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April: not little April Showers, more like a downpour!

on May 2, 2014

One thing I have certainly noticed about April is that everyone has seemed to be having a hard time. Health issues, stress, various problems seem to have come up. There has been a lot of very powerful solar activity lately- solar eclipses, and the Cardinal Grand Cross- which is a astrological sign of challenges and transformation. For me, my mood has been very fluctuating, after feeling very ‘up’ for ages, I have been finding myself feeling low again, I’ve been trying to find a new job since about October now, and despite applying for quite a few things, I am yet to have any interviews. Work has been getting harder, there is so much to take on, and I am being run down to the ground, and don’t feel appreciated. So for all for us, let’s hope that May will be the start of the positive side of the transformation!

Goals Wise

healing business/new job- well I have answered the new job one! Regarding the spiritual business, I have done a crystal healing course this month, I haven’t had any clients still but I have been doing some case studies for the crystal healing, so I am hoping that this will help spread the word, as my feedback has been very positive so far. We also did our first stall at a holistic fair, it was very quiet so we didn’t make that much, but quite a few people did pick up our business card. We are doing another fair in Hornchurch at the end of this month.

learn crystal healing/aromatherapy/herbalism- did a basic crystal healing course, and I have been buying some oils.

write my spiritual book- still haven’t been working on this, need to get onto it again!

earth healing group- there was no meeting this month, the day got changed, and the only person who could come had to pull out at the last minute.

Glastonbury and three wishes- still no plans

more photos of friends and family- none, although I’ve been in some!

write more/Friday Night Writes- if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I took part in NaPriMo, the challenge to write a poem everyday in April. I did it, but it was a real challenge!

more gigs- I went to one! It was a covers band, but lots of fun.

What I got up to:

Passionate Women Meeting- we got together and discussed ‘Compliments’ how we feel receiving them and giving them, generally people felt better giving than receiving and we found it easier to give them to other women.

Crystal Healing course- a one day course, with only a few others. It was a lovely day, and I enjoyed practising the healing very much.

Sara’s Party- I went to a friend’s 40th party, sadly I went on my own and didn’t really know anyone, so had trouble, so left a bit early which was a shame, as from the photos it looked like it was a lot of fun!

What if?- my friend Sherry’s project, a meet up to connect people with big ideas. In this particular session, there was talk about permaculture, and then a few people put forward ideas they wanted to talk about, and then the others could go round and listen to whatever talk they wanted to, or even walk about and listen to them all. I listened to one about the idea of an urban woodland, making natural spaces more accessible.

Holistic Fair-as I mentioned above, it was pretty quiet. I did finally have the reading I won a few months ago though, which was using traditional tarot, a beautiful deck called the Nature Oracle and Angel Cards. She was really good, she picked up where were my emotions are, that I’m not giving myself enough of a break, that I need to stop thinking about my book and just do. She also said I need to spend more time by water (two of the three animal cards were water related)! which is a message I keep getting over and over again! If you want a reading from the same person, you can find her here:

The day ended nice, as Rachel and Dave came to visit from Switzerland, and they treated us to a lovely Indian takeaway which was nice of them.

Easter week and weekend were busy for me. I had a few crystal healing sessions, and the weekend was great. On the Friday I went along to my friend Chris’s Yoga and drumming class, as usually I can’t do, as it’s at a time that I’m working. Then on the Saturday, I went out with my friend Sherry and some of her friends to a pub in Leigh where a friend of her’s band were playing. They were very good and played a whole range of covers from Iron maiden, even Daft Punk, and lots of classics.

Crystal meditation- my friend Gareth runs this, and this month we worked with malachite/azurite, a very powerful stone about positive change. We also did a cool journey where we got to meet aliens in a crop circle who gave us a gift. My aliens gave me a light they put in my heart chakra, and said I should remember to always shine my light.

I think that brings me up to date 🙂



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