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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 30! : Poem

as yet untitled..

You see power, I see death

you feel pride, I feel sorrow

You hear victory, I hear pain

You smell success, I smell fear

You Taste Money and Oil, I taste Blood and Tears

I don’t want anymore of this

No more lives gone to waste

No more fighting, no more guns

isn’t it time we stopped arms funds?

Isn’t it time we fed the hungry?

Instead of building bombs?

It makes me angry

knowing hate is being chosen over love

I pray to those above

help them to feel compassion

let’s not put happiness on ration

There is always hope

someone ready to speak out and be heard

let us all just try to practice one word


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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 29: 10 Ways to Lead a More Magical Life

Life feeling a bit boring? Mundane? Life can be magical, we just need to see what’s right in front of us! But here are 10 things you could do to bring a bit more magic into your life.

1. Learn to Meditate- I can’t recommend meditation enough! It’s a fantastic tool to bring relaxation, clarity and nurturing of your self. Once you get the basics down, the subconscious is your oyster! You can go on journeys to meet your guides, power animals, angels and so much more! If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is! If you’re just starting out, check out my blog on simple techniques to get you going- here

2. Try Yoga- great for flexibility and strength, but also great for relaxation, as most good yoga classes will include breathing techniques and meditation.

3. Have a Healing Session- there’s lots out there to choose from with a competitive range of prices. I offer Faery Healing and Crystal Healing, check out my previous blog for my current offers

4. Make a gratitude list daily- you can write one out, or just list it in your mind. Think of everything you are grateful for today even the smallest thing. I always start with “I’m grateful for a roof over my head, money in the bank, and food in my cupboards.”

5. Join a Spirituality Group- there’s plenty about for all kinds of spiritual interests from Pagans to Buddhism. If you’re based in Southend check out my blog post about some in the area here

6. Go for Nature walks- even if it’s only in the local park. Go without headphones on or any other distractions and watch the wildlife around you. Magic abounds!

7. Bless your food. Before you eat your meals either out loud or silently say a small blessing and a thank you for the food you have been provided.

8. Collect crystals or wear crystal jewellery- crystals are fab! from rose quartz for love and friendship, to amethyst for connecting on a deeper spiritual level, they all have different magical energies as well as bringing an extra sparkle to your life!

9. Read Books!- there’s nothing like getting lost in a book!

10. Be Kind and generous. Always be kind, always have a smile. We choose how we feel. If you see a homeless person in the street, maybe buy them a cup of tea. Your good deeds will always comeback threefold 🙂

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 28: What I Have To Offer

Thinking about getting something different for Xmas this year for someone? I can help! As part of The Healing Pathways, I am a healer and intuitive reader. Sessions with me are gentle, relaxing and nurturing. Healing can make the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go! My sessions are based in Westcliff on Sea, Essex in a lovely cosy, comforting space where you can feel at ease. So what can I offer you??

Healing Modallities

Crystal Healing- gentle and relaxing, I will use the power of crystals to bring you back into balance and help discover and unblock any potential blockages as well as heighten your strengths. Crystal healing sessions also include a guided meditation, to further relax you and help you move forward on your path.

Faery Healing- a delicate hands on healing, I call on the faeries and nature spirits to assist me in the type of healing you may need. Hands, crystals and other natural objects may used in the process. Before you arrive to receive the healing, I will go on a shamanic journey to the faery realm to seek out any advice and healing energy that is relevant to you.

Healing sessions cost £20 and last about half hour. Faery healing can be arranged distantly for a discounted rate of £15. If you would like a combination session, this will last an hour and will cost £40.

Intuitive Faery Readings

All my readings are done using Faery Cards, you can choose to have a reading from The Faery Oracle or a Faery Advice reading. Readings can be done in person or by email or phone or a print out. Cost £20 or £15 if by email.

For the month of December, if you refer someone else who also books with me, you can have a session each for HALF PRICE. Also if you get in touch with me to book and you mention you read about it on my blog ‘Moonlight Phoenix Has Risen’ session will cost £15.

To find out more, or to book you can email moonlight.phoenix@gmail.com


30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 27: I Love Lists!

Well today was all about making a list post. I have already made quite a few during the challenge- I love lists!

My friend Catherine has been doing a list style post recently on her blog so I thought I’d give it a go! It’s based on what I’ve been up to lately.

