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Wild Mind: I remember..

start with ‘I remember and write for 10 minutes….”

I remember when I was younger I used to be quite unusual I guess in the things that I used to do sometimes like with my friend Louise we used to try and make perfume with flower petals. We also used to pretend we were Goddesses when other little girls were probably playing ‘mummies and daddies’ or something like that. I can’t remember what Goddess Louise used to be( I think if I remember rightly it was probably something tough or violent). I remember I was always the Goddess of love and animals. I love this memory as it sounds so much more appropriate now than it did then. After all, lots of things have changed. Most obviously I’m an adult now in a happy marriage, but also the way I live my life. The religion I choose to follow (eclectic witchcraft with a touch of shamanism thrown in) for me is a life of kindness and love. The main rule I follow, which I really believe in is part of the Wiccan rede ‘Do what you will, yet harm none.’ I will always try to make the kind choice. The choice that isn’t going to hurt anybody. I take this even further though which leads me to onto my other ‘Goddess’ aspect, that of ‘animals’. About seven years ago I went vegan, I think I was vegetarian about two or three years before that. I always felt an affinity with animals even as a young girl, and I sometimes thought of vegetarianism but thought I could never do it. I felt like if I was to live a life of kindness, it had to stretch to all living things, not just my fellow human beings. For me, being vegan is the kindest choice I’ve ever committed to doing and I don’t regret it one bit. 

now ten minutes.. I don’t remember..

I don’t remember much about being a child at all. Maybe that’s why I remember the memory of the Goddess pretend play so fondly. I think I can remember from about ten or elevenish and even that’s a stretch. I remember odd little things but not much, like some people seem to be able to remember much more deeper and detailed memories, and some of those people are much older than me! I remember stuff like my favourite teacher at infant school. Her name was Miss Webb and she had curly hair and a lovely smile. I remember her being really nice. I remember when I was at primary school, I actually used to love drama. I used to love writing little plays to act out. When I went to secondary school that all changed. I hated drama with a passion. I would refuse to perform in front of the other students. I think I only actually took part once. And that was because all I had to do was stand there while someone else did a ‘voiceover’ and I was pretending to advertise a coat or something like that anyway. I don’t even know why they make drama compulsory anyway, although I think I read yesterday they are thinking of scrapping it. Not sure I agree with that either though. I guess you should get a choice whether you want to do it or not. Maybe it could be like how I would have to choose either food technology or CDT (or whatever it’s called, you know where you cut wood and stuff). You could have a ‘creative’ choice- which could maybe be drama, art or maybe something like creative writing. That would have been cool. I definitely would have chosen creative writing if that had been the choices.


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Bye Sound of Paper, Hello Wild Mind!

I’ve now done pretty much all the exercises in ‘The Sound of paper’ there are some that are kind of repetitive, some I won’t wish to share publicly and others I need more time to do. I think for now I will continue with the morning pages/artist dates/walks until I feel I have completely finished with it but I won’t be posting them here unless I see fit.

However, I’m starting a new book, also in a similar vein, to help inspire writing again, this time it’s ‘Wild Mind’ by Natalie Goldberg.

The activities look more of what I’m actually looking for, proper prompts, rather than lots of lists etc. As it’s getting a bit late today, I will start with the first exercise on here tomorrow 🙂

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Sound of Paper: Keeping our Footing, waiting for fame

five activities that help me to feel grounded

  1. baking
  2. washing up
  3. having a shower
  4. putting my hands on the earth
  5. concentrating on my breathing

fifty things I value about myself (I’m feeling like I’m getting big headed having to think of all these good things about myself)!- withj a ‘fame’ type theme this time

