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End of First Week Working with Sound Of Paper

on January 11, 2014

I have been working with the book- Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron for the last week in the hope to inspire and reawaken my love of writing.

there are a few things she recommends to do as you’re working with this book, and this is how I did this week:

morning pages-(daily practice) writing three pages of stream of conciousness asap when you wake up. I did these all but one day (the day I got the book out as it was afternoon). I only did one day that it was the very first thing I did, and on the other days it was about an hour after I woke up as I work very early in the morning and couldn’t do any sooner. I think so far I have mostly moaned about work in them!

artist dates (once a week)- I actually did two this week that weren’t intended. On the first day I went to the library and had a good browse, then on Sunday I went for a long walk and fully listened to a new album I had bought recently. (an artist date is a date you take yourself on to indulge your creative side).

walks- 1 hour once a week- did this the day I did the artist date, two or three 20 minute walks a week- I didn’t do any specifically although it takes me roughly that time to get to work and back.

I’ve been trying to do the exercises attached to the essays daily, but I missed one day due to going out so I will do two today. I’ve had to skip a few for now and come back to them later.

The first one I’ve done today is ‘The Storm’ exercise, which was to go for a short walk and note any insights, etc that come up. I done this today as I walked home from work. I usually use affirmations but I just let my mind chatter which was really a lot, mainly because I had a stressful few hours at work, so this was what I noted that I thought: (I don’t think it was particularly inspirational on this occasion)

“that was stressful. I don’t like working Saturdays anymore. I have a headache. Why do people insist on taking up the whole pavement and not moving? why do cars always speed along down this road? Oh look a magpie! My friend Maria lives there. I wonder where all those bird chirping noises are coming from? wonder if the sparrows are in that tree again? No they aren’t, how disappointing. I saw lots of sparrows this morning. I wonder if that person who came into work remember who I was- it was a long time ago. My mind is so busy, no wonder I do affirmations! Those boys looked like they were drug dealing, but they looked so young, and one just spat on the floor- eww. I wonder where that woman was running to, she looked like she was in a hurry. nearly home- good. there’s a lot of wood pigeons about today.”

the funny thing was when I went out again later, I kept hearing funny conversations or noticing random things like a girl with a book in her bag called “living corpses” and I kind of wish I had been recording it all!

my extra exercise is ‘Wishes come true’

I need to write 20 wishes I have.

  1. I wish to have another job
  2. I wish I had a bit more money
  3. I wish I could do healing for a living
  4. I wish we had a successful business
  5. I wish I could go to Glastonbury
  6. I wish I could go to Three Wishes faery festival
  7. I wish I could go to Gaunts House
  8. I wish I had a bit more free time to do things I want to do
  9. I wish I wasn’t feeling so tired
  10. I wish I had more clothes
  11. I wish people would call me sometimes
  12. I wish I got my hair cut
  13. I wish I was more confident
  14. I wish I had more fun
  15. I wish I was louder
  16. I wish I was a better cook
  17. I wish I knew what to write
  18. I wish I could publish a book
  19. I wish I could do charity work
  20. I wish I could buy all the things I need



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