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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7: Samhain- Witches New Year

To most of you today is Halloween, a day of dressing up and scary movies. For me as a Pagan, it’s so much more than that. It is a time to remember ancestors, give thanks for all we have received in the past year and also it’s the Witches New Year, so a time for setting goals and resolutions for the coming year. Also divination is heightened, so it’s a good time to have a tarot reading or any kind of reading! I always do a reading for myself on this date.

This year has been different than last year but I still think I did quite well with most of my goals:

1. to set up a healing business with Miguel- still building this up, but we have both done a fair bit of healing this year, now just trying to build up to a business level rather than just learning.

2. To learn crystal healing. aromatherapy and herbalism.- I did a crystal healing course, and I’ve started a job which involves learning a bit about aromatherapy and herbalism ๐Ÿ™‚

3.ย  To publish a spiritual book- Not yet! Still in editing stage- not my favourite thing, I must say!

5. to have a successful Earth Healing group- I did this for a few months, but it didn’t really pick up unfortunately. However I started a Women’s Spirituality Circle which I love doing and has been going really well!

6. To visit Glastonbury and Gauntโ€™s House- didn’t manage to achieve these.

Not mentioned above but my main goal was to get a new job, and well it took me until October, but I did it! Hoorah! and it’s one I’m really enjoying too.

My ones for the New Year- (so far, as I’m bound to set up more in January like I did this year)

1. To have regular paying clients for my healing sessions

2. To get to Supervisor level in my job

3. To finish my book…!

4. To visit: Glastonbury, Gaunts House but my biggest aim is to go to the Three Wishes Faery Festival!

5. To be better at buying people birthday presents- not leave it until the last minute and get it right!

6. To have more fun ๐Ÿ™‚


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6- National Cat Day

let’s celebrate with pictures of cats!

IMG_2799 cuteroxie

IMG_2797 IMG_2798

IMG_2790IMAG0012 IMAG0036 IMAG0057 IMAG0058 IMAG0059 IMAG0060 IMAG0061 IMAG0062 IMG_1124 IMG_1125 IMG_1138 IMG_1140 IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2796 IMG_2800 IMG_2801 IMG_2802 IMG_2803 IMG_2806 IMG_2807 IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2812

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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5- Chakras

On yesterday’s blog I said I would tell you more about the chakras. So here I am!

What is a ‘Chakra’? They are energy points on the body of spiritual power. They look like spinning wheels or vortexes of energy. There are seven main chakras which are commonly used in healing work, it is said there are many more but that’s much more advanced! So here is a basic run down of the seven chakras, working our way up the body.

The ‘Base’ Chakra- also known as the root. This is at the base of your spine. This chakra is about survival and your most basic needs. It’s also about feeling grounded. If you often feel spacey, chances are this chakra is unbalanced. You can help balance it by doing grounding activities such as gardening or walking in nature and touching the Earth. The colour of the chakra is red.

The ‘Sacral’ chakra is below the belly button and is orange. This chakra is all about sensuality, and pleasure. Not just sexually, but all the things you enjoy doing. If you feel exhausted and don’t give enough time to yourself, this may be out of balance. Always schedule time for yourself!

Next is the ‘Solar Plexus’ chakra which is yellow. This is above the belly button (about two fingers above it) and is all about your personal power. If you let others control you, this can cause an imbalance in this chakra. Try using affirmations to help build up your courage.

In the centre of your chest lies your Heart chakra, which is green, and as you might have guessed is all about love. I often find people are ‘too’ open in this area, as a lot of us tend to give, give, give but not be very good at receiving. To be open, always come from a place of love, and remember to take care of yourself also.

The throat chakra is blue and of course is about communication. If you get lots of sore throats this can be a symptom of a blocked throat chakra, which likely means you aren’t saying things you need to say. Speak your truth!

The third eye is in the middle of the forehead and is purple. This is the spiritual vision chakra. If you’re not very open to any spiritual related things at all this is likely to be blocked. meditation and prayer can help this block.

Finally the crown is at the top of the head and is white. This is your connection with the world and the divine. Feelings of disconnection and despair could relate to a blockage. Prayer, affirmations, and meditation can all help.