  1. I organised three charity gigs
  2. I did quite a popular radio show
  3. I ran a feminist group
  4. I was part of an animal rights group
  5. I posted good things about my day, every day last year
  6. I did a photo a day project one year and completed it
  7. I completed nanowrimo two times
  8. I attempted nanowrimo eight times (I think)!
  9. I had something published in the local paper about feminism
  10. I was quoted in an article in the independent to do with the pussy riot protest
  11. I was interviewed for a podcast
  12. I was interviewed for a zine
  13. I was the first one to be chosen to learn to dispense at work (of the people who started around the same time)
  14. I won tickets to hard rock hell
  15. I interviewed paramore (well two questions)
  16. I interviewed robots in disguise
  17. I also interviewed Sue Denim separetely
  18. and Dee Plume..
  19. I won tickets to see Suzanne Vega
  20. I won tickets to see Hair
  21. I got up on the stage for the finale of Hair
  22. I’ve had poems published
  23. I wrote a few articles for Mookychick
  24. I wrote for thegirlsare
  25. I wrote for Joyzine
  26. I write for The F Word
  27. I wrote for Disrupt
  28. I wrote for Firebrand magazine
  29. i wrote for Louder Than Hell
  30. I wrote for Wears the Trousers
  31. I have done a silent dj set
  32. I have done a dj set at Saks (twice)
  33. I have done a dj set at The Railway (three times)
  34. I organised a Bodylove flashmob
  35. I volunteered at Million Women Rise
  36. I’ve attended Million Women Rise alone
  37. I’ve attended Don’t Turn Back Time, a feminist protest alone
  38. I’ve attended feminism in london alone
  39. I attended witchfest alone
  40. I’ve walked on fire
  41. I’ve walked on glass
  42. I have done a sweat lodge and managed to stay in for the whole time
  43. I’ve learned to play a few songs on the ukulele
  44. I’ve wrote a zine
  45. I can read faery oracle cards
  46. I can do faery healing
  47. I’ve shaken hands with Patti Smith
  48. I’ve done the Colourthon twice

49. I’ve done a film fundraiser for the local women’s shelter

50. I’ve been to gigs alone


five choices I am proud of

  1. going vegan
  2. choosing to be a pagan
  3. choosing to be a faery shaman
  4. choosing to join the spiritual group I was in
  5. choosing to marry my husband 🙂






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Sound of Paper: Remembering who we are, resiliency and courage

  1. Something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m really organised
  2. Something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m a good listener
  3. Something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m creative
  4. Something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m compassionate
  5. something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m caring
  6. Something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m interesting
  7. Something I really appreciate about myself is that I am passionate
  8. something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m generous
  9. something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m a hard worker
  10. something I really appreciate about myself is that I’m unique


5 blows from which I recovered

  1. a relationship break down
  2. depression
  3. friendship breakdown
  4. argumentative relationships

can’t think of a 5th..

5 ways I have been courageous for my art

  1. I took part in NaNoWriMO for over 5 years
  2. I’ve volunteered myself to read poetry in public
  3. I’ve contacted publishers about a book in the past
  4. I’ve submitted poetry to publications
  5. I’ve posted my work online


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Sound of Paper: Waiting For Water, Hope and Seasonality

  1. Something I really love doing is watching birds
  2. Something I really love doing is writing
  3. Something I really love doing is walking
  4. Something I really love doing is meditation
  5. Something I really love doing is playing singing games
  6. Something I really love doing is dancing
  7. Something I really love doing is reading
  8. Something I really love doing is talking to friends
  9. Something I really love doing is going to the library

10.Something I really love doing is being creative

I have already done something from this list today- meditating.


  1. I hope that I can find a better job
  2. I hope that Miguel feels healthier soon
  3. I hope that I will be able to read my poetry with ease
  4. I hope I will be able to complete my book
  5. I hope that I can go to the places I want to visit this year
  6. I hope that money gets easier
  7. I hope that I will be able to do voluntary work one day
  8. I hope that the earth healing group will make a positive difference
  9. I hope I’m not setting my aims too high
  10. I hope that I can make a difference to the world

Five Projects I’m involved in and the season I’m in

  1. writing a book (winter as I’m not being very active with it right now)
  2. Earth healing group (spring, feels fresh and exciting)
  3. Passionate women group (also spring, as a new project)
  4. job hunting (autumn, slow)
  5. reading poetry (spring, never done before)