Making : plans, lists!
Cooking : as I’ve been working mostly afternoons, Miguel has done most of the cooking lately although I do give a helping hand! some things we;ve had lately: bean casserole, soup, chili
Drinking : chai tea! my new favourite thing! Perfect for the cold evenings.
Reading: my friend Kelli Angliss’s thriller novel Project Butterfly
Wanting:  more energy, more money! (don’t we all)?
Looking:  at pretty things at Witchfest!
Playing: I don’t do enough of this! I did have a go on the swings in the nearby park recently though!
Deciding: what my new goals are.
Wishing: there were more hours in a day
Enjoying: reading, yoga classes
Waiting: for pay day!
Liking: my new job 🙂
Wondering: how much I will get for my first proper pay.
Loving: violife cheese!
Pondering: what’s next for me.
Considering: what to do to get more healing clients
Watching: Doctor Who, Not Going Out, Russell Howard’s Good News
Hoping: I complete my training at work quickly so I can help customers more.
Marvelling: at how resilient some people are.
Needing: money!
Smelling: orange essential oil, sandalwood incense
Wearing: back to dull winter wardrobe of trousers and jumpers…
Following: nothing really stands out on Twitter at the moment for me.
Noticing: all the wildlife right on my doorstep!
Knowing:I’m going to do well in this job.
Thinking: I’d like to see friends more.
Admiring: Patti Smith
Sorting: I sorted my altar recently but not much else!
Buying: a lovely new bag at Witchfest!
Getting: overtime!
Bookmarking: nothing recently really.
Disliking: the bias of the news!
Opening: new opportunities!
Giggling: at Russell Howard!
Feeling: Satisfied

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 26: Comments!

Today for the blogging challenge, was all about leaving comments on people’s blogs. I must admit, with the invention of the ‘like’ button, this isn’t something I often do. However, I am always excited when I get comments on mine, so I am going to make an effort to comment more, and not just ‘like’!

I had a look at the Comment Stats on this blog just for fun, and the average is 7 a month, a total of 60 since this blog started and my most commented blog was the first in this challenge! let’s see if I can get this up 🙂

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 25: Being in Touch

Today my task was to update (or in my case – create)! my contact me page on this blog. This is now on the side of the page. But this got me thinking in general about being in touch with people generally.

I often think about this as most of the time I feel like I am always the one to initiate contact with people. I’m not good with phone calls, but I am good with emails, text messages, Facebook messaging.  If I hear of something I think other people I know will enjoy I will share this with them. Now and again, I will message or text someone just to say hi. Yet somehow it’s quite rare for me to receive emails from actual people rather than websites, and text messages that aren’t to do with work. To be honest, it does get me down quite a lot. I feel like I have lots of friends but no one who really considers me a close friend (that live in the same country). So maybe I haven’t been so good with the ‘just to say hi’ messages as it felt fruitless.

My New Moon wish is to form close friendships. I mean proper close friendships, those friends who will call or text me just to say hi, or even turn up at my door out of the blue. Who will invite me out even if it’s just for a coffee, and not always with other people.

I promise to be better at keeping in touch again and to be open to new friendships and experiences.

How often do you contact your friends? Your family?

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 24: Being Spiritual and Inspirational in Southend on Sea

For today’s blog I thought I would tell you about a few of the amazing things that are going on in my home town Southend on Sea! We might have a tendency to complain about where we live, but there is actually lots going on in this town and a great community spirit!

1. YOGA!

There’s plenty of choices for Yoga classes. My class of choice is taught by my friend Chris. His class is every Friday 12pm at The Epicquest centre – it’s for about 2 hours and includes drumming, yoga and tasty home-made soup! (which is always vegan friendly) £10 a class.

We also have Yoga Dharma Southend who have loads of classes and do teacher training too. They also have a cafe with lovely juices and vegan options available.

There’s Therapy Life centre who also have Yoga classes, as well as Tai Chi, Pilates and more.

That’s just a few of the options for Yoga, there is a lot more, especially if you go a little further into Leigh on Sea.

2. Inspiring Women of Southend- formerly Southend Passionate Women, I have been part of this group for the majority of this year and it’s great! One month, we will have a ‘sharing’ session- for instance we had a meeting that was about freedom, someone spoke about her experiences and then we shared our thoughts on the concept of freedom. On another month, we will do something creative, this year we have made scrapbooks, vision boards and hand painted t shirts! Meets once a month on a Thursday evening. FREE!

3. Stella’s Goddess group- my friend Stella recently started running this group every 2nd Monday evening also at Epicquest centre (see link under the Yoga section). She focuses on a different chakra for each session and the session includes movement, sharing, readings and more. Plus she usually brings tasty vegan treats to share! £10 a session.

4. Sacred Spiral Women’s Circle- I can’t not mention my own group can I?? We meet once a month, and there is a different theme each month. We also encourage and empower each other through goal sharing. Some of the themes we’ve had include meditation, elements and divination.

5. Pagan groups!

We have two! Pagan Lion who meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the RNA club on East Street. There’s a speaker each month (as well as the famous recycled raffle)! and they also host celebrations for each sabbat and solstice.

and the Southend on Sea moot who meet every 2nd month and also have various speakers, celebrate the wheel of the year, have a regular drum circle and raffle.

