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How I started my 29th year of being alive…

So I haven’t blogged for a while but a lot has happened since then. Not too long ago, it was my 29th birthday and despite it not being a particularly ‘special’ birthday, it seems to be full of significance already.

Not too long before, it was the Summer Solstice, so we attended a magical fire ceremony, which was the first one we’ve attended which was in daylight. On one of the most magical days of the year, I also got to choose my first rattle. It’s truly beautiful, and was used that very night.

I celebrated my birthday on the Saturday before, and I haven’t felt so blessed in a long time. I got given so many cards this year (some of them really beautiful ones too) and got given some lovely gifts.


On my actual birthday, it was fairly relaxed evening, but it was after that, things went very hectic! On the Wednesday afterwards, I did my first gig review of the year- The Black Angels at the Electrowerks in London. This wasn’t with a plus one, so I had to attend alone, I’ve been to one gig alone before, but it was still a fairly big deal for me. I was very happy that I had an excellent time, found my way there and back without any problems, and I spoke to another girl there who makes her own photo fanzine. I also caught a paper air plane set list! I was quite proud of the photos I took too, considering I’m no photographer. I’ll post the link to the review once it’s up


The day after, was spiritual group class.  We did aura readings and I was quite impressed that I was picking things up about the person I was working with. My partner picked up with me that I have lots of green and blue, and almost a halo of protective, divine energy above my head.

And…then there was Friday..Firewalk day! I only started feeling nervous on the day and the nearer it got, the more nervous I felt. Just before I had to read a safety disclaimer, and my stomach bubbled away, my adrenalin was running faster and faster, as each minute meant it was almost time to face the fire. We all helped to build the fire, to out all our energy into it. The fire was huge and extremely hot!


I was faced with the arrow again, this time I did at least try, although I still couldn’t break it. I now have the arrow until I can learn this technique. Hopefully one day I’ll do it!

We were told about how to do the fire walk, so I took this information in. As we all stood around the fire, I still wasn’t sure that I would go through with it, so I watched as a few others done their walk. After a little while, I got up my nerve and made it across, and felt the love and support of the other people that are in my group as they all came over to hug me and congratulate me, I felt ecstatic and emotional, I started crying!

That wasn’t it though! I done the walk four more times. Once, I walked across and shouted ‘Happiness!”, another one for a photo, and then with my friend Sue and finally one in silence, in prayer. I still can’t quite believe it as I haven’t seen the photos yet, and I didn’t get any ‘fire kisses’! My feet felt a bit hot after but not painful. I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone, you feel so incredibly empowered afterwards, it’s hard to describe how amazing it feels. I really hope to get to do it again at some point.

Last weekend, I spent the day and night apart from Miguel for the first time in quite a long time, as he was away for the night to do a shamanic workshop. It was a magical day for both of us, and made me realise how connected we are. We had seen a lot of the same things in the separate spiritual work we were doing- we both saw a robin and blue dragonflies for instance.

then from the new moon earlier this week till the next one, I’ve been and will be doing something quite difficult but an important lesson. I’ve got to work without any tools and also without my altar. So far I haven’t done any rituals, so the main things I’ve done without tools, is mediate without music in the morning- which has been hard but not as bad as I thought, as I can hear the birds singing outside when I do it, and not picking any cards in the morning.

I felt very emotional taking my altar down, and could feel how powerful it was as I packed it away carefully. The not using tools and no altar, is about realising your own power and also treating yourself as part of divinity, as divinity is not only just the things outside yourself- but is also within, so we need to treat ourselves as sacred just as we would our altar and the nature around us. It’s making me realise I don’t always treat myself in this manner, it’s a slow learning process, but I’m sure I will have gained a lot by the end of the cycle.


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The Madeline Rust Interview

How would you describe the music of The Madeline Rust?

Lucy: Dark psychedelic cowboy grunge.
Aly: I once described it as the sound of a 1980s serial killer picking up two Co-Eds in his muscle car as he drives through the desert, with Black Sabbath on the car radio. I guess i’d say epic western ambient dreamy shoegaze hard rock,.
Martin: Dirty grunge that a serial killer would be playing while digging holes in the desert.

How did you meet? where are you all from?

Lucy: Aly and I are from Nottingham and have been in bands together since school. In our first band, in which I played guitar and Aly played drums, we used to commandeer the tiny music room over lunch time, playing Nirvana covers to an audience of our mates. Dinner ladies used to prise the door open, only to find a bunch of sweaty headbanging kids, squashed into this space; three kids under the upright piano, four on top… But they always let us carry on, for some reason.
Martin: I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands, I moved to Nottingham and met Lucy at a mutual friends wedding, She introduced me to Aly, after a false start with a couple of other people we managed to get the band together.

What’s the story behind the name?

Aly: I once had a dream about a monstrous little girl in victorian dress with a really really long, 6 foot wavy neck like a snake, who spied on me. When I asked who she was, she said “i’m Madeline Rust”. A decade later we found ourselves stuck for a name, so we decided that was it. We added the definite article to avoid (or attempt to avoid) people thinking L was “Madeline”. Our previous band had a girl’s name in it, and L was always called that. She didn’t enjoy it.

Any new singles/releases coming up?

Lucy: We’re planning on recording something new in late summer, which we’re really excited about! Our last recording session was for the Christmas EP, This Time Next Year (actually, only this first song is Christmas-themed), and we had a great time recording this with our recording engineer Richard Solaini (AKA Louis:


). We tried to get as many Christmas clichés as we could into the finished product. The music video, filmed by John and Tom Turrell (


), can be seen here:
Aly: We’re also possibly doing a vinyl release at some point soon, which will be a dream come true for us.
Also we set up a record label so we could release our stuff. Although the only thing that’s happened so far is I made myself a t shirt with the logo on it. It looks badass, as our minister of Art & propaganda Mr Gavin Morrow designed it.

Any gigs coming up?

Lucy: We had a flurry of gigs in May/June, and are having a short break while we write some new stuff and do some recording, but we’re back for the Amazement festival in early September and you can get all the latest gig news on our Facebook page

Who/what are your influences?

Lucy: I can find something to love about most genres of music, so it’s hard to pinpoint particular influences. I guess the obvious influences are from the grunge scene; Nirvana, Hole, Pixies… But there are other influences from 60s pop, 70s rock, punk, country… My lyrics are mostly inspired by past relationships, ghost towns, movies and murders.

For me Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy and as a band I think we all probably wish Lemmy was our Dad

Aly: L and I share a lot of the same influences – we grew up together so we’re musically fairly similar. I prefer Bakersfield country to Nashville though, and never liked Van Morrison like L does.
I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd, Tool, Nirvana, 60s girl group stuff, Doo-Wop… for my guitar sound, I guess the main influences are Pink Floyd, Type O Negative, M83, O’Brother, and a wee bit of Arcade Fire. Martin and I cross over in the harder rock area, DOWN, Red Fang, stuff like that. I grew up on Scottish and Irish Folk music from my parents though. So yeah, it’s all a mix.

where can people keep up to date/buy your music?
Our facebook is where we spend most time ( We occasionally upload shoddy self-recorded demos to our soundcloud –


and the stuff we release is sold or given away on


if there’s one thing you would want people to gain from listening to your music, what would it be?

Martin: I love it when people see us live and leave with a massive smile on their faces because we are nothing like they expected us to be.
Aly: I have no idea. A sense of space and emotion? Is that too pretentious to print? I think it might be… let’s say happiness. No, that’s too hippie. Lucy, help me out here
Lucy: A sense of unease. Tee hee.

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