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Sound of Paper: In Between

In Between-

this was to buy a book from a children’s store about something you’re curious about. I actually did this without the prompt, coincidence? We have book ‘clubs’ that turn up at my work where you can books for quite cheap and they have display copies you can look at before you order. I hadn’t ever seen anything that took my fancy but the other day I found one about wildlife which was for children but actually looked very informative so I decided to get it! It’s really interesting and you can barely tell it’s designed for children apart from the odd reference about asking parents or school holidays. It will come in very useful when I take part in the ‘Birdwatch’ hour for RSPB this weekend!



this concludes my third week of working with the sound of paper, I think I did a task every day this week. I went on an artist date- I looked at new stationary (but couldn’t find any)! I did do the hour walk but not the shorter walks.

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Sound of Paper: Keeping safe and Just Do It

Keeping safe- five things to provide continuity and structure in my life:

1. socialize once a week

2. do morning pages

3. write in diary every day

4. do faeryland journeys three times a week

5. meditate daily

Just do it- five actions related to my creative work

1. pick poems to read at the open mic

2. put a writing portfolio together

3. write up old writing

4. finish stories that I never finished

can’t think of a fifth!


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Sound of Paper: Good Husbandry and Getting At It

Good Husbandry

what tiny changes could I make?

in the bathroom…. clean the shower door properly, get some nice bubble baths and essential oils, get some new towels

in the bedroom…tidy up the stuff by my side of the bed, tidy up my clothes, get some new bedding

in the living room..tidy up the table, sort out the book shelves, sort out the games and dvds

in the kitchen…clean the cupboards, put a plant in there, put some nice photos on the fridge

wardrobe from shoulders to top of head…have at least one hat, a new scarf, buy some new jewellery

wardrobe from shoulders to waist…more jumpers, a new coat

wardrobe from waist to knees…more trousers!

wardrobe from knees to floor…more shoes

tools you use for you art…get a fancy pen (still haven’t found a fancy one I find comfortable writing with), get a gorgeous notebook, get a laptop

now I should attempt to make at least one tiny change in each area…

Getting At It

ways I have inched forward today

1. I wrote my morning pages

2. I attempted to write a poem

3. I looked at jobs

4. I emailed a friend

5. I didn’t waste time

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Sound of Paper: Taming Time and Trust

five tasks I’ve been procrastinating about:

1. actually writing my book

2. writing speculative applications for jobs I might like

3. having my hair cut

4. buying new trousers

5. finishing my ‘action’ board

I now need to try and execute this list in a week to prove to myself I do have time!


five things I don’t trust to work out

1. finding a job I actually like

2. finishing my book

3. for the healing business to succeed

4. for my current job to get any better

I can’t actually think of a fifth.

five things that have worked out despite my lack of trust

1. finished NANOWRIMO two years in a row.

2. found a great flat when we needed one

3. found a new job when I wanted to leave my last one

4. our handfasting

5. walked on fire!


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Sound of paper: Cross Country and drought

As there is so many exercises in The Sound of paper, I have decided to do two a day.

Cross Country

1. A Great adventure I’d love to have is..going to Glastonbury

2. A Great adventure I’d love to have is..climbing a mountain

3.  A Great adventure I’d love to have fly to the moon

4.  A Great adventure I’d love to have travel across America

5.  A Great adventure I’d love to have go to the Eiffel tower

6. A Great adventure I’d love to have swim with wild dolphins

7. A Great adventure I’d love to have go wale watching

8. A Great adventure I’d love to have is…to scuba dive

9. A Great adventure I’d love to have stalk Kathleen Hanna!

10. A Great adventure I’d love to have is…to sing with Joan Jett.

some of these are totally unrealistic and are literally the first things I thought of. I am already aiming to try and get to Glastonbury this year.


ten kindness to myself ideas.

  1. bubble bath
  2. eating fruit salad
  3. herbal teas
  4. get healing
  5. have a head massage
  6. take a walk
  7. have hair cut
  8. have a lay in
  9. drink a glass of wine
  10. don’t do anything for a day.


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