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The Altar

on August 11, 2013

There’s been so much going on with me lately I have so many things to blog about but I have decided to start with a blog about my altar,

Recently I went for a whole moon cycle without my altar. This was a strange experience for me, I’ve had one going for the past fifteen years- in all the places I’ve lived, ever changing but always there. The altar is a sacred space- usually a small table (although I’ve used the top of chest of drawers before) decorated with sacred items and objects that may have deep meaning for your beliefs or even things that are just really personal to you that you hold sacred. Some books suggest you have items to represent the four elements, and a symbol of the God and the Goddess. My personal feeling is you have to go with what you feel you need. The things I’ve always got on the altar are my Bast statue (for the Goddess), a Green Man jewellery box (for the God) , my athame and some candles. I usually change it through the wheel of the year, so usually the colours and items will reflect the season.

Altars are places to pray, to meditate, to sit in silence before. I meditate and pray in front of mine every day- and choose my card for the day too. I also do rituals and spells in front of it. It was only when I had to take it down I realised how much energy it holds. As I carefully took off my items and packed them away, I was almost buzzing with the sheer power I felt radiating, but I also felt overwhelmed with emotion. It’s a very personal thing. The reason why I did it was an exercise in the witch crafting book I’ve mentioned before. It was about being the altar yourself- so treating yourself in the same sacred manner. I was also not using tools during this time. It made me learn a lot really- that I hadn’t been treating myself as sacred, like some things like not throwing away clothes that were no good any more for instance. It was about learning that as everything around us is part of the God and the Goddess, so are we! I had loads of major significant spiritual things happen to me while I was in this period and I did do some rituals too, which felt even more powerful somehow.

Nevertheless I was really happy when it was the New Moon and I could put it back up! I did this in sacred ritual, cast my circle, blessed the altar with all the elements, used my rattle over it, and blessed everything I put on it. This time I haven’t connected it with the season but I put what I felt was right, some new items and some things didn’t go back on this time round but it feels right. Here are some photos of my various altars and how it looks now. (last two are what it looks like now)



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