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Wild Mind: I remember..

on January 30, 2014

start with ‘I remember and write for 10 minutes….”

I remember when I was younger I used to be quite unusual I guess in the things that I used to do sometimes like with my friend Louise we used to try and make perfume with flower petals. We also used to pretend we were Goddesses when other little girls were probably playing ‘mummies and daddies’ or something like that. I can’t remember what Goddess Louise used to be( I think if I remember rightly it was probably something tough or violent). I remember I was always the Goddess of love and animals. I love this memory as it sounds so much more appropriate now than it did then. After all, lots of things have changed. Most obviously I’m an adult now in a happy marriage, but also the way I live my life. The religion I choose to follow (eclectic witchcraft with a touch of shamanism thrown in) for me is a life of kindness and love. The main rule I follow, which I really believe in is part of the Wiccan rede ‘Do what you will, yet harm none.’ I will always try to make the kind choice. The choice that isn’t going to hurt anybody. I take this even further though which leads me to onto my other ‘Goddess’ aspect, that of ‘animals’. About seven years ago I went vegan, I think I was vegetarian about two or three years before that. I always felt an affinity with animals even as a young girl, and I sometimes thought of vegetarianism but thought I could never do it. I felt like if I was to live a life of kindness, it had to stretch to all living things, not just my fellow human beings. For me, being vegan is the kindest choice I’ve ever committed to doing and I don’t regret it one bit. 

now ten minutes.. I don’t remember..

I don’t remember much about being a child at all. Maybe that’s why I remember the memory of the Goddess pretend play so fondly. I think I can remember from about ten or elevenish and even that’s a stretch. I remember odd little things but not much, like some people seem to be able to remember much more deeper and detailed memories, and some of those people are much older than me! I remember stuff like my favourite teacher at infant school. Her name was Miss Webb and she had curly hair and a lovely smile. I remember her being really nice. I remember when I was at primary school, I actually used to love drama. I used to love writing little plays to act out. When I went to secondary school that all changed. I hated drama with a passion. I would refuse to perform in front of the other students. I think I only actually took part once. And that was because all I had to do was stand there while someone else did a ‘voiceover’ and I was pretending to advertise a coat or something like that anyway. I don’t even know why they make drama compulsory anyway, although I think I read yesterday they are thinking of scrapping it. Not sure I agree with that either though. I guess you should get a choice whether you want to do it or not. Maybe it could be like how I would have to choose either food technology or CDT (or whatever it’s called, you know where you cut wood and stuff). You could have a ‘creative’ choice- which could maybe be drama, art or maybe something like creative writing. That would have been cool. I definitely would have chosen creative writing if that had been the choices.



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