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Connecting with the directions

on May 12, 2013

Recently, I’ve been revisiting a basic practice of witchcraft that I’ve had plenty of experience of- casting circles and calling the quarters. For those who don’t know, basically it’s what a witch or other magical practitioner will do to ready a space for the work you are about to do. The circle creates a protective space around you while you are doing the work, and inviting the directions helps to bless the space and to invite their energies into your circle to further enhance your work. The reason I’ve been looking at this again, as I have been re-reading a witchcraft book of mine called ‘Witch Crafting’ by an author called Phyllis Curott.  The book is designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, and there are lots of exercises that are marked ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ accordingly. Sometimes I’ve read it and not done any of the exercises, other times I’ve read and just tried a few or done the advanced ones. This time round, it felt right to try and work through all of the exercises to the best of my ability. I’ve just been doing the exercises regarding sacred space.

Even though I have done these things many times, it was good to return and learn new ways. I felt I wasn’t making it as special as it could be, I’d make something up on the spot and it would be fairly simple, but what I’ve found through this work is that now I can put some ‘feeling’ behind the words and really feel the energies of what I’m calling in.

Each direction in witchcraft is represented by the four elements- fire, air, water and earth. In the exercises I had to really visualise each element, and I had representations on my altar, which I would pick up and take to the direction as I was calling it. Incense burning as I called air in from the East, a candle burning as I called fire from the South, water in a small cup as a called water from the west and salt to represent earth in the north.

Another part of the chapter and which I am still in the mist of was to spend a week focusing on each element, which then in turn gives you images and feelings to connect to as you call them. So far, I have completed the week of Air. I felt a huge connection with this element- for each one it’s suggested that you wear the colours of the element or symbols- I found I had many air related earrings- birds, stars, and more. It’s been quite breezy lately and I did a few breathing meditations. I’ve seen so many colourful and interesting birds in the area I live- robins, magpies, crows, doves, blue tits and more. . Everyday I can hear them clearly singing.

I’m now about half way through fire week. I haven’t felt as strong a connection so far with this element, I own a few red items of clothing but in my rather extensive earring collection I found one pair with some orange on them. It’s cooled down. I burnt myself yesterday. I did realise though that I make a connection every day, I light a candle for the God and Goddess every morning and every evening I light candles to represent my current goals.

Part of the exercise is to realise what elements you need more/less of in your life. So far, I’m guessing that I feel connected with air as I have a sense of clarity and inspiration. Maybe I feel less connected with fire as I am not always as courageous and confident as I could be. I’m looking forward to what I experience with Earth and water.

As always the universe makes awesome connections. At spiritual group this week we talked about sacred space. My teacher is more shamanic, so the quarter calling is a bit different. It focuses on the Peruvian medicine wheel and calls in an animal from each direction rather than elements, Mother Earth and Father Sky are called. It was our homework this week to write our own calling.

My words came this morning- as I slowly woke up, my head was writing before my hand even had a pen. I consider myself an eclectic witch(I don’t follow a particular kind of witchcraft, I pick and choose which fits) so it felt right to combine both my own experience and a part of the shamanic version. I am quite proud of what I’ve written. However, I’m not going to post it now, as I want to wait until after the group session, so they can (apart from Miguel) be the first to share it with.




One response to “Connecting with the directions

  1. Rachel says:

    This was a really well-written and inspiring piece! Witch Crafting sounds like a very useful book – I have just bought a copy as an ebook thanks to your recommendation. Looking forward to talking to you about all this next week in Amsterdam. xx

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