMG_2799

Even though the weather wasn’t great, we had a short visit to Vondelpark too

IMG_2823 IMG_2826 IMG_2827

Thursday was the day we came home but we had some time in Amsterdam before we had to go. We saw a man who fed the pigeons, and then other people started joining in!


All round, a brilliant, varied holiday. We couldn’t fit in everything we would have liked to, but hopefully we can go back again soon!



Sacred Space- My Calling




Spirits of the East, element of air


I invite you to our sacred space, help us making this a healing place


Bless us with your eternal inspiration and wisdom


Help us to fly wing to wing with the powerful ones


Clear our minds and let us feel the beat of Spirit’s drum


Witches and shamans, friends that walk alongside us


Hand to hand, together we open this sacred space


As I will, so mote it be, AHO!!!




Spirits of the South, element of fire


I invite you to our sacred space, help us make this a healing place


Bless us with your passion and courage


Help us let go of the past and move forward with strength and patience


Show us the beauty that surrounds us, even in the simplest of moments


Witches and shamans, friends that walk alongside us


Hand to hand, together we open this sacred space


As I will, so mote it be, AHO!!!




Spirits of the west, element of water,


I invite you to our sacred space, help us make this a healing place


Bless us with your compassion and love for all living things


Help us to be honest with ourselves and others


Show us there is nothing to fear- only what we create


Witches and Shamans, friends that walk alongside us


Hand to hand, together we open this sacred space


As I will, so mote it be, AHO!!!




Spirits of the North, element of Earth,


I invite you to our sacred space, help us make this a healing place


Bless us with your stability and connection


Help us to realise, nothing is impossible, we can make everyday special


Show us joy and the natural magic all around us


Witches and shamans, friends that walk alongside us


Hand to hand, together we open this sacred space


As I will, so mote it, AHO!!!




Mother Earth, Gaia, she of many names and faces


I invite you to our sacred space, help us make this a healing place


Bless us with your nurturing embrace


Help us appreciate your beauty and power


Show us that we all connected,


Bring us closer to our power animal relations, to fully understand and appreciate the gifts they have to give


Witches and shamans, friends that walk alongside us


Hand to hand, together we open this sacred space,


As I will, so mote it be, AHO!!!




Father Sky, I invite you to our sacred space, help us make this a healing place


Bless us with your bright new beginnings,


help us see the beauty in natural endings


Light of day, dark of night, such a beautiful sight


The sun, the moon, the stars, let us see that we are all part of an incredible universe


Witches and shamans, friends that walk alongside us


Hand to hand, together we open this sacred space


As I will, so mote it be, AHO!!!




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Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update

Sorry for the delay in the update this week, I’ve been bust preparing for my holiday to the Netherlands next week!

News this week

I just found out about this rather awesome female trio called Valentine who will be releasing their self titled début album on July 1st, with a single called ‘Chucky’ out on June 17th. They will be touring the UK in June on these dates:

10th – Leeds The Packhorse
11th – Hull The Adelphi
13th – Sheffield O2 Academy 2
14th – Newcastle Think Tank
15th – Edinburgh Wee Red Bar
17th – Brighton Sticky Mike’s
18th – London Camden Dublin Castle
20th – Birmingham Asylum 2
21st – Manchester Dry Bar
22nd – Leicester Lock 42

here is the video to the incredibly catchy song (Warning- not for the faint of heart)!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released a video to ‘Mosquito’- warning again- if you don’t like creepy crawlies, this may not be for you!

Courtney Love

has decided to go on tour under her solo name rather than using her band name ‘Hole’ She used the name again for her 2010 album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ but last year she tweeted ‘Hole is Dead’.

Courtney will play seven dates as part of her forthcoming East Coast tour, starting in Philadelphia on June 20, visiting Boston, Silver Spring, Brooklyn, Port Chester and Asbury Park, before finishing up in Huntingdon, New York on June 29.

Paramore have also announced a tour of the UK. Dates are in September:

Dublin The O2 Point (September 2)
Manchester MEN (20)
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (21)
Birmingham LG Arena (23)
Nottingham Arena (24)
London Wembley Arena (27)

Event Guide

15th May- 20th May

  • 17 May – What The Frock! Birthday Party – The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol – Doors 7.30pm, Comedy from 8pm – Tickets £12 advance, £15 door

    On Friday, 17 May, come to The Square Club and help us celebrate our first birthday with an extra special night of Frock! fun.

