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Last week NaPriMo!

The last week of poetry! It’s been an interesting challenge, I’m not that happy with the majority of the content but some I hope to improve a bit.


Day 22

I feel like I’m bashing my head against the wall

does nobody hear my call?

I’m calling out so loud

surely you’re deafened by the sound?

I keep asking and asking

but it doesn’t seem to mean a thing

I’m trying so hard to be positive

but I’m running out of things to give

I keep trying and trying

but I keep on crying

why won’t you hear me?

I just want to be where I’m meant to be.

Day 23

Dandelion clocks floating in the air

like faeries flying

spreading wishes everywhere

they spin around like dancers

filling the sky with wonder

I pick one up, make a wish and blow

time to let it flow

waiting for my dreams

as they float towards the sunbeams

I’ll wait and wait

for them to catch my floating bait.

Day 24

break down the wall
break down the wall
can’t you see I’ve built this wall around me
no one can get in
and I can’t get out
I’ve made it so tall
break down the wall
break down the wall
the wall is closing in
and I can’t find the escape route
break down the wall
break down the wall
I’m starting to suffocate
oh won’t someone save me from this fate?
Break down the wall
break down the wall
is that a light I see breaking through?
The bricks are falling
the bricks are falling
the angels are smiling down at me
the bricks are falling
the bricks are falling
warm arms hold me
the bricks have fallen
the bricks have fallen
hope is a shining beacon
the wall is gone
now it’s time for me to sing my song

Day 25

I have a dream

maybe one day I’ll be the cat that got the cream

one day I will feel free

to be who I want to be

one day I’ll go to work with a smile

and not want to spit bile

one day I’ll only have good things to say

one day it will all be okay.

Day 26

My new obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer
watching Buffy, Willow, Xander, Faith, even the Mayor
I love all the twists and turns
and how Angel leaves and then returns
Witchy Willow is my favourite
when she does her special magic
I love how friendship is an important theme
Buffy is a Feminist Dream
Strong female characters
lots of action
but also lots of laughter

day 27

I listen to the ocean waves crashing
and watch the seagulls dashing
a sense of calm
I find a seashell the size of my palm
the wind is howling
but somehow this feels like my calling
to be here, in this moment
listening to words unspoken

day 28

every day we breathe in,

every day we breathe out

without air we couldn’t live

yet we never stop to think about it

just take it for granted

breathing in, breathing out

it can cool us down when we feel hot

we share it with everyone

we all breath the same air

Day 29

Nature haiku

whisper wild nature
sing butterfly, shine out bright
warm ocean, soft shade


Day 30

Farewell, See you later
adios, adieu
no need for a translator
cheerio-o, ciao
so long, bye bye
no need to wipe your brow
it all boils down to Goodbye
time to go, time to leave
believe me I’m not going to cry
I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long
waiting oh so patiently
time to go where I belong
with those who respect who I am
who can see my true worth
no longer do I give a damn
I can walk out the door


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Week 3: Napowrimo

I have to admit I am really struggling with this challenge, and haven’t even found the prompts very inspiring 😦

Day 15

Frantic Language

the sweat of the sun

smooth sweet sky

shine through a thousand screams

whisper like a shadow

Goddess Symphony

my music like luscious lies

bitter honey worship

moan chant run

when will you soar

elaborate garden

forest drunk

love live light lather

Day 16
My eyes are green
I’ve got the biggest house you’ve ever seen
My name is Kate
I’m always late
I live on a farm
I’m oh so full of charm
I’m really famous
and always completely blameless
Now are these lines the truth or lies
do you truly know the colour of my eyes?

Day 17

Deep brown
milky and sweet
the sound of the kettle as it boils
the smell oh so divine
the feel of it like liquid satisfaction..
where would my morning be without you
oh so coffee cup…

Day 18

Let us feel the beat of Spirit’s drum
May our hearts match the rhythm
and a connection so divine come
help us to feel oh so fine
let us let go of the past
and be ready to step forward
let our mind and spirit combine
help us to turn a corner
face those fears
make us stronger
remember all the good moments over the years
let us feel this good for longer
thank you to the spirit above
for all your blessings on my day
for all your love
now it’s time to go out and play.

Day 20

goddess of peace

gentle star smile

promise dreams

sacred spirit

honour my soul

dance happy emotion

my positive friend

enjoy quiet power

love the universe

wish mutual light

day 21- Twitter Magnetic Poem

rhythm rampant, embrace the present, silver voice of moist perfume, we fade into light, smash colour ,never desire dark

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Week 2- Naprimo!

Slightly delayed post of my second week of a poem a day, for a whole month, some I’m happy with, others I’m not..


Day 7- poem using ‘nature’ magnetic poetry online

beautiful spirit
above the clouds
breathe sanctuary
in this lonely harmony
full of fresh song
the soft wild breeze
is almost a murmur
listen to it, like pure poetry
the colour of a wild flower
behold the forest light
we wander on this path
no more darkness
I watch her gentle bloom
in this sweet spring

Day 8- rewritten version of Still I Rise originally
by Maya Angelou
You may wear me down when you’re around
With your put downs and snide remarks
You may not see my light
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
Does my compassion upset you?
Why do you only see wrong?
‘Cause I am proud of who I am
and I’m not afraid to show it
Just like morning and night
With the certainty of clockwork
I’ve got love in my heart
and I’ll rise.
Did you want to see me so low?
Shoulders dropped and tears in my eyes
Trying to hide my fear
wondering when I’ll have to say my goodbyes
Does my belief offend you?
I know it must be hard
Cause I know how to walk in beauty
and not feel like I’ve been given the red card
You may not like who I really am
You may think I’m just a freak
You may try your best to weaken me
But still, like air, I’ll rise.
Does my feminism upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I want to be treated equal
and seek patriarchy’s demise?

