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Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update


MIA has released a new single ‘Bring The Noize’, personally I’m not sure what I make of it. Doesn’t seem to stand out like a lot of her other work does. Listen here

Joan Jett is suing Hot Topic, the famous alternative store in America because they have been selling a ‘Blackheart’ range of underwear after apparently being in talks with the star back in 2010, nothing came out of it, but they now have this range for “girls who rock n roll”

Paramore are one of the bands you can win tickets to see in this year’s ITunes Festival giveaway. The gig is at the London Roundhouse on September 4th, go here to enter.

Comanechi have released a video to ‘Love is The Cure’ a song from the fantastic album ‘You Owe Me Nothing But Love’- if you haven’t got the album yet, I suggest you do!

Blondie has a new single, with Beth Ditto as guest vocals! Here it is:

Weekly Event Guide- 24th June-30th June

26th- Bleech at Sebright Arms, London

28th- She Makes War at Zigfrid von Underbelly, London

29th- Paloma Faith at Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

Southend Feminist Group Meeting at Utopia Coffee House, Southend (upstairs) 2pm

Clit Rock, Cowley Club, Brighton £4 from 7.30pm

Cover of the week

due to the weather we’re having..



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Facing Fear

Last week’s spiritual class was the scariest one yet. The first semi scary thing was doing the task that we missed out on the previous week- running towards your goal- we did this running towards one of our teachers with a BLINDFOLD on! and pretty much all of us had to do it twice as we weren’t running fast enough! Apparently we’ll be doing this outside in a bigger space in a few weeks!

The scarier bit was this. We had all been given arrows that we had to write on all the things that are blocking us from achieving our goals. Then we had a choice to do this after being shown the technique. One person at a time would go up, with one person holding up a board, the person with their arrow would balance the target end on their throat, the other part on the board, then move forward and it would break it! I was the only one who didn’t have the nerve to try despite seeing everybody else do it and not get hurt. There was only two other girls in the group who had gone up but hadn’t been able to go through with it.

I did end up feeling very empowered after the session despite this, as the three of us focused on the things on our arrows then broke them with our arms. Then everybody had to bind their arrows with wool, I chose red and orange, I felt like this represented the strength, courage and confidence I need to move past those blocks. The session ended up with us spreading positive energy around the group, chanting “we are powerful, we are one!” and then telling people we believe in them. I felt buzzing with energy when I got in. The arrow went into the fire at the summer solstice fire ritual to release it.

I felt a bit disappointed that I hadn’t broke my arrow with my neck but my guide Sofie reassured me yesterday while on a journey. First she asked for the key she had given me in a previous visit, she explained it was a power key, then used it to first unlock my solar plexus, throat and third eye chakras and then blew energy into each of them. She gave me the key back and said she had given me what I need right now, but the key was mine and could be used any time I needed it. Then she told me “The fire is your arrow.”

This Friday coming, I’m doing a firewalk, and I think it will be the scariest thing I’ve ever done..but I know I’ve got to do it!

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Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update


Goldfrapp are set to release a new album later this year. Called ‘Tales of Us’, it comes out on September 9th.

Bjork is doing a gig at The Alexandra Palace in London on September 3rd, they start from £65 though so if you want to go, I hope you’ve saved up some pennies!

PJ Harvey was honoured with a MBE for her services to music- well deserved!

Kim Deal has left the Pixies- the band posted a statement on their site. It seems that she may be concentrating on her work with The Breeders at the moment.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing Islington Academy on July 15th, tickets go on sale on the 21st from 9am.

This is pretty cool..

Weekly Event guide

17th- 23rd June

18th and 19th- Patti Smith at 02 Shepherd Bush Empire, London

20th- KT Tunstall at Islington Assembly Hall, London

Cover of the week

More to come about our current Artist of the Month soon!


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My Current Guide

First a little update- for those who read my last ‘spiritual’ entry- when I gave the money away? Well didn’t really think much of it at the time, but shortly after that I got a £11 cheque in the post! (from the tax people) So the universe pretty much doubled my money in return!

