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The Faery Pathway

For quite some time I have had a connection to faeries. I’ve often left out food for them and have seen them. I used to think dandelion clocks and thistledown were faeries, so I still relate them closely too. However, recently that bond has got much stronger. For a group session one week we had to do our own form of healing. I decided to bring my beloved faery oracle cards. I started to wonder if there was such a thing as faery healing. So I looked it up, and it turns out it does! It’s basically about working with faeries and nature spirits to heal. In my searching I found a book that has started this really all off for me now- it’s called  ‘The Healing Power of Faery’ by Edain Mccoy. This book is about becoming a faery healer- a faery shaman. It’s very clear from the start that not just anyone can be a faery shaman. For one the faeries have to want you to be one! Also you have to be willing to make a lifetime commitment to the path, it’s not something to be taken lightly, faeries don’t always play nice!

I was very honoured that when I did my faery shaman initiation which takes the form of a long guided meditation/journey that the faeries accepted me. In fact, I had to find a talisman whilst there and it turned out I had already been given it some time ago when I had visited faeryland on a journey before, I just didn’t know what it was! So it seems it was destined for me to be a faery shaman.

For the past few months I have been working on this new path. I have worked with each of the elemental kings and queens, practised healing, done faery land journeys. So much has happened- I’ve found the talisman in the ‘real’ world (it’s a small black pebble), I’ve collected some interesting stones and shells. During a recent group session, our teacher channelled messages for us, mine was about the faeries.

yesterday during my meditation, I got told that I have faery ancestry going far, far back. I’m not sure what to make of this at the moment, I know I have a very deep connection but I’m still uncertain how possible this is. I just know that I had no real intention of going anywhere in my meditation yesterday but I was practically being shouted this at, and it took me quite some time to ground afterwards. I then kept seeing faery imagery all day!


the faeries love this song
it isn’t very long
it goes something like this
sunflowers adore a butterfly’s kiss
lavender plants feed the bees
nature is the key
it’s all around you, can’t you see
part of you, part of me
sky at night, what a sight
earth under feet
isn’t it neat
what a magnificent feat
bless the planet, bless the trees
bless the water running free
bless the air that caresses our hair
bless the fire, the sun’s desire
part of you, part of me
part of you, part of me
everywhere for you to see.


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The Southend Feminist Group Bodylove Flashmob

Recently the feminist group I run did their first ‘public’ event. Inspired by ‘Body Gossip’ we did a ‘Body Love’ flash-mob in Southend Highstreet, it was less of a flash mob more of a positive celebration. My lovely friend Sherry took some great photos that capture the spirit of the event, so here they are:


It was all about sticking our fingers up to the glossy magazines and their ‘bikini’ diet obsessions. Whether we’re fat or skinny, we need to learn to accept and nurture our body instead of criticising it- healthy living and healthy thinking. Love your body and care for it the way it needs.

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The End of Pigtails and Army Boots

I promised to write this blog a while ago but have had so many things to blog about that I kept leaving it! So I thought it’s about time I wrote it.

For those who know me- I used to do a radio show called Pigtails and Army Boots. I decided earlier this year to make it only an occassional podcast and focus on the writing side of my life, by changing it to a weekly blog post. I’m sure those of you who have been keeping track of my blog will have noticed that I haven’t wrote a weekly Pigtails blog for sometime now.

There won’t be anymore. I found that I recorded two special podcasts since I stopped doing my show, and I haven’t felt inclined to do anymore. The blog posts were okay to begin with, but then it just started to feel like work and I wasn’t really enjoying writing them- it’s something I was meant to be doing for pleasure, but I was no longer getting any pleasure so what was the point?

So, as sad as it is to give up something that was a part of my life for quite sometime, it’s now time to wave goodbye in full to Pigtails and Army Boots and DJ Moonlight. I’ve changed some of my usernames to reflect this and I’ll be doing the same with my wordpress account.

I’m really grateful to all the radio stations that ever took my show, and to all the people that ever listened to it. I met loads of cool people thanks to doing it and got to use it to help me organise some brilliant gigs. I discovered amazing music, which I will continue to listen to and support the scene of female fronted music as well as independent/unsigned artists.

My passion is writing and I’ll still be writing reviews etc for various sites and the odd piece on here when I’m inspired to do so, blogging about spiritual things has became really enjoyable now, that not to long ago I have started writing a spiritual book which I hope will become something I can share with the world.

The facebook page will be coming down tomorrow- you can now like my new page:



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