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The Evil Icecream Man

One day I was on my way to work

I saw an Ice cream van

but this was no ordinary ice cream van

it was January, for a start

hardly the time for icy refreshment

sure it looked innocent enough

pure white with disney characters dancing across the dashboard

but the man inside looked rather gruff

a look of evil in his eye

the kind that could make you cry

I imagined his name to be Dave

I’m not sure why

but everyone’s called Dave right?

He drove away out of sight

no doubt playing nursery rhymes to lure the children

but when they buy something they’re in for a fright

instead of a flake, there’s a rusty nail

not to mention the sawdust sprinkles

seriously an icecream fail

so next time you see the icecream van roll by

know it could be that guy…

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2015 Goals and Resolutions

Happy 2015 everyone!

As you may know already if you’re a regular reader of my blog, my main time I set my goals for the year ahead is in October which you can see here but I always think of more by January even if they are just smaller things and just the kind of things I want to focus on for the year ahead.

But first let me have a little look back and the additional goals I set myself in 2014..

To set up a successful healing business with Miguel-  This is happening but very very slowly. Miguel had more clients than I did but I did have my first two paying clients that weren’t case studies/by donation and we did our first two spiritual fairs one which was disappointing but the other went really well.

In the mean time, until things are hopefully going well enough I can stop doing a ‘normal’ job, I want to be able to find another job which doesn’t leave me drained and stressed out each day. It would be nice to be able to work less hours, so I could have more spare time to do things like volunteer work.- achieved maybe in a different way than I expected but has turned out to be the best choice I made. I now work part time for Holland and Barrett and I really love it. I did look into volunteering but I don’t feel ready yet.

To learn lots of new things but the main ones I want to aim for are- Crystal healing, aromatherapy and herbalism. At the moment I don’t have any many strings to my bow as it were to do various healing types. By doing these I would have more to offer, so hopefully more clients, and some certificates to show for it.- I did a crystal healing course.

To finish and publish a spiritual book- I have started this and it’s taking time.- not yet! Still attempting to edit and add more.

Write more- work on my book but also rediscover my love of writing. Take part in Friday Night Writes.– My inspiration came back in little trickles, I wrote a few poems I was proud of. I did start reading my poetry in public though!

To run a successful Earth healing group- I started the Pachamama Earth Healing group towards the end of last year, I’m hoping to make this group a really good one that makes a difference.- failed. It didn’t really kick off the way I had hoped but in it’s place I started a women’s spiritual circle which I love doing and has been going really well.

Keep in touch with people better. Call people more often, socialize at least once a week. – I am rubbish at calling people, I’m going to start making myself do this more, as when I do call, the person is always really happy I called!- achieved the socialising aspect most weeks but still rubbish at calling people!

Spend time more wisely- no more wasting hours on spider solitare, or wasting time on Facebook when I have other things to do.- I’ve taken Spider Solitare off my phone as it really is wasting time. I get caught up in it and end up playing for longer than I planned, even though I completed all the levels (easy, medium, hard) I would just go back and try and do them all again! I have also decided to not go on facebook/twitter until I have done whatever else I need to do that day. I started this yesterday and I had lots of spare time to look later in the day!- failed!

Get to more gigs this year- only went to two last year, would like to see more this year. Even if they are local gigs.- failed, didn’t go to any proper gigs.

Places I’d like to visit: Glastonbury, Gaunts House and Three Wishes faery festival- not sure if I will get to them all, but if I get to at least one I’d be happy.- failed 😦

Take more photos of friends and family!- a bit more but still not many.

Okay so now for 2015!

Goals set up in October

1. To have regular paying clients for my healing sessions

2. To get to Supervisor level in my job

3. To finish my book…!

4. To visit: Glastonbury, Gaunts House but my biggest aim is to go to the Three Wishes Faery Festival!

5. To be better at buying people birthday presents- not leave it until the last minute and get it right!

6. To have more fun 🙂

With a bit more introspection and meditation I really feel after spending so much time the last few years working hard to get another job, that it’s time for me to relax more and have some fun and also get other less ‘serious’ aspects of my life going again so with that in mind my key focuses for the year ahead are:

FRIENDSHIP- to strengthen the bonds I currently have and also build new strong friendships. I often feel lonely in this department so I want this to change this year!

FUN- time to let the inner child out and laugh much more often!

CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION- reawaken my writing muse, and start doing more creative things in general again.

other goals/things I’d like to do this year-

get involved with the local green party. I want to start going to their meetings and seeing if I can more active politically in some form rather than just moaning about it!

try and get along to Street Spirit Southend. I was hoping to do this last year but Saturday evenings don’t always work out for me. I really want to try and go once a month at least if I can. They help the local homeless.

spend less time on Facebook!- sometimes I manage it but other times I really don’t! I think I want to try and cut it down gradually so I only go on there once a day (for the moment) eventually.

reconnect with my pagan/witchy side- although it’s always there I feel like the past 2 years have been primarily shamanic based, I want to explore my pagan path more deeply again and connect with others.

go into nature more- even if it’s only the local park. I was good at the beginning of the year but this wore away as the year went on.

watch less t.v- I don’t really watch that much out of choice, but sometimes I just watch because it’s on. I’m going to start doing other things when it’s things I’m not watching myself and also hoping to reduce our tv package this year to save money as well as time!

Get into music again- have been really out of touch this year, so want to try and get a bit of my love of it back again.

Plans Already Made for 2015 (so far)

Another poetry reading! (10th January)

Writing and contributing a chapter to a book about Counter Culture. My chapter is about feminism. I am so excited about this opportunity to be in a published book!

A Tribal Goddess Weekend Retreat- I’m going to this with my friend Stella in May, I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m super excited!

Having a healing stall at a pagan festival- Miguel and I are having a stall at a Lammas festival one of the local moots is organising this year.

I already feel super excited for the year ahead 😀

EDIT: I am a nightmare, I have had to come back twice to add things on! I had thought about all this over the last month or so but it’s been coming back in dribs and drabs…oops! Hopefully no more to add now!

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