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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4- 5 Essential Crystals

Following on from my last blog, here is a list of five crystals that are essential for every collection.

1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a great all-rounder crystal! It provides clarity, energy and is a perfect healing stone.

2. Rose Quartz

In my experience, so many people need this stone in their lives! This crystal is all about love. Not just love from other people, but self love. It’s a gentle and nurturing stone, that encourages positive self esteem. Very good for people who tend to give, but not like to receive for themselves. This is the stone of the Heart chakra. (chakras explained in next post).

3. Amethyst

I love this purple crystal! Amethyst is a very spiritual stone. This crystal is wonderful for meditation and any kind of spiritual work. It can also promote dreams by placing it under your pillow overnight, and can help relieve headaches. This is a Third eye chakra stone.

4. Moonstone

A very feminine stone. This is another nurturing stone, that helps you to see your true potential. Also helps your intuition. Very good for women, it can help relieve menstrual problems.

5. Haemetite

This is a protection crystal. It’s mirror like, so will reflect back any negative energy away from you. It can also help you to keep grounded. This crystal is connected to the root chakra.


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 3- 10 Simple Meditation/Calming techniques

So I’m actually two days late with my day 3 post, as I’ve been really busy the last two days and not had the time to do it! I also realised that the challenge is more aimed at businesses, however I’ve decided to carry on with it anyway, as a challenge to a writer, and I don’t think I can manage to do NaNoWriMo this year so this seems like an easier, more manageable alternative.

Something I’ve noticed people taking more of an interest in lately is mediation. I have been into meditation for years, it took me a while to make it a habit, but now I meditate daily, even if it’s only for five minutes. There are lots of simple techniques you can use, and it does and WILL have a positive impact on your life. I thought for today’s blog I would list some simple things you can try, which will also be good for calming and relaxing. You can do these any time of day you like and if you choose to, you could even do some of these while going around your daily business!

1. The Simple Breath Count Meditation- Breath in, count “one’ breath out, breath inย  count ‘two’, breath out, breath in, count ‘three’ breath out and start again from one. Continue for how long you like.

2. The ‘Death’ Breath- thanks to my friend Crystal for teaching me this one. Take a deep breath in through the nose and as you breath in count 1, 2, 3, hold the breath, count 1, 2, 3, breath out through the mouth and as you breathe out, count 1, 2, 3 and hold for 1, 2, 3 and repeat.

3. Breath meditation. Hold the breath for about 3-5 seconds, and then try to make your out breath a bit longer- so maybe 7-10 seconds. Repeat.

4. Mantra mediation. Pick a word- maybe ‘love’ or ‘peace’, with every breath in say the word you have chosen in your mind and repeat.

5. Imagine you are breathing in love, and breathing out negativity.

6. Affirmations. Make a positive affirmation, one of the ones I use is ‘I am worthy and deserving’ – always make sure they are positive rather than a negative- so NOT- “I am not sad” but “I am happy and joyous”. Repeat the affirmation on each breath in.

7. Candle flame. With your eyes open concentrate on the light of a candle flame. Just watch and become adsorbed.

8. Crystal meditation. If you have any crystals, you can hold one in your hands while meditating on lay a few on yourself. Basic crystal knowledge to come on another blog post.

9.ย  Visualise. Do you have a goal you would like to achieve? Imagine this happening to you in all it’s glory. Try to “see” what it would look like, how does it feel, where would you be, every detail you can imagine.

10. Sit quietly and list in your mind everything you are grateful for in this moment. Even the things that seem small. Did you wake up today? That’s a great start!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚


Day 2 Blogging Challenge: So you’re a pagan…what does that mean?

Another thing I often get asked about is my spirituality. If people ask I say I am pagan. Which really is only a generic fit of what my spirituality is. The word ‘Pagan” is an umbrella term for a whole lot of spiritual identities which include: Wicca and Witchcraft, Shamanism, Druidism and a whole host more. The connection between all of these are that they are nature based faiths, with nature having an important role to play.

