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The 21 Day Kindness Challenge

on October 6, 2013

Recently I took part in a 21 Day Kindness Challenge through 

This is a blog about how it went for me:

Day 1- Give a ‘Sweet’ treat to somebody

When I got the shopping on this day, I bought a chocolate bar for my husband Miguel and gave it to him when I got in.

Day 2- Reconnect with an old pal

I messaged a friend on Facebook I was friends with when I was at school who now lives in Mexico, and despite having her on my friends list I hadn’t spoke to much. She did reply but it didn’t initiate a conversation like I had hoped really, but at least I did reach out.

Day 3: Gift your Favourite Book

First challenge that I failed, although I have given books away before in the past.

Day 4: To Thank A Public Servant

On this particular day I went on a lot of buses, so I was extra cheery as I said ‘Thank you!’ getting off the bus and a specially reserved ‘Thank you very, very much’ to a grumpy bus driver.

Day 5: Share an Inspiring Story with Friends

I shared this video:

Day 6: Beautify Your Neighbourhood

I made this simple as I was at work, I wrote positive messages around the place like ‘You Look Lovely!” and ‘Smile!” for people to find.

Day 7: Send a Handwritten Note

I wrote a card for my friend Catherine.

Day 8: Give Up Complaining for One Day

For most of the day I managed not to, but I started to feel unwell so by the evening I had started complaining!

Day 9: Surprise Someone with Flowers

Failed! As I was at home ill in bed!

Day 10: Give away something you cherish

Failed this one too, although recently in the group we did a give away where I had to do this.

Day 11: Pay Forward a Kindness recieved

Bad few days as didn’t manage this one either!

Day 12: Donate Clothing or Household Goods

Do this quite a bit so failed as didn’t know what to give!

Day 13: To Connect with a Stranger

Every day when I walk to work, a stranger says good morning to me every day, so on this day I said it first. I then made extra friendly conversation with customers for the rest of the day.

Day 14: To Call a Loved One

Most of the things I failed I do fairly often but I have to admit I am not very good at calling people!

Day 15: Make Something with Your Hands

I decided to write a poem for the spiritual group, here it is:

Back in January, I was feeling so blue
I didn’t know what I should do
But then there came a shining light
a group of like minded souls
from the beginning, it felt so right
to help lift me from the sadness
and clear away my mental mess
Beautiful teachers Skie and Red
Helped to put wonderful new thoughts in my head
little did I know what amazing new friends I’d make
finally, I felt awake
I found what I was waiting for
friendship and connection, and so much more
something Miguel and I could do together
learning lessons that would last forever

so many brilliant people make up this group
Gareth, with his magical children’s story, about a faery in all her glory
With Zoe, together, we faced our fear as we walked on broken glass
Paula who found my power animal, a squirrel, and I found her a deer
Crystal who taught a wonderful healing class
Karen, such a generous soul
Jackie, who helped me to reach my goal
Rik and his smiley face
Sue, who makes sure I never feel out of place
Trevor who has so much to teach
Jeannie who shows happiness is never beyond reach
Chris, who keeps his feet on the ground
Liz, who came back around
Gemma such a beautiful mind
Becky, always so kind
and Roberta with her italian fire
of this group I will never tire
Southend Spiritual Growth group- on an amazing journey together we go,
towards our amazing futures, AHO!

Day 16: Spend 15 Minutes in Silence

Something I do every day anyway, as I meditate everyday.

Day 17: Compliment Two People

I told Miguel he smelt nice and I told a lady at the sound circle group that her handmade swan feather fan was beautiful.

Day 18: Make time to listen to someone

I only saw two people this day- Miguel and my friend Fiona, so I was extra attentive to them both.

Day 19: Choose Your Own Kindness Adventure

I wasn’t very bold, I did Click to Donate and daily action over on

Day 20: Give Something back to the Earth

I do these things without thinking- recycle, don’t eat meat or dairy, save water, don’t drive, reuse shopping bags..

Day 21: Start a Gratitude Jounal

Every day I share on Facebook and Twitter the day’s ‘good things’. a Record of all the lovely things!

Kindspring are doing another 21 Day Challenge in November..this time about Gratitude..I’ve signed up..if you fancy giving it a go here’s where to sign up..





One response to “The 21 Day Kindness Challenge

  1. Catherine says:

    This is such a lovely idea! 🙂 x

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