I could go on..but special mentions to Street Spirit, Sundown and Southend Animal Aid 🙂

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 23: Overcoming Writer’s Block!

Oh my Goddess, the dreaded writers block! Honestly I seem to suffer with this a lot. I used to write constantly, I would have poems flying through my mind often. Now it’s very rare occurrence! Today I’ve been asked how I deal with writers or bloggers block and I wish I was full of advice, but I am a big term sufferer of it, so I feel I am not really qualified to give advice!

One thing I have noticed I do ironically enough, is to write poems about it! So rather than try to dispense advice, I will share my poetry with you!

Lifetime of Words

As you get older,
do the words grow colder?
what once came pouring out
now I’m lucky if I get the odd spout
looking back, it makes me feel proud
I wish my inspiration now could be so loud
The words would form beautiful patterns
Now I search for them like hidden treasure
Locked somewhere deep beneath
It’s like to unlock them would be a forbidden sin
Come out, Come out, wherever you are
Wherever you are, surely you can’t be far?


a small wish

I need the words back
the words I used to know
please bring them back to me
so holy and free
please help me to see
what’s right in front of me
it’s there all along
just learn the words to the song
beautiful words
where have you been
it’s been so long
there’s still more
it’s hidden at the core
your base core
needs to identify
needs to verify
pen to paper
let it flow
let it go, let it out
you know it’s in there
just set it free



Standing at the pearly gates
but this isn’t Heaven
this is the blank, blank sheet
staring at me, teasing me
waiting for me to fill it
with juicy words
perhaps even men with swords
fairies, angels, vampires or even just ordinary people
waiting for me to direct their narrative

But I’m struggling to open the gate
and the page remains white
no words seem quite right
the lines blur
as thoughts start to occur
letters begin to form
and a new life is born.

The gate has been unlocked
and all I had to do is knock
the words have returned
like a long lost friend
what was once broken, is now on the mend
welcome back
I promise this time, I won’t give you the sack.


Writers Block

No inspiration
Nothing to wow the nation
A lack of words
Just a blank blank canvas
No ideas
Too many fears
Unusable ink
Just a pen with no use
No feelings
Love and sadness have been overused
A lack of earthshattering news
Just another writer’s block.

Writers Block 2

Needing to be inspired, want to write
but what to write?
Would it be any better if I tried at night?
A story, a poem, some meaningful lyrics
I wish I could find these words
hidden in my soul
Instead I’m left with a gaping hole
A great blank space waiting to be filled
It’s like the muses lips are sealed
They’re holding the key
But I can’t seem to grasp it
It’s out of my reach
All I can do is sit and wait
to get connected to the source
but I can’t find the switch.


so quite a bit! and here are some things that have inspired to write in the past (and recent past too)!:  The Palestine demo I went to in London this year, a soul retrieval I experienced, witchfest!, my jobs, a break up, social networking, friendships, the spiritual group I was part of last year

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 22: My 10 Most Popular Blogs

The top ten posts on this blog! Just in case you missed something..

10. A Faery Tale (or what my 30th party was like)- (June 2014)I had a fantastic Fairytales and Magical beings party for my birthday this year. I decided to blog about it in a different way!

9.The HARP Cardboard Box Challenge-(October 2014) I recently completed a rough sleep for the local homeless charity HARP, I wrote about the experience.

8. I Saw the Sign and it Opened up my Eyes..(April 2013)- about being given ‘signs’ in everyday life.

7. Manifestation- The White Despacho Ceremony (March 2013)- I wrote about manifesting, and a beautiful manifesting shamanic manifesting ceremony I was part of.

6. The End of Pigtails and Army Boots- (September 2013)- I used to do a feminist radio show for quite a few years, it was great, but then it came to it’s natural end.

5. Good Things: Netherlands Special (May 2013)- I wrote about all the fab things we did on our holiday to the Netherlands last year.

4.The Singer of Courage (April 2013)– I wrote something about confidence and courage.

3. 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 14- Proposed Lap Dancing Club in Southend (November 2014)- I wrote recently about the plans to bring another lap dancing club to Southend, and why I’m against it.

2. Feminism in London 2013 (October 2013)– I wrote about the brilliant feminist conference I attended last year.

and drum roll please…the most popular blog so far on here is…

1. Interview with Sue Denim (April 2013)– Not very surprisingly, my interview with former Robots in Disguise band member and now solo artist had the most hits ever!

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30 Day Blogging Challenge day 21: Fun with Infographics

On today’s email to do with the blogging challenge, I was invited to have a go at creating infographics..so I had a go at one of the sites mentioned, and actually it was quite fun! Just click on the images below to make them bigger.

Facebook-Insights-141634224469d5e3f5-ee6a-4c99-98ab-5b980c3d00f6 Facebook-Monsterizer-14163422567b069f35-0e13-4e12-81ce-dd262f7ea7f9

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