    Our line up is:

    • Jayde Adams – WTF!’s resident MC
    • Viv Groskop
    • Alice Frick
    • Charlie Benson
    • Sophie Johnson

    And what do you get on this extra special night? Well, I’m glad you asked. In addition to the FIVE fabulous acts listed above, you also get…

    • The first 15 people to arrive get a limited-edition birthday present
    • Birthday cake
    • WTF! special birthday badge (ONLY available at this event)
    • Sweets and treats
    • Mini treatments from the lovely Lush ladies

    AND… we’re having a raffle in support of One25, which helps women who are trapped in sex work.

  • 18 May – Why Women Are Funny: panel event – Watershed, 1 Harbourside, Bristol – 2.00pm – Tickets £7, or £6 concessions

    There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about whether women are even capable of being funny. After writing a blog post about this that went viral in 2011, Jane Duffus founded What The Frock! Comedy in Bristol to promote women comedians. She found no shortage of funny women to book, and instead of struggling to fill club nights she’s got a huge waiting list of brilliant comedians to put on.

    Two of those comedians are Kate Smurthwaite (who was MC at the first ever WTF!, and has appeared at numerous Bristol events since), and Viv Groskop (another regular WTF! performer), both of whom – as well as being fabulously funny – are established media voices about the place of women in society, regularly speaking on Radio 4, Sky News and more. They join Jane for a panel discussion on women in comedy chaired by BBC Bristol’s Elise Rayner, host of ‘The Afternoon Show’, who has championed WTF! right from the start and is a staunch supporter of women in the arts.

    Tickets £7, or £6 concessions from

  • Artist of the Month: Wolf Like Child- they have kindly sent some more about themselves, here is what they had to say:

    Wolf Like Child are a brand new three piece from Brighton, cutting their teeth on the local live circuit. They blend folk-rock blues guitar, electro-tinged rhythms and funky, dubwise bass with lyrical twists of social consciousness; love, life, politics & randomness!






    The trio are all keen activists in their own individual ways, their songs express a direct social consciousness which is both passionate and thought provoking. Wolf Like Child are unique in that they are not interested in fame and fortune. The band intend to distribute their material for free, encouraging supporters to make donations only if they are able.   


    They recently recorded an 8-track demo with Dean Van Jones at Oscillate Recordings, which you can stream or download here (link). Currently, their focus is on having fun; roadtesting their set around Brighton and other areas, while developing new material which they hope to record in the form of an album very soon.



    Ree had a collection of songs which she had been developing for the past 6 years. Alongside working on an instrumental synth project and collaborating with other artists

    Ben had always wanted to make music with Ree & they had previously worked on various other studio projects together:


    Bluestep project


    The pair started jamming Ree’s songs in 2011, then in April 2012 they found Eve to play Bass. Eve had not long moved to Brighton from Italy and her style complimented the sound perfectly.


    Wolf Like Child have recently started performing their set live and are grateful for compliments on their unique sound and attitude. Their next gig is @ The Sticky Mikes Frog Bar on Thursday 23rd May. Onstage at 9pm. £5 door or £4 guestlist (Event page)…


    How to find out about/listen to Wolf Like Child: 




    For bookings contact:

    No update next week as I’ll be on holiday, so will leave you with this dreamy cover of the week- a version of The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry- click here to listen

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Connecting with the directions

Recently, I’ve been revisiting a basic practice of witchcraft that I’ve had plenty of experience of- casting circles and calling the quarters. For those who don’t know, basically it’s what a witch or other magical practitioner will do to ready a space for the work you are about to do. The circle creates a protective space around you while you are doing the work, and inviting the directions helps to bless the space and to invite their energies into your circle to further enhance your work. The reason I’ve been looking at this again, as I have been re-reading a witchcraft book of mine called ‘Witch Crafting’ by an author called Phyllis Curott.  The book is designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, and there are lots of exercises that are marked ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ accordingly. Sometimes I’ve read it and not done any of the exercises, other times I’ve read and just tried a few or done the advanced ones. This time round, it felt right to try and work through all of the exercises to the best of my ability. I’ve just been doing the exercises regarding sacred space.