Out of the woodland
I rise
Up from a past that once held me back
I rise
I’m ready to receive, open and wide
let divinity be my guide
Leaving behind what was once my fear
I rise
Ready for a life full of cheer
I rise
now’s the time for me to be brave
time to live the life I crave
I rise
I rise
I rise.

Day 9

for Miranda

I never really got to know you like I should have done
but I’ll always remember us going out, having fun
I should have told you, you were beautiful
why is it only with hindsight, we can be truthful?
Your heart was made of gold
now you’re a secret never to be told
I wish you hadn’t have been sad
doesn’t this world drive you mad?
Where do all the good souls go?
To hear of your demise was such a blow
your death was so tragic
but when you were here you were magic.


Day 10
What if the world wasn’t round?
Would we all be upside down?
What if we could chase our shadow?
Would we feel so hollow?
What if we didn’t have to go to work to make our money?
Would we be sweeter than honey?
What if we woke up with a smile
would we not feel so full of bile?
What if the world was a better place?
Maybe then we could stop this rat race
learn to love
not to shove
learn to feel
maybe it’s time we made a deal
to open our hearts and mind
be kind
then the world will be a better place

Day 11

I love you is often bandied about
said in a quick, fleeting way
slips out oh so casually
as if it was just a hello
but then others don’t say it enough
these three little words have such meaning
we need to acknowledge their power
Learn also to love ourselves
when we say it, say it like you mean it
show it with feeling
express it with meaning
I love you

Day 12- Magnetic Poem (poet kit online)

delicious angel

bleed as a god

magic secret

caramel smile

dance away the blues

surround myself with sacred smoke

cloud of colour

devour dark and heal

open my joy

and breathe peace

and always explore the wild sky


Day 13
What is my name?
Where am I going?
How am I going to get there?
Why am I going there?
Is it this way?
Or is it that way?
Left or right?
Up or down?
Straight or Jagged?
Where the path goes nobody knows…

Day 14

Faeries are truly magical beings
Amazing creatures
Enlightening the darkest of souls
Rings can be found in the deepest of holes
Yet to invite them into your life?


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I’ve been suffering from a long term issue of Writer’s Block. So I’ve decided to try and take the challenge of writing one poem a day for this month!  So far I’ve missed two days (but I’m then writing two on the next day) and I have struggled a little bit but here is how it has turned out so far..

Day 1- Pharmacy Life

Just another day working at the pharmacy
time to pick out medicines carefully
at the back in the dispensary
trying to remember generic medicine names by memory
dispensing prescriptions for all sorts of conditions and addictions
sometimes I feel like I’m in a sea of green
sometimes you have to try to decipher what doctors mean
you wouldn’t believe all the names I’ve seen
as I tap tap tap on the computer
all these medicines that should make it all better
do you pay for your prescription?
Just tick your exemption on the back
and sign your name, just at the bottom here
I’m often doing blister packs
popping out pills
but I’m sure the patients aren’t getting any thrills
morning, lunchtime and bedtime
this is my working rhyme
when did you bring your prescription in sir?
Let me check the shelf
did you bring it in yourself?
This is my working rhyme
because that’s how I spent my working week time
just another day at the pharmacy
trying to dispense medicines artfully

Day 2- Through the eyes of a Cat

as soon as you’re awake
I’ll be at your feet
twisting round your legs
feed me, feed me, feed me
don’t you know I haven’t been fed since yesterday?
I see you’re at the cupboard now
even louder I’ll miaow
hurry up, hurry up, hurry up
don’t I know I’ve got things to do? Fur to shed?
Now I’m fed
it’s time for bed
where should I sleep today?
on the sofa or perhaps on the table?
or wherever I might just get in the way
now and then I might stare out the window
or give the scratching post a go
when you’re sad, I’ll sit on your lap
maybe even squeeze in another nap
I am a cat
isn’t it time you give me a pat?

Day 3

What is the moon?
Is it a reminder of time passing?
A timepiece of the sky
Reminding us of cycles
new to full
waxing and waning
much like our lives
incoming and outgoing
relationships, jobs, friendships
old ones out, and new ones in
what is the moon?
Just another planet
or something beautiful we take for granted?

Day 4

Take a look in the mirror
it will make things much clearer
look inside yourself and see the truth
can you remember what you were like in your youth
can you see a resemblance
maybe it’s time to put it in balance

Day 5

oh the magic of crystals
so much more than pretty minerals
a piece of amethyst
can make you into a spiritual activist
a selenite wand
to help you go beyond
some tumble stones to get you into balance
obisidian to overcome a challenge
beautiful and powerful
bright colours and sparkle
what a fascinating world
that has unfurled…

Day 6

what ever did we do without facebook?
Did we give the same people a second look?
How did we go without twitter?
Without feeling bitter?
Now our lives are on a blog
there’s not much of a fog
between what is real and what is for show
we no longer go with the flow
instead relying on facebooks events
to keep us in the know
no space to grow
everything is in the public domain
we’ve all got so vain
is it time we turned it off
or are now so reliant
there’s no way to be defiant

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