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30 years of me!

Yep today is my 30th birthday. How did that happen? I’m not seeing it as a bad thing, I believe in magic and fairies and fairytales..I’m a dreamer..I’ll never be a “grown up”

However, looking back on my life so far, I think I have achieved quite a lot. I thought it would be good to try and list what I’ve done so far, then think about what I want to aim for before I’m 40. So this is my achievements/cool stuff I’ve done now..(in no particular order)

1. I got married

2. I’ve walked on fire

3. I also walked on glass!

4. I’ve done a sweat lodge

5. been to Portugal

6. Been to Holland

7. been to Spain

8. been to Disneyworld, Florida (3 times)!

9. Read at an open mic poetry night

10. went vegetarian

11. went vegan (and still am)

12. done karaoke

13. done A Levels

14. got 9 GCSES

15. learn crystal healing

16. written a book

17. had several blogs

18. presented a radio show

19. organised three music events

20. done the colourthon twice (half marathon walk)

21. taken part in the adidas 5k

22. made money for charities including Refuge, Southend Rape Crisis and Southend Domestic Violence services amongst others.

23. been part of a fire ceremony

24. became a pharmacy dispenser

25. gone to witchfest

26. been to feminism in london

27. gone to FEM11 (another feminist conference)

28. had pets

29. organised a flash mob

30. won competitions (at least 6 times)!

31. been to festivals (reading, V, Hard Rock hell and Offset)

32. been to many, many gigs (including Joan Jett, Patti Smith and Alice Cooper)!

33. been at the front at a gig

34. got a setlist from a gig (about 3 or 4 times I think)

35. been to the Kuan Yin shrine in Amsterdam

36. been to the Cat Museum in Amsterdam!

37. seen the hunnabeds in Holland

38. had 3 major jobs (with a bunch of temporary ones too)

39. seen the Rocky Horror Show live

40. been to protests (including Million Women Rise, Slutwalk and anti animal circus demos)

41. attended several ladyfests (and organised one)

42. caught a guitar pick at a gig

43. seen hair the musical (and joined the stage invasion)

44. shaken Patti Smith’s hand

45. interviewed Robots in Disguise

46. met Laurie Penny

47. met Josie Long

48. Met Paramore

49. been on a press list for a show

50. been mentioned on stage by a band

51. been in the local newspaper

52. written an article for the local newspaper

53. been in a national newspaper

54. had poetry published

55. djed at a public event

56. played an ukulele

57. played a keyboard

58. written for music websites

59. written for The F word

and probably loads more things I’ve missed out! Think I’ve done pretty well so far!

By the time I’m 40 I would like to:

1. have a job I love

2. go to Glastonbury (the place not the festival)

3. see stonehenge

4. see Avesbury

5. go to the 3 wishes faery festival in cornwall

6. published a book

7. see Kathleen Hanna live doing regular volunteer work

9. visit peru

can’t think of anymore yet but I’m sure there will be!



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Writing 101- Found

Well I have to say I have been struggling with the writing 101 challenge. I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to write anything from the prompts which is why I haven’t posted. The prompt I am doing is in fact yesterday’s prompt, and is the second part of my short blog series- the first part is here

The first part was about loss, today I am going to write about finding something.

Last year was a major turning point in my life it was when I found the spiritual community I was looking for in Southend after years of not knowing there was one! I also found friendship, exciting opportunities and new interests.

It started in the November of 2012, my husband got an invite on Facebook to a fire ceremony which was quite local to us. We had never heard of any events like this in Southend before so despite the fact we didn’t know anyone going, or the people hosting it, it sounded really good, so we thought we would go along. When we got to the house, I remember falling in love with the house immediately. It was a massive house and you could see the people that loved there were very spiritual people. There were Angel cards by the door, and inspiring messages painted on the wall. Everybody was very friendly.

Then we saw the garden- it was huge! We weren’t very well prepared as we were supposed to bring two sticks, one plain for releasing and one decorated for bringing in, so Skie (the magical lady who was hosting) pulled out some bits from the garden for us to use. When the ceremony got going, the fire was big, and there was a real feeling of community as everybody danced and sang as people put their wishes into the fire. It was a magical evening. Before we left we picked up one of Skie’s business cards for her spiritual business Sungate.

We started looking at the website to keep an eye out for any other similar events, as neither of us could believe that something like this was happening in our own neighbourhood and we weren’t even aware of it! There was nothing for a while, but then we saw a spiritual development 10 week course advertised. For only £6 a week, and at another local venue, we thought it might be worth checking out.

It started at the end of January and boy, did it change things for us! The first class I think we were both a little wary, we didn’t know anyone and to me it felt like everyone knew each other. I liked our first ‘homework’ though- to make our own oracle card with a word we had been given (mine was blessings). We carried on going on though and we were enjoying ourselves more and more, with a mixture of the more serious spiritual work but also some fun and light-heartedness! The group really began to gel, and it was decided the group would go on beyond the ten weeks. In fact it went on for the whole year! It’s no longer running but we have a regular social meet ups and we formed so many meaningful friendships.

Because of the group I found I had new opportunities and experiences I didn’t have before,  I walked on fire, a glass walk (which were both separate from the class but were related events) did a sweat lodge. I’ve discovered faery healing, I trained in crystal healing this year, I’ve experienced a sound bath and had shamanic healing.

Then ever since I’ve been meeting more and more wonderful people as I go through my life, finding more and more of a spiritual community. It’s been an amazing journey and long may it continue! Aho!

