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The Inevitable End of the Year Post 2014!

Well it’s that time of year again, for one of my favourite things, a list of great things about the year (or what I thought anyway) just in case you might care haha.

Music this year for me has taken a bit of a back seat as I stopped doing radio over a year ago now, and I also don’t do music writing very often now, so I have really noticed that I’m really out of touch now compared to what I was! I didn’t actually go to much in the way of gigs, in fact all of the few I went to were local gigs by tribute or cover bands!

I think the only new album I listened to this year was Kasabian- 48:13 as Miguel got it for my birthday. They are my favourite band so obviously I loved it! I did think a lot of the songs were so catchy as I learnt a lot of them after only a few listens, such as this…

in the last month or so I’ve tried to try and get a bit up to date again so I’ve been listening to XFM a bit and I have discovered I quite like this band that they play a lot.

oh and who doesn’t like this one..

I can’t think of anything else..feel free to share your 2014 musical thoughts in the comments!


well GoodReads comes in really handy for this! I read a lot of books, and I tend to get them from the library or from this awesome independent book shop near me so they probably weren’t released this year but a few of my favourites were…

Going Out by Scarlett Thomas- if you haven’t read by this wonderful author you definitely should! This one is about a boy who is allergic to the outside world and is desperate to go outside…

Project Butterfly by my friend Kelli Angliss! a dark novel about experiments on humans. You should check it out!

Just Kids by Patti Smith- a really beautiful memoir

and finally..

the Hunger games series! Yes I am a bit behind the times and I still need to read the 3rd book, but oh my Goddess I loved it!

Films and TV

I went to the cinema slightly more this year..yes a hefty THREE imes I can think of!

Once to see Tinkerbell and the Pirates 😉

Hector and the Search for Happiness- a really heartwarming film with Simon Pegg

and the film version of before I go to sleep which was also good but I think my favourite of the three was hector.

I really got into Buffy this year and I finished all the series off! I loved it loads! A lot of my favourite series ended this year 😦 I’ve recently started watching Portlandia which is insane! but amusing.

Photos/Moments/things I did in 2014

Joined the Inspiring Women of Southend group (formerly Southend Passionate Women)- lots of inspirational talks but also fun creative activities such as making scrapbooks and t shirts!

hayley poet

read my poetry out loud, not once, not twice but three times! First time at The Palace Theatre, then at my friend Kelli’s book lauch (pictured) and finally at a writers gathering.

running my spiritual women’s circle 🙂

My magical 30th birthday! I got to be a fairy!


Gaza Protest


went to the Pagan Conference and Witchfest

did a ‘rough sleep’ for the homeless

got a new job!

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November- Everything’s Gonna Be A-Okay!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting my monthly update, it’s been a busy start to December! November has been a good month overall, I’ve really settled into my new job and generally I have felt a lot better because of it!

Here’s how I did with my goals, which have been changed as I set them on Samhain/Halloween:

Book: have to admit I haven’t really been concentrating on my book lately.

Glastonbury/Gaunts House/Fairy festival: don’t think I will get to Glastonbury before the end of the year and the other two aren’t until the summer.

To have paying clients: I had one paying healing client, who is booked in for a session this month too.

To be a supervisor: I’ve been put on the management training course now, so I’m hopefully going to be one by January which would be much sooner than I had thought! I’ve also been studying every day to get my knowledge up to speed.

Better at birthdays: was a bit skint, but managed to get something for my brother’s birthday that he actually wanted and I went round on the day.

more fun: work is a lot more fun! all my colleagues like to have a laugh and my manager is known to dance on the shop floor quite a lot…

What I’ve been up to:

Went to a Vegan Pot Luck for World Vegan Day at a local veggie cafe organised by my friends at Southend Animal Aid. There was so much good food there I stuffed myself and couldn’t even manage to try all the things I wanted to!

I did my women’s circle which in November was about meditation, I got to try out one of the guided meditations I have been writing for my crystal healing sessions and it went down really well.

I went to the Inspiring Women of Southend meeting (formerly Southend Passionate Women) even though I wasn’t feeling that well that day, we discussed what we had achieved in the last year.

I went to my friend Stella’s Goddess group which was all about the Solar Plexus and was our best session yet I thought. We did some great movement work and sharing.

Met up with my friend Roberta who took me and Miguel to the woods for a walk and then made us a tasty vegetable soup for lunch.

Went to Witchfest, which was amazing! I wish it was Witchfest everyday!!!

Been to my friend Chris’s yoga class a few times.

Did overtime in the Rayleigh and Billeracy stores. I really liked working in the Billeracy store and it was good to catch up with my friend Kelli who lives in the area too!

It was my brother’s birthday so I went to visit.

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