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March: Heal thyself!

Another active month for me and there seems to have been the recurring theme of Healing throughout.

Here is how I did with my goals:


set up a healing business- still haven’t made any progress with this. doing a holistic fair in April so hoping this will help.

get a new job in the meantime-  applied for some things and I am waiting patiently….

learn crystal healing/aromatherapy and herbalism- I’m doing the crystal healing course this Saturday!

write my spiritual book- still feeling uninspired. Not sure if it’s a book after all. I’m wondering if I should post them as blog posts or something instead?

Have a successful Earth Healing group- 2 people down compared to last month

go to glastonbury and three wishes faery festival- no plans as yet.

take more photos of family and friends- only once-



keep in touch with people better/socialize once a week- Still managed to socialize at least once a week

write more/take part in Friday Night Writes- I wrote a poem on Friday so think that counts as taking part?

more gigs- none this month.

What I got up to in March:

At the beginning of the month we went to a talk our spiritual group teacher Skie was doing for a different group about shamanism. Typical Skie, didn’t just do a talk but got them to actually do things including what is called a shamanic canoe journey. It was an interesting evening but felt strange being with different people.

The following night I was case study for our friend Karen, she did a Past Life Illumination on me to help me release patterns that I have got from past lives. It was really good but also hard as the lives I had to “see” were the lives of the most abuse of power, and it wasn’t very nice!

For International Women’s Day I had a few friends over and I hosted a sacred women’s circle which included a gratitude giveaway, and we also worked on releasing and bringing in change, as well as promoting ourselves and stating our dreams and goals. I loved it, and I am hoping to host them seasonally.

The night after I went to my friend Maria’s flat for a tarot card evening, where we did a few exercises with the cards and could have readings done. The day after that was the Pachamama meeting, we went to Churchill gardens and Priory Park and collected rubbish.

On the 15th, we had another shamanic practitioner friend of ours called Andrew come over, as he needed some refresher training, so Jackie and Miguel helped him out. On the Sunday we went to Belfairs woods with our friend Sue and had a nice walk, and I hugged a tree.

Hayley Tree Hug

The following weekend I had a lovely catch up with my friend Carina over coffee and a brief stroll on the seafront and on the Sunday I went to Gareth’s Goddess group where we did a ritual for the Spring equinox this time, which included a drumming journey to the Goddess Eostre and I made some vegan cakes which we shared.

Last week on Wednesday I was at Gareth’s healing room again for the crystal meditation group, we did Rainbow Obisdian. Mine looks like it’s mask!


On Thursday we had another meal at the Last Post with the spiritual group, and it was Zoe and Gemma’s birthdays so we used it as a joint celebration.

On Saturday evening we went to our first ever Sound Bath, which was really relaxing and soothing. We did a journey and also received sound healing, mine was done with singing bowls over my throat and solar plexus.


Overall another good month 🙂



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Februrary- New Experiences

February has been another good month for me, not as busy as January, but still a few things going on, some strong emotions, but also new experiences and meeting new people.

Goals wise for feb:

set up a healing business- still haven’t made any progress with this. Miguel has been getting a few clients but I am yet to have any.

get a new job in the meantime-  still no news on this front although I am looking daily and applying for things here and there.

learn crystal healing/aromatherapy and herbalism- I’ve booked myself to do a basic healing course in April, so from then I will be able to offer crystal healing as well as faery healing. I’m really looking forward to it!

write my spiritual book- adding more notes at the moment, but still feeling quite uninspired.

Have a successful Earth Healing group- we had one more person than the last time at the meeting, so it’s going slowly but good.

go to glastonbury and three wishes faery festival- no plans as yet.

take more photos of family and friends- yes a few! one of the social occasions Miguel took the photos really but at least we got some. Here are a few-




keep in touch with people better/socialize once a week- yep! Socialized at least once every week!

write more/take part in Friday Night Writes- Still haven’t done a Friday night Writes, did some more of Wild Mind but haven’t really done anything else.

more gigs- none this month.

What I got up to in Feb:

On the first day of the month we went to a Mind Body and Spirit Fayre that was actually in Southend taking place at the Kursaal, it’s the first time for a long time I’ve seen anything going on like that here so of course we had to go. We saw loads of our friends there and it was really busy, so it was actually quite hard to look at the stalls. We didn’t buy that much really apart from some raw Chocolates from our friend Stella, and I got a haematite bracelet. I also won a prize on Southend Animal Aid’s raffle. I’ve won a Magic of nature Reading which I will be having in April- can’t wait!

The following evening I went to my friend Gareth’s Goddess group to celebrate Imbolc. There was only a few of us but it was really lovely. We did a ceremony to help us bring in the things we want to achieve by the summer. We did some chanting and we each got bulbs to take away that had been blessed by us with the things we want to achieve, we had a mix of each other’s bulbs so we are all taking care of each other’s wishes.


On the 4th, I did something that for me was really scary, I took part in an open mic poetry night! I was petrified, and my legs shook as I read two poems out, but a lot of my lovely friends came to see me and told me I was great.


For the Pachamama Earth Healing circle this month we watched an interesting documentary about someone who made houses out of recycling- called ‘The garbage warrior’

Miguel alongside our friend Karen performed his very first shamanic fire ceremony in our friend’s Crystal and Gary’s garden. It was a good learning experience for them and I am very proud of them both.


For valentines day we didn’t go out this year, but we did get a takeaway and we watched a really good film called ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ It’s an independent quirky film about a man who advertises he needs a companion to go time travelling with him, and a news reporter decides to do an investigation on him. I’d definitely recommend it!

I had a week off from work while Miguel was doing the next part of his shamanic training. On the Monday I had a really lazy day watching FernGully and the Tinkerbell film. Then on Tuesday I kept up the theme by going with my mum to the cinema to see ‘Tinkerbell and the Pirate fairy’ it was great 🙂 On the Wednesday I met up with my friend Lauren in her lunch hour, had a good catch up and then in the evening I went to Gareth’s crystal meditation group which was about Pink Fluorite, and as usual it seemed to be energies I really needed. The following day some of the spiritual group met up at The Last Post for curry night again (not everyone could make it this time) and it was better this time as we had let them know in advance that we wanted the vegan curry which was very yummy. It was a few weeks before Sue’s birthday as well so we also took the opportunity while we were all together to celebrate that. Then annoyingly I got the worst cold I have had for at least a year so the rest of the week I spent feeling ill 😦

Then in the final week of the month, my friend Sue came over for the evening and on Friday I took part in a very special women’s shamanic ceremony. It was amazing, I felt so full of love and gratitude for all the wonderful people I am blessed to have in my life.



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