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Day Six: Writing 101

One of the most interesting people I’ve met this year was a woman called Tracey. We met on the crystal healing course I went on. She is the mother of an autistic son, and she also is a teacher of laughter yoga.


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Road to Somewhere: Put Words Together

words that spring to mind: sunshine, cat, summer, robin, shorts.

five minutes trying to fit these words in without thinking too much.

The cat laid in the bright sunshine, on her back, stretching as if doing a yoga pose. So this was what summer felt like. Purring contently, she didn’t even notice the robin that flew right by. Jonathan came out of the house into the garden, just his shorts. He looked at his cat all stretched out on the lawn. “Yes it’s a hot day isn’t it Sally!” he said, wiping his brow. This was the hottest day of the year so far and both Jonathan and his cat were finding it a shock to the system after weeks of the typical British weather of rain, rain and more rain.

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The Road to Somewhere

well as I missed out Day 5 of Writing 101 yesterday, I thought I would do a different writing exercise instead, this is from the book ‘The Road to Somewhere- a creative writing companion’

pick a word at random and spend five minutes seeing what follows. My word is ‘Astonishing’

“Astonishing!” he exclaimed as he held his hands up against the bright sunlight. The sun was big and huge, and shining extra bright. There was something odd about the sky this day, but for some reason, Rupert didn’t feel frightened or alarmed by this. In fact, he felt quite excited about the prospect of what could happen. The sky seemed a deeper shade of blue, and there was not a cloud to be seen. The sun looked about ten times larger than normal, and boy was it hot. He could feel the sweat dripping down his forehead as he continued to attempt to stare at this strange phenomena. Standing on his balcony, it felt like there was no air. His cat laid curled up in the one bit of shade in the corner.

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Day 4: Writing 101

Part 1 of a series: about loss

Something that is no longer part of my life is radio presenting. This was quite a big part of my life for a long time, my husband had been doing it a lot and eventually the bug got to me too, and I started presenting ‘Pigtails and Army Boots’ a show of all female fronted music and feminist issues. I got it on a lot of internet stations over the years, and got interviewed in a few places.

Sadly it started to feel more like a chore than a hobby. I was running out of inspiration and getting very little feedback. I was also starting to feel like people were defining me by this hobby, and I wanted to be known for more than just radio. Although I still love music (especially female music) I don’t miss it, although now and again I do enjoy making playlists!



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Day 3: Writing 101

The three most important songs in my life and what do they mean to me?


There are so many amazing songs in the world, it’s very hard to think of just three! But here are three that do mean a lot to me.

Feeder- High

Feeder aren’t even one of my favourite bands but this song is just so beautiful and is my favourite song of all time. I actually want this song played at my funeral. It somehow seems appropriate.. “I’m going out for a while,
So I can get high with my friends,
I will,
I’m going out for a while,
Don’t wait up cause I won’t be home,

This song seems to be about being confronted by thoughts and also by time “I’m counting the lines on my face again”) and the narrator is trying to escape the seriousness of life. This song also makes me think of the first gig I went to with my husband which was Feeder at Brixton Academy.


Patti Smith- Dancing Barefoot

I couldn’t have a favourite song list without including Patti Smith and yes I also mentioned in my blog before about having this at my funeral! Patti Smith is one of my heroes. I absolutely adore her. Not just as a musician but as a poet and activist. She inspires me a lot in my work. I was so happy to get to see her live in 2012, and we were right in the front. She came round and touched everybody’s hands. It sounds ridiculous but I felt like I had been touched by an angel. It was honestly the best gig I’ve ever been to.

This song also makes me think of my connection to the Goddess and my spirituality. she is re-creation
she, intoxicated by thee
she has the slow sensation that
he is levitating with she …

here I go and I don’t know why,
I spin so ceaselessly,
’til I lose my sense of gravity…


Robots in Disguise- GIRL

This band has meant so much to me too! Sadly they no longer seem to be performing together although they are both performing solo material. I’ve been to see them live many times, and they always put on a great show. They were always creative with their outfits and they really interacted with their fans. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet them and interview them which is something I will never forget. They are an amazing band for any girl to listen to and feel inspired. This song particularly is very feminist.



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Writing 101: Day 2

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Honestly the place I would like to go to the most right now is Glastonbury. I haven’t ever been there and it’s my dream to get there. I’d love to visit all the spiritual landmarks there and also to explore all the interesting shops there. I hear it’s a really beautiful place and that it’s full of faeries 🙂

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Writing 101: Day One

so day one is just a stream of conciousness..hmm this is one of those things that I’ve done a few times and it always ends up not where you expected it to. Except I don’t usually publish it afterwards! I know it’s an optional part of the challenge, but hey, why not? I like that expression. hey! Why Not? I think I should think that more often, really think if there are any real reasons not to do something, you whether it’s just a false fear you have projected onto it. Funny enough later this month I’ve been asked to do a talk at the Passionate Women group I go to about overcoming fear. I will be talking about things I have done and spiritual ways that can help with this progress. I know some people think I am not a very likely candidate for overcoming fear, but last year I walked on fire and a glass walk, this year I actually read two poems at an open mic poetry, so yeah sometimes I push myself. It’s another one of those hey, why not? Things. We only live once after all, if you don’t like it it’s not like you ever have to do it again. Enjoy life, try new things and do what you love as well, but don’t stop being you. Be an adventurer….

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