Moonlight Phoenix has risen

music, feminism, spirituality, words and more


on August 2, 2013


It seems recently, another power animal has decided to appear in my life. I’ve had a few significant sightings of animals in the last few months but this has been the most. For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing butterflies everywhere. I began to count them, I will normally see at least 10 but usually more- on two of the days I’ve seen over fifty!

Most of them are the white butterflies, but there are also a few red admirals and some light blue ones. But it goes beyond even actual butterflies. On the days I haven’t seen so many (mainly due to weather) I’ve seen people with butterfly tattoos, butterfly images in the most random places- garden bins, door decorations, even on a supermarket till! I don’t think this is a coincidence. Yesterday I did a very significant ceremony (more to come in that in a future post) and as I went to put my bag away in the conservatory there was a butterfly inside! It wouldn’t leave, as much as I tried to encourage it to go out the window. I came back a few minutes later and it had gone. Then one appeared just before the main part of the ceremony began.

I’m very honoured the butterfly has came to me- they are truly a beautiful symbol. They symbolise transformation, change, joy, freedom, beauty and even spiritual development. So much of this I can relate to right now.  I thought I had finished discovering myself. But then this year everything changed, including me. I discovered there was more to me, and I’ve been slowly shedding from my cocoon. My wings are emerging and I’m learning to fly.






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