The last spiritual class I went to was nearly two weeks ago now, as for the first time I had to miss a session this week due to not feeling well- I was more annoyed about that than the money I won’t be getting from not working! In this session, first we all spoke about our giving away money stories- there was an amusing common theme- a lot of people wanted to give to a homeless person and no one could find one anywhere! It was like the universe was teaching us a lesson on judgement.

The other thing we did was a meditation to help us connect to our current guide. Guides are like spiritual helpers that we all have whether we are aware of them or not, we can have many or just one, and will often be working with different ones at various times.

In the meditation, we went into a magical garden and found a place to sit- my garden is filled with golden light and the sitting place is a typical park bench. On this occasion, I could feel the presence of my guide next to me but even asking for a message, I was only greeted with silence, which was even more frustrating as almost everyone else in the group described their guides with great detail and clear messages. We were each given individual homework for the week. Mine was to visit the garden some more and concentrate on feeling rather than seeing. Also to spend time just concentrating on my breathing. As I meditate every day, this wasn’t too much of a problem, although I had been struggling to concentrate recently.

So since I got set the homework, I’ve made either breathing or visiting the magical garden part of my everyday meditation. I did struggle to begin with as my mind would still keep wandering off. The second time I went to visit the garden, I still couldn’t see the guide but I felt it was a female, and I got the message “Be Yourself, who you are is beautiful.” A few days later, I visited again, getting frustrated I still couldn’t see but knew she was there I asked “Why can’t I see you??” and I just got told I must be patient.

The following day I went there again, still frustrated with not seeing her, she told me again to be patient and I got given a key and also her name “Sofie” I thought initially it was spelt with ‘ph’ but I seem to being told otherwise! She also advised I might want to try opening sacred space before I meditate- as you may have read, the calling I have wrote is quite long so I protested but she insisted I should read it, and it would have to be that one, not a shortened or different version- it MUST be that one- in full!

Then on Friday just gone, I was seeing quite a few feathers, and I thought to myself it would be nice to have some sort of sign from my guide. Then oddly enough, I shortly after found this card on the floor in my path of the moon reflecting on a river, it looked quite pretty, so I picked it up and I turned around to realise it was a Goddess oracle card-


I can’t find a picture of the back unfortunately and can’t confirm this but I think it may be from a deck designed by Sonia Choquette who happens to be one of my favourite spiritual book writers!

Apparently the card represents these things: Fulfillment * Abundance * Satisfaction * Contentment. It also talks a lot about beauty in life and in yourself which connects nicely with my first message.

Today I went to the garden again (after opening sacred space of course…)! This time there was no message but I could finally see Sofie. She was beautiful. A woman with long silver hair, she was like all ages at once, not old or young, but maiden/mother/crone all at once and she was wearing a velvet purple cloak.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve just looked up the name ‘Sofie’ it has a Greek origin and it means ‘Wisdom’




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Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update


Not much news this week but it’s EXCITING!

Kathleen Hanna has finally announced the release date for the new Julie Ruin album she’s been working on! It’s called Run Fast and is out on September 3rd. I’m hoping this means a UK tour later in the year…


BUT…there is a single- NOW and best of all it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD! If you want to hear it first, here it is

Weekly event guide

10th-16th June

11th- Tegan and Sara at The Troxy, London

Kate Nash at The Barfly, London

12th- Scanners at Birthdays, London

Echobelly at Surya, London

Kate Nash at the Guildhall Arts Centre, Gloucester

15th- The Breeders at Limelight, Belfast

Artist of the Month

is The Madeline Rust, who are a three piece from Nottingham, you can hear their music here

Cover of the Week


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Pigtails and Army Boots Weeky Update


Some good tours announced-

The Naked and Famous
have announced a series of UK dates to take place in November.

Manchester, Ritz, (November 21)
Birmingham, Institute (22)
Norwich, UE (23)
Dublin, Olympia (25)
Belfast, Limelight (26)
Glasgow, O2 ABC (27)
Bristol, O2 Academy (29)
Oxford, O2 Academy (30)
London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (December 2)

and Kate Nash!