So what’s my specific paganism? Well I am a bit of a mix! First and foremost I consider myself to be an eclectic witch. No I don’t worship the devil or put hexes on people. You may have heard vaguely of Wicca, which is also a form of witchcraft but to be Wiccan you follow suit rules of that tradition and are usually initiated. I state myself as an eclectic witch rather than Wiccan as although I share some of their beliefs- for example “Do what you will but harm none” I “mix and match” traditions, if I want to work with Gods and Goddesses, I will work with any of them not specific ones and I am not interested in being in a coven either. I am open to other religions too such as Buddhism, and by choosing to be eclectic, I can incorporate beliefs from other faiths in if I choose to.

Other beliefs that stem from me being a witch is that I believe in God and Goddess energy. I believe God and Goddess are a symbol of the divine, but divinity encompasses everything- all of nature, even inside ourselves. We all divine energy. Nature is my equivalent of church. I work a lot with Goddess energy as in more traditional religions the feminine is often forgotten, which may be why some women choose not to follow such religions.

I have an altar which is a desk I have sacred objects of importance to me on, and representations of the elements. (air, water, fire and earth). I meditate daily (this is my own personal choice not all witches necessarily do this)! I work with the moon phases, today is a New Moon which is a good time for starting new projects, and improving things up until the full moon which is very strong to make any wishes you desire and then the moon wanes which is a time for getting rid of ending things.

I celebrate the Wheel of the Year, which is twelve seasons throughout the year which include the solstices and equinox’s of the seasons, but also includes Samhain (Halloween). All the seasons have different magical meanings but Halloween is particularly important as it’s the witches new year. I choose not to celebrate Xmas as not only because of the commercialism of it, but also as I celebrate the Winter Solstice which is the pagans version on the 21st or 22nd December.

The other aspect of my faith is that I’m a Faery Shaman. This just means I work with faery energy. I have always had a strong connection with faeries and now I work with them to help me heal others.


30 Day Blogging Challenge: What do Vegans eat?

Today I’m starting a 30 day blogging challenge and the first prompt was to write a blog about something you get asked about a lot.

The first thing that came to mind for me personally, was the question what do I eat? As I am a vegan, I get asked this quite a lot. So here’s a little summary of the kind of things I eat.

Vegan= someone who consumes NO animal products, so NO meat, NO fish, NO poultry, NO eggs, NO dairy and NO honey

Take today for example:

for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal called ‘Alpha Bites’ with KOKO Coconut Milk- both available from Sainsburys. I find that vegans have different preferences of milks. I’ve also tried soya milk, rice milk, and hemp milk. But my favourite is the coconut milk so it’s just a case of experimentation to see what one you like.


for lunch I had wholemeal wraps with Frys Polony- which is like a slicing sausage (but made with Soya) and Cheezly which is a vegan cheese, also made with soya. Vegan cheese is a very divided issue! Again, you need to experiment with the brands to see what one you like. Cheezly does have a very distinct taste, I tend to prefer it hot (although I had it cold today) but brands like ‘Scheese’ taste much more like the real thing. You can also get vegan cheeses in cream cheese form and there’s loads more choices online. The wraps I used were just Sainsburys own brand, and the ‘cheese’ and polony were from Holland and Barrett.

cheezly1 polony

for dinner I had falafel in wraps with salad, chilli sauce and homous. Falafel and homous are a vital staple in most vegans diets! Homous usually is vegan and comes in many varieties (my personal favourite is tomato and basil) but it’s worth checking the ingredients on ready made falafel as I have found some that contain egg- although on most occasions they are suitable.

Drinks wise today I’ve had coffee (with coconut milk), water and some soya chocolate milk!

That’s a typical day but some of other things I tend to eat- breakfasts I tend to always have the same but other options could be toast (with soya butter, jam, peanut butter etc all options) crumpets, other cereals including weetabix and cornflakes or porridge.

Lunch again I tend to have some variation of the same but other options could be a salad, a beanburger, sandwiches, falafel, vegetable based soups (either home-made or one without milk)

dinners- vegetable pasta, chilli (with lots of beans or soya mince- or both ๐Ÿ™‚ ) bean or vegetable casserole, bean burgers and chips, lots of variations with soya based foods such as the Frys range or most Linda Mc Cartney products (the sausages and the country pies are vegan)

treats: Booja Booja chocolate! (expensive but divine), Oreos, Jammy Dodgers, Dortios (the chilli heatwave and bbq flavours) Sainsburys freefrom chocolate bars, many vegan chocolates available online and health shops.

drinks: tea, coffee, (with alternative milk) herbal teas (not with honey) most fizzy drinks (I choose to avoid mostly but they are generally fine) spirits are usually okay, but wines and beers best to check first because of the distilling process on some of these.