Even though I have done these things many times, it was good to return and learn new ways. I felt I wasn’t making it as special as it could be, I’d make something up on the spot and it would be fairly simple, but what I’ve found through this work is that now I can put some ‘feeling’ behind the words and really feel the energies of what I’m calling in.

Each direction in witchcraft is represented by the four elements- fire, air, water and earth. In the exercises I had to really visualise each element, and I had representations on my altar, which I would pick up and take to the direction as I was calling it. Incense burning as I called air in from the East, a candle burning as I called fire from the South, water in a small cup as a called water from the west and salt to represent earth in the north.

Another part of the chapter and which I am still in the mist of was to spend a week focusing on each element, which then in turn gives you images and feelings to connect to as you call them. So far, I have completed the week of Air. I felt a huge connection with this element- for each one it’s suggested that you wear the colours of the element or symbols- I found I had many air related earrings- birds, stars, and more. It’s been quite breezy lately and I did a few breathing meditations. I’ve seen so many colourful and interesting birds in the area I live- robins, magpies, crows, doves, blue tits and more. . Everyday I can hear them clearly singing.

I’m now about half way through fire week. I haven’t felt as strong a connection so far with this element, I own a few red items of clothing but in my rather extensive earring collection I found one pair with some orange on them. It’s cooled down. I burnt myself yesterday. I did realise though that I make a connection every day, I light a candle for the God and Goddess every morning and every evening I light candles to represent my current goals.

Part of the exercise is to realise what elements you need more/less of in your life. So far, I’m guessing that I feel connected with air as I have a sense of clarity and inspiration. Maybe I feel less connected with fire as I am not always as courageous and confident as I could be. I’m looking forward to what I experience with Earth and water.

As always the universe makes awesome connections. At spiritual group this week we talked about sacred space. My teacher is more shamanic, so the quarter calling is a bit different. It focuses on the Peruvian medicine wheel and calls in an animal from each direction rather than elements, Mother Earth and Father Sky are called. It was our homework this week to write our own calling.

My words came this morning- as I slowly woke up, my head was writing before my hand even had a pen. I consider myself an eclectic witch(I don’t follow a particular kind of witchcraft, I pick and choose which fits) so it felt right to combine both my own experience and a part of the shamanic version. I am quite proud of what I’ve written. However, I’m not going to post it now, as I want to wait until after the group session, so they can (apart from Miguel) be the first to share it with.



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Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update

News Round Up

Fleetwood Mac have released new music after ten years. They have released a four track EP called ‘Extended Play’ on ITunes.

The songs are ‘It Takes Time’, ‘Miss Fantasy’, ‘Sad Angel’ and ‘Without You.’ The band will be touring the UK later in the year.
Dublin 02 (September 20)
London O2 Arena (24, 25, 27)
Birmingham LG Arena (29)
Manchester Arena (October 1)
Glasgow The Hydro (3)

Nineties girl band TLC have announced a live show and a new album. They will be playing The Mixtape Festival at Hersheypark Stadium, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, from July 26-27, alongside other old skool favourites New Kids On The Block, Hanson and Boyz II Men. This will be their first performance since 2009. They did speak in the past about using a hologram image for late band member Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, who died in a car crash in 2002, but it’s not known whether they will be using this for the performance yet. A full tour is also expected to be announced for later in the year.

TLC will also be releasing a new album, their first since 2002’s ‘3D’.

Little Boots has released a video to new song ‘Broken Record’

Event guide Monday 6th May- Sunday 12th May

10 May – Third Annual Postgraduate Gender and Sexuality Conference, Birmingham University

Roles: A Gender and Sexuality Forum are pleased to announce our Third Annual Postgraduate Gender and Sexuality Conference (, at the University of Birmingham on the 10th of May 2013.

