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Last week NaPriMo!

on April 30, 2014

The last week of poetry! It’s been an interesting challenge, I’m not that happy with the majority of the content but some I hope to improve a bit.


Day 22

I feel like I’m bashing my head against the wall

does nobody hear my call?

I’m calling out so loud

surely you’re deafened by the sound?

I keep asking and asking

but it doesn’t seem to mean a thing

I’m trying so hard to be positive

but I’m running out of things to give

I keep trying and trying

but I keep on crying

why won’t you hear me?

I just want to be where I’m meant to be.

Day 23

Dandelion clocks floating in the air

like faeries flying

spreading wishes everywhere

they spin around like dancers

filling the sky with wonder

I pick one up, make a wish and blow

time to let it flow

waiting for my dreams

as they float towards the sunbeams

I’ll wait and wait

for them to catch my floating bait.

Day 24

break down the wall
break down the wall
can’t you see I’ve built this wall around me
no one can get in
and I can’t get out
I’ve made it so tall
break down the wall
break down the wall
the wall is closing in
and I can’t find the escape route
break down the wall
break down the wall
I’m starting to suffocate
oh won’t someone save me from this fate?
Break down the wall
break down the wall
is that a light I see breaking through?
The bricks are falling
the bricks are falling
the angels are smiling down at me
the bricks are falling
the bricks are falling
warm arms hold me
the bricks have fallen
the bricks have fallen
hope is a shining beacon
the wall is gone
now it’s time for me to sing my song

Day 25

I have a dream

maybe one day I’ll be the cat that got the cream

one day I will feel free

to be who I want to be

one day I’ll go to work with a smile

and not want to spit bile

one day I’ll only have good things to say

one day it will all be okay.

Day 26

My new obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer
watching Buffy, Willow, Xander, Faith, even the Mayor
I love all the twists and turns
and how Angel leaves and then returns
Witchy Willow is my favourite
when she does her special magic
I love how friendship is an important theme
Buffy is a Feminist Dream
Strong female characters
lots of action
but also lots of laughter

day 27

I listen to the ocean waves crashing
and watch the seagulls dashing
a sense of calm
I find a seashell the size of my palm
the wind is howling
but somehow this feels like my calling
to be here, in this moment
listening to words unspoken

day 28

every day we breathe in,

every day we breathe out

without air we couldn’t live

yet we never stop to think about it

just take it for granted

breathing in, breathing out

it can cool us down when we feel hot

we share it with everyone

we all breath the same air

Day 29

Nature haiku

whisper wild nature
sing butterfly, shine out bright
warm ocean, soft shade


Day 30

Farewell, See you later
adios, adieu
no need for a translator
cheerio-o, ciao
so long, bye bye
no need to wipe your brow
it all boils down to Goodbye
time to go, time to leave
believe me I’m not going to cry
I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long
waiting oh so patiently
time to go where I belong
with those who respect who I am
who can see my true worth
no longer do I give a damn
I can walk out the door



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