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A Faery Tale… (or what my 30th birthday party was like)

Once upon a time, there was a faery called Hayley…


Hayley felt lonely and wanted other faery friends to play with…


Dusty the Sock Faery heard Hayley’s cries on her daily sock collecting rounds, and came to help straight away. “I know a magical place where everybody will be your friend!” she said. Hayley couldn’t wait.


Dusty was right! Hayley met lots of other faeries who wanted to share their love..


She even met the Faery Godmother! Who then introduced to even more new friends..including the crazy mad hatter…

family 5

and even Puss in Boots!


she even found love with a mysterious cloaked figure…


They were all so happy to find each other, they danced the night away..



Thank you very much toΒ Steve Lily Photography for his excellent photography with the exception of photo 3 which is with thanks to Sarah Connolly.

The music is some of the excellent music that was played by my husband Miguel, who kept us dancing all night πŸ™‚

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June: Summer Begins…a new decade

Sorry haven’t wrote about June sooner, it seems like time just goes by so quickly lately! How can we already be in July?

Usually my year starts off very quietly and then in the summer goes a bit mental. This time was really busy in January but June was actually the quietest month so far!

Anyway here are how my goals went:
Healing business/new job: I’ve done another two crystal healing case studies, and I actually got donated my charge rate for one of them!

I’m still waiting to hear about the possible job. I didn’t really apply for anything else. I am going to be doing some voluntary work for MENCAP soon though, reading stories to some of the residents in their local home here.

learn crystal healing/aromatherapy/herbalism: see above. I also got given some crystal healing cards for my birthday, bought more crystals (as well as receiving some for my birthday) and I have got some new ideas to put into the crystal healing.

write my spiritual book- finished a first edit! Still nowhere long enough for a book though. trying to get feedback on it to help me carry it on. if anyone else fancies giving it a go, leave me a comment!

I ran my first regular spiritual women’s circle this month (this replaces the earth healing group)

Glastonbury and Three Wishes- Three wishes has been so obviously won’t get there and not looking like I’ll get to Glastonbury any time soon.

more photos of friends and family: plenty at my party! (though not me taking them)

write more/Friday Night Writes: editing book was okay but general writing wasn’t great. Didn’t feel inspired by writing 101 or any prompts in the books I read. Annoying.

more gigs-still none 😦

What I got up to:
Our friend Jeannie the animal healer came over again but this time Mitzi didn’t want any healing so was just for a chat this time.

I had a chat with the local MENCAP about doing voluntary storytelling. I’ll be reading to a blind girl with severe learning disabilities.

One crystal healing session for a friend who had never experienced any types of healing before. She loved it πŸ™‚

Passionate Women meeting- this one was about Facing Fears and I did a talk! It was a lovely evening so we sat on the cliffs near the seafront. I spoke about my experiences and then another lady who is amazing called Anna did a talk as well. Then we just all shared and discussed.

There was another Mind Body and Spirit Fayre at the Kursaal. We only stayed about half hour but I did buy some new crystals and I got a Citrine bracelet. It was another lovely day so we walked along the seafront and got some chips πŸ™‚

I did my first meeting for the regular women’s circle. There was only three of us but more beautiful weather made for a lovely meeting in my favourite park. I did a guided meditation to meet a fairy for them, and we saw loads of wildlife while we were there including two jays!

I had a week off work which was busier than usual for me. One day I met up with my friend Lauren in her lunch hour and we got tasty booja booja icecream and again more sitting in a park!

It was my 30 birthday in the middle of the week, I didn’t do much on the actual day although two friends did stop by, and we actually bumped into another friend outside my flat walking her dog! On the day I got presents from my husband Miguel of crystal cards, a faery artwork and the new Kasabian album! I also got a crystal chakra necklace from my friend Roberta.

I went to see my parents the day after and got even more lovely things and then on the Friday of my week off I went to my friend Chris’s yoga class again and actually a lot of my friends were there so that was good. Then in the evening I did the other crystal case study.

Last Saturday it was the date of my birthday party, so during the day I was running about getting the last bits done. It was at my favourite local pub The Railway Hotel. I organised a party this year as it was my 30th! I had a fancy dress theme of Fairytales and Magical Creatures. Obviously I was a fairy! Some people made no effort, and others went wild. We had loads of faeries, Cinderella, The fairy godmother, The Mad hatter, Puss in Boots and more. There were bubbles, wands, butterfly stickers, glitter and really good music thanks to Miguel. It was hard to talk to everyone but I had a great night dancing pretty much for all of it! I got showered with gifts too, I felt very blessed! Also for all the interesting and diverse people I know.

This was the last major thing that happened to me in June which was brilliant. I am planning to post a photo story blog with party photos but here is one for now (taken in the local park) which were taken by the marvellous Steve Lily Photography


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