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Day 2 Blogging Challenge: So you’re a pagan…what does that mean?

on October 23, 2014

Another thing I often get asked about is my spirituality. If people ask I say I am pagan. Which really is only a generic fit of what my spirituality is. The word ‘Pagan” is an umbrella term for a whole lot of spiritual identities which include: Wicca and Witchcraft, Shamanism, Druidism and a whole host more. The connection between all of these are that they are nature based faiths, with nature having an important role to play.

So what’s my specific paganism? Well I am a bit of a mix! First and foremost I consider myself to be an eclectic witch. No I don’t worship the devil or put hexes on people. You may have heard vaguely of Wicca, which is also a form of witchcraft but to be Wiccan you follow suit rules of that tradition and are usually initiated. I state myself as an eclectic witch rather than Wiccan as although I share some of their beliefs- for example “Do what you will but harm none” I “mix and match” traditions, if I want to work with Gods and Goddesses, I will work with any of them not specific ones and I am not interested in being in a coven either. I am open to other religions too such as Buddhism, and by choosing to be eclectic, I can incorporate beliefs from other faiths in if I choose to.

Other beliefs that stem from me being a witch is that I believe in God and Goddess energy. I believe God and Goddess are a symbol of the divine, but divinity encompasses everything- all of nature, even inside ourselves. We all divine energy. Nature is my equivalent of church. I work a lot with Goddess energy as in more traditional religions the feminine is often forgotten, which may be why some women choose not to follow such religions.

I have an altar which is a desk I have sacred objects of importance to me on, and representations of the elements. (air, water, fire and earth). I meditate daily (this is my own personal choice not all witches necessarily do this)! I work with the moon phases, today is a New Moon which is a good time for starting new projects, and improving things up until the full moon which is very strong to make any wishes you desire and then the moon wanes which is a time for getting rid of ending things.

I celebrate the Wheel of the Year, which is twelve seasons throughout the year which include the solstices and equinox’s of the seasons, but also includes Samhain (Halloween). All the seasons have different magical meanings but Halloween is particularly important as it’s the witches new year. I choose not to celebrate Xmas as not only because of the commercialism of it, but also as I celebrate the Winter Solstice which is the pagans version on the 21st or 22nd December.

The other aspect of my faith is that I’m a Faery Shaman. This just means I work with faery energy. I have always had a strong connection with faeries and now I work with them to help me heal others.


3 responses to “Day 2 Blogging Challenge: So you’re a pagan…what does that mean?

  1. Sarah Arrow says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Hayley. I love that you have a desk as your altar, that totally makes sense to me 🙂

  2. moonlightwrites says:

    thanks Sarah 🙂 I love to share my spirituality with others.

  3. […] So you’re a Pagan. What does that mean?- An explanation about the Pagan spiritual path that I follow. […]

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