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January: If it’s not a definite yes, it’s a no…

on February 1, 2014

About time for a ‘normal’ blog post. I thought it might be good to post at the end of each month how it was, and how I’m doing with the goals I’ve set myself this year.

January has been much different for me this year than usual. Usually I find it a very boring and depressing month. I hardly see anyone and often I seem to be ill through the course of it or things seem generally bad. I’ve actually done a lot in January 2014 and I think apart from one really bad week, it’s been pretty good for the most part.

goals wise, this is how I’m doing:

set up a healing business- this I haven’t made any progression on really, apart from setting up a Twitter page, but I haven’t really used it yet and I haven’t had any clients as yet.

get a new job in the meantime- well I haven’t got a new job yet, but I have made a few applications (but not many as there has been very few to even choose from) and I’ve sent speculative applications to places I’d really LIKE to work- to the library and to the local Waterstones.

learn crystal healing/aromatherapy and herbalism- I’ve been looking at prices for courses and reading a few basics so far.

write my spiritual book- I am on my second ‘edit’ but it’s going very slowly.

Have a successful Earth Healing group- well the January meeting had one more person than the last one, and I led a basic ritual and a guided meditation for the first time, so I think it’s coming along nicely so far.

go to glastonbury and three wishes faery festival- I haven’t made any plans for either yet. I have seen another faery festival that is in Essex and I am seriously considering it as an option to go to this year.

take more photos of family and friends- I did remember to take photos on one of the social occassions! When I went out with my workmates for a delayed Xmas meal!


keep in touch with people better/socialize once a week- yep! I think there was only once I didn’t socialize in the week at all, but there was a week I was out five days in a row!

write more/take part in Friday Night Writes- I still haven’t got round to taking part in Friday Night Writes but I have been working with various writing books as a lot of you might have seen here.

more gigs- none this month.

What I actually got up to in January:

I joined up as an ambassador for a local group called Southend Passionate Women, I went to my first meeting at the beginning of the month. I was going to get involved with helping them organise their events by helping out on the music side of things.

My friend Carina had a girly night with a few of my other friends there too. It was the first time I saw her new flat which is really nice and got to see how funny her now three year old son Elijah has got!

The night after that was the work meal I mentioned early, we went to Nu Aysia, a Thai restaurant and it was a good night. My boss and his wife who couldn’t make it even made a contribution towards the meal which was lovely of them.

The day after that was the Pachamama earth healing meeting I mentioned earlier in the post.

Then the following day I was meeting up with Julia, another lady from the Passionate women group as we were working together on the music.

THEN THE NEXT DAY (see a very busy period of days)! was the first ‘public’ Passionate Women meeting I went to, we were making Action Boards. We also had to go around the table and everyone had to introduce themselves and talk about their passions. There were some really inspiring women there.

I had a really dreadful week at work as our boss was on holiday and the locum was really bad. I ended up doing overtime and I was exhausted from all the stress.

We went out for Miguel’s birthday with our spiritual group friends. The meal itself was a bit of a disaster for us as it was supposed to be curry night but they ran out of the only vegan curry, so we ended up having chilli again! (which we had at the Xmas meal as well)! But Miguel did end up getting a free drink out of them and asides from that it was a really lovely night catching up with everyone.

That was the main things that happened then at the end of the month I made the decision to back out as an ambassador of Passionate Women. It wasn’t the people involved as they were really amazing and lovely, but I felt like the commitment was a bit too full on for me, and in some ways it wasn’t really what I expected. I’m still planning to be part of their regular group though, as I think it’s really great and inspiring. I did keep hoping some of my doubts would go away so I stayed, but then I remembered what my spiritual teacher had taught us and it wouldn’t leave my mind…



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