Hope this gives some insight, please feel free to ask if there’s anything else you want to know!


The HARP Cardboard Box Challenge

As most of you will already know, recently I got a new job after looking for at least a year and not getting any interviews. As well as applying to lots of jobs, I used lots of spiritual techniques including visualisations, affirmations and leaving offerings out for the faeries. I believe if you recieve there should be an exchange of energy of some sort, as a thank you. When I got the interview for the new job, I put it out to the universe that if I was to get the job I would do some sort of fundraising event. As it turned out local homeless charity ‘HARP’ย  after I knew I got the job, announced a fundraising event called ‘The cardboard box challenge’. Basically they arranged a ‘rough sleep’ night and I signed up. It took place at a local school, literally a five to ten minute walk from my house.

So yesterday was the big night. They said to arrive between 7.30pm and 8pm to set up, so I arrived somewhere inbetween, where I was met by one of the HARP workers who told me where everything was. The sleep out was to take place outside the school’s sixth form centre, so it was on concrete. There were toilets in the school to use, plenty of tea, coffee and cakes, and even a room we could escape to if we really needed to, and we could store things inside too. I put my rucksack inside but set up my sleeping bag, with a blanket underneath. Most people had brought along cardboard to make ‘houses’ with (some were very elaborate)! I didn’t bring in, but there was some spare, so I attempted to make a little shelter with some over my ‘bed’. Well it was a good idea in theory as the weather was okay when I arrived!

There was some entertainment between 8-11pm, which was nice as I was taking part alone rather than in a group, I didn’t really know what else to do with myself. There were some very talented breakdancers, and a few musicians. During this time, it decided to chuck it down with rain several times. I spent this time either watching the entertainment or seeking shelter indoors. By the time the music had ended, my cardboard ‘shelter’ had completed fallen apart and my sleeping bag, pillow and blanket were all wet. I got some dry cardboard and luckily HARP had brought lots of dry blankets from their shop along, so I got two dry ones, one for underneath, and one for on top and didn’t worry about making another shelter. I used the rucksack as a makeshift pillow. To begin with this was okay. Then it started to rain again! What I hadn’t realised as now that the music had finished, the gazebo type thing they had been playing under had space. It was only as one of the HARP people pointed it out that I realised, and she helped me move my stuff over, it was open, but at least I would be sheltered from the rain. She also got me another blanket for underneath, and they were really excellent and helpful, I was offered cups of tea often!

I was okay for a bit, then I got really cold. I went and grabbed another blanket, but felt bad like I was hogging all the blankets! But obviously I must have looked like I was struggling as a HARP worker shortly came out and put another blanket on me! So I had like 5 blankets in total!! This did make a difference though. The struggle after that was just trying to get comfortable and the noise of people around me, and also the lights (as they were left on). I did sleep but it was very on and off and not deep. I woke up around 7, mainly because of people coming alive again, there was breakfast and drinks on offer, so I got a cup of coffee and a croissant. Just before 8am, they said thank you to everyone and gave out some prizes to some camps like ‘the cosiest camp’ etc. Then we could all leave. I was glad I was only a short walk away, so Miguel kindly ran me a hot bath, so I briefly got in there before going back to bed. I stayed in bed for about 4 hours, I thought I wasn’t going to sleep at first as I’d had two coffees but soon the tiredness hit. I still felt tired when I got up, but managed to stay up for a few more hours. At 3pm I had rest for another hour though as was so tired, and my body is aching. I’m still tired now!

I’ve raised ยฃ202 so far, but you can still sponsor me at http://www.justgiving.com/hayley4harp

The event has really given me a better perspective as to what it must be like to be truly homeless. I’ve never appreciated my bed more! At least I had the options of toilets, dry blankets and even a room to go in if I wanted to. They don’t always have this choice. They also don’t get offered lots of cups of tea, coffee and cake! If the event was anything to go by the HARP staff are amazing. They were very helpful and kind. They kept an eye on everyone and I got lots of offers of tea and things I might need.