Our Key Note Speaker is Dr. Nadine Muller (twitter: @Nadine_Muller)

This one-day interdisciplinary conference offers postgraduates the opportunity to present their research in a friendly and supportive environment for people of all genders. Registration is free. (

We invite applications for twenty-minute papers. Suggestions for presentations may address, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • social policy, government legislation, and matters of the law
  • cultural products: film / music / art / TV / literature
  • media, representation, and social images
  • sexuality, otherness, erotic practice
  • the body: subject, object, identity
  • theory, methodology, practice
  • feminism and postfeminism: representation and invisibility
  • queer and trans*: changing images of femininity and masculinity

Please send an abstract, including a short bio, of no more than 300 words to by 10th March 2013.

Roles is an interdisciplinary research forum hosted by researchers at the University of Birmingham for the purpose of fostering discussion and debate

Artist of Month

It’s now May so that means time for a brand new artist of the month! This month I’ve picked Brighton based Wolf Like Child who I’ve recently discovered and think others should hear too! They like Patti Smith and drinking rum, so they’re welcome to my home anytime 😉 In the following weeks I’ll be chatting to them and sharing their music with you so keep reading!

Cover of the week

as I’ve been working with the element of Air this week, it’s Ann Wilson’s version of Goodbye Blue Sky

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Spring Cleaning My Life

This is something I wrote probably about a month ago, I was going to put it my next issue of my zine ‘Dancing Barefoot’. However I wasn’t happy with the end result of the zine- as I’m now keeping this blog and have so many other journals and things on the go it’s getting harder to know what to write for my zine, so for now at least I’ve decided to put it on the back burner. I only sold a few copies of the three issues I did anyway. I was happy with this piece I wrote though so here it is.

In my last zine, I wrote a lot about endings. Now it’s spring although the weather outside doesn’t seem to realise it (as I write this there’s snow on the ground). A time of cleaning away the old to make room for the new.

Thanks to the amazing spiritual group I have joined this year, I have discovered more about myself and discovered I was stillclinging onto things that no longer serve me. A lot of things I did used to really enjoy, if I’m honest now have turned quite sour.

One of those things is the animal aid meetings I’ve been going to for several years. I will always be grateful to this group as I made so many friends because of it, and when I first joined, I loved it. In the last couple of years I’ve been less active due to work and other commitments, but I’ve still gone to meetings and helped out if I could. The group has changed a lot since I first joined. Now there are a lot of new people and many of the people I used to enjoy seeing there no longer attend. When I’ve been to the last few meetings I’ve struggled to be heard over all the many much louder voices, got frustrated when conversations would go off track constantly and I end up leaving feeling drained of energy and with a headache, wishing I hadn’t gone. Now I’ve made the decision to stop going to the meetings. I felt guilty, as I’ve been a member for so long, but I’ve had to tell myself that I shouldn’t be doing things that make me feel this way. I haven’t completely cut myself off, if they do any demo’s or activism I can help with then I will, as doing demo’s and activism still feels me with joy whereas the meetings don’t. I started my own feminist group last year so I also need the space to be able to commit to that.

The second thing I’ve had to let go of is feeling sorry for myself in regards to friends I once spent a lot of time with. There’s very good reasons why I don’t see these friends so often any more, but I’ve been feeling sad for a long time, clinging onto the notion that things would go back to the way they were. But the truth is, I’ve been doing that for the last two years, and those friendships are never going to go back to the way they were. Of course, they are still my friends, but I can no longer think of these people as my ‘best friends’. I need to let them get on with their lives and stop letting it get me down. I can create new close friendships which I’ve already started doing with many of the people in the spiritual group I’ve joined. I no longer need to be lonely, jealous or sad.

Probably the biggest decision I’ve made is to stop my radio show. I’ve also been doing this for years. I haven’t been enjoying it so much lately. I’m still passionate about music but it’s writing about music that I’m truly passionate about. Again I felt guilty, and it took me quite a while to make the decision as I was worried what the station would think, what the listeners would think, and worst of all, I felt like it was what made me an interesting person and a lot of people would define me by it, by stopping the show, would I still be the same person? Would I still be worth talking to? Well I have to see about the first but the latter answer I hope would always be yes. I might still do the occasional podcast, and if I really miss it after a while I could always bring it back, but for now I’m going to make it more blog based and really focus on my writing. The fact there was a minimal response to my announcement from listeners and no answer at all from the station just made it more feel like the right decision.

Maybe now I’ve let go of these things I can find the things that make me happy NOW and discover who I really am.

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