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The Sound of Paper: To be independent, depend on God

on January 9, 2014

I’ve had to skip a few exercises for now, as they are not just writing exercises that I can do this evening, so I’ve gone to the next one that is practical for me to do.

I am not Christian, so have decided to use the term ‘Divine’ which to me is a way to describe the God and Goddess that I believe in.

first I have to list 10 attributes of my childhood God, my God as a child was a lot different to what it is now, so here that is:

  • 1. absent
  • 2. male
  • 3. ignores suffering
  • 4. non existent
  • 5. holier than thou
  • 6. punishing
  • 7. not accepting
  • 8. challenging
  • 9. stern
  • 10. humourless

now what I would like divinity to have (although this is what I believe anyway:

  1. generosity
  2. kindness
  3. acceptance
  4. encompasses ALL
  5. healing
  6. gentle
  7. encouraging
  8. happy
  9. funny
  10. beautiful

now I need to write a letter to the divine asking for specific help with my life, but that bit I will do privately 🙂





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