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September: Dreams can come true!!

on October 5, 2014

Well September was another month that flew by in a blink of an eye, and a lot happened!

Here’s how I did with my goals in September:

New job and healing business: The most exciting one of them all! Well shortly after my last blog I got offered two more job interviews. One of them was for the hospital as admin, but I didn’t end up needing to go to that one, as just before that I got an interview for Part Time Sales Assistant at Holland and Barrett and I got the job!!!! I handed in my notice two weeks ago and I just have 10 working days left now before starting the new job. I am really excited as I am actually really into natural remedies etc, so this job is perfect for me! Of course, it’s part time which finacially is a bit of a risk, but they have already said there is always overtime available, and that you can do extra hours in other stores too. I’ve also already discussed the opportunities to work my way up, and it all sounds excellent. I wil of course be keeping you posted on how it all goes.

As for the healing business, we did a spiritual fair in Hornchurch, we both did healing sessions and both had customers so it went quite well!

write my spiritual book: one of the people who had the book finally sent me some feedback (the last person i sent it too ironically) and she gave me excellent feedback which is encouraging but also some things I can do to make it even better, so I am starting to edit again- hooray!

more photos of family/friends: none

write more: wrote one poem, and also have started writing guided meditations for my crystal healing sessions.

more gigs: none

What I’ve been up to:

It was a very busy month! I had my women’s circle and this time the theme was creativity so we shared our work with each other, wrote a poem together, made art and had a good chat about it.

We had a tarot/shamanic healing party at our flat, Miguel and our friend Gareth were doing the healing and readings, so really I was just the hostess, but some new people were here so it was nice to get to know them and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We will be doing more in the future, including one we’re doing on New year’s eve which won’t be at our flat this time, but I’ll be doing healing too which wil be nice.

We did the spiritual fair I mentioned which was a good day, I think Miguel did 4 healings and I did 3. I also had a reading while I was there and bought some crystals so it was win all round!

I had my interview at Holland and barrett which I had to go to the Rayleigh store for. The guy interviewing me was really nice, which made me feel at ease and I didn’t struggle to answer any of the questions so I left feeling confident. My confidence proved to be right when I got invited to do a work trial at the Southend store (where I will be based) the following weekend. I just basically had to put stock out, and I found out a week later that I got the job 🙂

My friend Stella has started a ‘Goddess Gathering’ where lots of women meet up and do some spiritual work, we did work about the base chakra, the element of fire, meditation and readings. It will be every month so looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

To celebrate getting the Holland and Barrett job, Miguel and I went to see ‘Before I go to sleep’ at the cinema. I really loved the book so I was worried they wouldn’t do it justice, but it was great and Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth were excellent in it. defintley go and see it! (but read the book too if you haven’t already)!

i went to a drumming session with my friend Roberta which was nice way to celebrate the Equinox.

Because we hosted the tartot night, we were entitled for a free reading from Gareth so we had a joint one which was excellent and really gave lots of hope for the future. If you ever need a tarot reading, I would highly recommend Gareth. I can put anyone in touch who reads this and thinks they might want one.

It was my friend Lauren’s birthday and she had a meal at the Oaktree with a few friends which was lovely, I had a lebanese vegan lasagne which was amazing!

I went to the first Southend Writer’s and Artist’s Network gathering with my friend Kelly who has also recently released a book. We both had readings to do there. It was realy nerve racking as there was a lot of people but I also felt very uncomfortable with the crowd, especially as they were being quite critical of some of the previous readers. I was so anxious, I ended up drinking my whole bottle of wine (it was bring your own) so reading was okay in the end, didn’t think it went that well, but someone on facebook after the event told me they thought my work was beautiful and it helped them to do their speech, so that really made my day!

I did a couple of crystal healing sessions, one was a swap I had arranged with someone and the other was a raffle prize winner but she has already asked about booking a paid session- hooray!!!

That’s it for September and I think the October blog is going to be even longer, as it’s not even been a week yet and I’ve already done loads!


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