Norwich Waterfront (October 10)
Birmingham Institute (11)
London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (12)
Cardiff The Globe (14)
Dublin Whelan’s (15)
Belfast Stiff Kitten (16)
Glasgow SWG3 Studio Warehouse (18)
Manchester Academy 2 (19)

Event guide- Mon 3rd June- Sun 9th June

4th June- Swansea Feminist Network Meeting-7.30pm at Swansea’s Women Centre, 25 Mansel Street- all self identified women welcome

5th June- Marnie Stern at The Garage, London

7th June- Paloma Faith at O2 Arena, London

My artist of the month who you can expect to be hearing more about soon, is this band!

and of course the cover of the week..

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Unconditional Giving

For the spiritual group homework before I went on holiday we got given for me what was probably the hardest one so far. The task was to give away £6 to a stranger. £6 as the people that run the group were on holiday the same week as us and that’s how much the class is, so you weren’t really ‘losing’ it as you would have to pay that usually anyway. You couldn’t give it to a charity or leave it as a tip, it had to be a complete stranger too.

As we were on holiday I have to admit that I didn’t really think of it that much to begin with. On the last day, I thought I was probably going to give it to someone after we got home- maybe to a homeless person or something like that.

Then on that last day, on our way to finding some lunch, I heard this lady singing. When I looked, she had a massive smile on her face and was holding banners that said ‘Jesus Loves You’ We walked away, but I was thinking how wonderful it was to see someone being so happy about their faith. In Southend, we usually have preachers shouting in the highstreet about how we’re all going to go to Hell if we don’t become Christian. This woman wasn’t like that. I knew I had to give the money to her.

Luckily when we walked back, the lady was still there, talking to someone. I was really nervous but when she stopped talking I went over and gave her the money. She started talking to me in Dutch, I told her I was English, so she spoke to me again and she told me that she had given almost the same amount of money to a homeless person for food that morning so it was like she was getting it back! She accepted it without question, but not in a greedy way. It made me realise that although I like to think I’m tolerant of other people’s religions I may have some preconceptions about some, thinking anyone that is Christian will have a far different outlook on life to what I have. But that wasn’t the case with this woman- she was Christian, but she clearly was happy and celebrated her faith like I do with mine, and the fact she accepted my gift was like she knew karma was returning to her for giving money herself earlier that day. And again that’s like me, I do good things not questioning it, because I know it will come back to me in some way. It was an important lesson in tolerance and understanding, not judging all people as the same if they come under a particular category.

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Wolf Like Child Interview

Who are Wolf Like Child? Where are you from?

Ree is Brighton born and bred
Ben grew up in Brighton too.
Eve is from Italy

Why did you choose the name Wolf Like Child? Do you feel an affinity with wolves, if so in what way?

The name WLC represents the strong determined inner wild child, the independent lone warrior like attitude, but whom likes to have their pack/tribe nearby.

How would you describe the music of Wolf Like Child?

People can make up their own minds on that one…we like it!

What inspires you as a band?


Any particular influences?
Collection of band members individual Influences.. Tom Waits. Cat Power. PJ Harvey. Portishead. Patti Smith. The Kills. Kristin Hersh. BB King. Kate Bush. Dead weather. CocoRosie. Ani Difranco. Mike Patton. Nina Simone. Ursula Rucker. Regina Spektor. Zorn. LTJ Bukem. Zappa. Muse. (to name a few!!)

Is there an album or EP on the way? Any singles?

We are presently focusing on enjoying gigging around Brighton and other areas, but there will be an EP/Album in the future,,,
Any upcoming gigs?

Next gig is at Sticky Mikes, Thursday 26th June.

Where can we keep up to date with what’s happening?




For bookings contact:

What’s your favourite thing about being in Wolf Like Child?

… that we all get on and share similar and sometimes challenging perspectives, but we are all open minded to enjoy the debate which makes it fun and interesting.
We all share the same philosophy when it comes to making music in that our priority is to have fun playing and creating, as well as hopefully creating songs that will inspire and encourage critical thought, songs that people can empathise with…

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