Please check out the work they do at the link at the beginning of my blog x


September: Dreams can come true!!

Well September was another month that flew by in a blink of an eye, and a lot happened!

Here’s how I did with my goals in September:

New job and healing business: The most exciting one of them all! Well shortly after my last blog I got offered two more job interviews. One of them was for the hospital as admin, but I didn’t end up needing to go to that one, as just before that I got an interview for Part Time Sales Assistant at Holland and Barrett and I got the job!!!! I handed in my notice two weeks ago and I just have 10 working days left now before starting the new job. I am really excited as I am actually really into natural remedies etc, so this job is perfect for me! Of course, it’s part time which finacially is a bit of a risk, but they have already said there is always overtime available, and that you can do extra hours in other stores too. I’ve also already discussed the opportunities to work my way up, and it all sounds excellent. I wil of course be keeping you posted on how it all goes.

As for the healing business, we did a spiritual fair in Hornchurch, we both did healing sessions and both had customers so it went quite well!

write my spiritual book: one of the people who had the book finally sent me some feedback (the last person i sent it too ironically) and she gave me excellent feedback which is encouraging but also some things I can do to make it even better, so I am starting to edit again- hooray!

more photos of family/friends: none

write more: wrote one poem, and also have started writing guided meditations for my crystal healing sessions.

more gigs: none

What I’ve been up to:

It was a very busy month! I had my women’s circle and this time the theme was creativity so we shared our work with each other, wrote a poem together, made art and had a good chat about it.

We had a tarot/shamanic healing party at our flat, Miguel and our friend Gareth were doing the healing and readings, so really I was just the hostess, but some new people were here so it was nice to get to know them and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We will be doing more in the future, including one we’re doing on New year’s eve which won’t be at our flat this time, but I’ll be doing healing too which wil be nice.

We did the spiritual fair I mentioned which was a good day, I think Miguel did 4 healings and I did 3. I also had a reading while I was there and bought some crystals so it was win all round!

I had my interview at Holland and barrett which I had to go to the Rayleigh store for. The guy interviewing me was really nice, which made me feel at ease and I didn’t struggle to answer any of the questions so I left feeling confident. My confidence proved to be right when I got invited to do a work trial at the Southend store (where I will be based) the following weekend. I just basically had to put stock out, and I found out a week later that I got the job ๐Ÿ™‚

My friend Stella has started a ‘Goddess Gathering’ where lots of women meet up and do some spiritual work, we did work about the base chakra, the element of fire, meditation and readings. It will be every month so looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

To celebrate getting the Holland and Barrett job, Miguel and I went to see ‘Before I go to sleep’ at the cinema. I really loved the book so I was worried they wouldn’t do it justice, but it was great and Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth were excellent in it. defintley go and see it! (but read the book too if you haven’t already)!

i went to a drumming session with my friend Roberta which was nice way to celebrate the Equinox.

Because we hosted the tartot night, we were entitled for a free reading from Gareth so we had a joint one which was excellent and really gave lots of hope for the future. If you ever need a tarot reading, I would highly recommend Gareth. I can put anyone in touch who reads this and thinks they might want one.

It was my friend Lauren’s birthday and she had a meal at the Oaktree with a few friends which was lovely, I had a lebanese vegan lasagne which was amazing!

I went to the first Southend Writer’s and Artist’s Network gathering with my friend Kelly who has also recently released a book. We both had readings to do there. It was realy nerve racking as there was a lot of people but I also felt very uncomfortable with the crowd, especially as they were being quite critical of some of the previous readers. I was so anxious, I ended up drinking my whole bottle of wine (it was bring your own) so reading was okay in the end, didn’t think it went that well, but someone on facebook after the event told me they thought my work was beautiful and it helped them to do their speech, so that really made my day!

I did a couple of crystal healing sessions, one was a swap I had arranged with someone and the other was a raffle prize winner but she has already asked about booking a paid session- hooray!!!

That’s it for September and I think the October blog is going to be even longer, as it’s not even been a week yet and I’ve already done loads!

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