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30 Day Blogging Challenge: What do Vegans eat?

on October 22, 2014

Today I’m starting a 30 day blogging challenge and the first prompt was to write a blog about something you get asked about a lot.

The first thing that came to mind for me personally, was the question what do I eat? As I am a vegan, I get asked this quite a lot. So here’s a little summary of the kind of things I eat.

Vegan= someone who consumes NO animal products, so NO meat, NO fish, NO poultry, NO eggs, NO dairy and NO honey

Take today for example:

for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal called ‘Alpha Bites’ with KOKO Coconut Milk- both available from Sainsburys. I find that vegans have different preferences of milks. I’ve also tried soya milk, rice milk, and hemp milk. But my favourite is the coconut milk so it’s just a case of experimentation to see what one you like.


for lunch I had wholemeal wraps with Frys Polony- which is like a slicing sausage (but made with Soya) and Cheezly which is a vegan cheese, also made with soya. Vegan cheese is a very divided issue! Again, you need to experiment with the brands to see what one you like. Cheezly does have a very distinct taste, I tend to prefer it hot (although I had it cold today) but brands like ‘Scheese’ taste much more like the real thing. You can also get vegan cheeses in cream cheese form and there’s loads more choices online. The wraps I used were just Sainsburys own brand, and the ‘cheese’ and polony were from Holland and Barrett.

cheezly1 polony

for dinner I had falafel in wraps with salad, chilli sauce and homous. Falafel and homous are a vital staple in most vegans diets! Homous usually is vegan and comes in many varieties (my personal favourite is tomato and basil) but it’s worth checking the ingredients on ready made falafel as I have found some that contain egg- although on most occasions they are suitable.

Drinks wise today I’ve had coffee (with coconut milk), water and some soya chocolate milk!

That’s a typical day but some of other things I tend to eat- breakfasts I tend to always have the same but other options could be toast (with soya butter, jam, peanut butter etc all options) crumpets, other cereals including weetabix and cornflakes or porridge.

Lunch again I tend to have some variation of the same but other options could be a salad, a beanburger, sandwiches, falafel, vegetable based soups (either home-made or one without milk)

dinners- vegetable pasta, chilli (with lots of beans or soya mince- or both πŸ™‚ ) bean or vegetable casserole, bean burgers and chips, lots of variations with soya based foods such as the Frys range or most Linda Mc Cartney products (the sausages and the country pies are vegan)

treats: Booja Booja chocolate! (expensive but divine), Oreos, Jammy Dodgers, Dortios (the chilli heatwave and bbq flavours) Sainsburys freefrom chocolate bars, many vegan chocolates available online and health shops.

drinks: tea, coffee, (with alternative milk) herbal teas (not with honey) most fizzy drinks (I choose to avoid mostly but they are generally fine) spirits are usually okay, but wines and beers best to check first because of the distilling process on some of these.

Hope this gives some insight, please feel free to ask if there’s anything else you want to know!


7 responses to “30 Day Blogging Challenge: What do Vegans eat?

  1. Sarah Arrow says:

    Welcome to the challenge Hayley, it’s not easy is it? Interesting about the cheese, and I had no idea you didn’t eat honey either. This post has been quite a learning curve!

  2. Josie says:

    Cool! I find veganism (is that a word?!) really interesting. I particularly like the pictures you included and the breakdown of your meals. I love falafel too πŸ™‚ Great post! πŸ™‚

  3. beccyfreebody says:

    Great blog, answering a question I’ve often asked. Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. […] What Do Vegans eat?- I answer a question I’m often asked about my eating habits! […]

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