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January 2015- Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On and Suddenly Everything is Right…

on February 2, 2015

Wahey the first month of the year has just been and gone! and I’d say it was a pretty good month. I’m starting to like January again!

So here’s my usual round up for the month that’s just been.

My Key Focuses for 2015

FRIENDSHIP- I’m actually feeling pretty good about this at the moment. I’ve pretty much done something social every week, and I’m developing some more close friendships, so I haven’t experienced any feelings of loneliness at all during January- hooray!

FUN- I think I’m still discovering what ‘fun’ is for me, I do a lot of social/group activities but although they are wonderful in various ways (deep conversations, sharing, spiritual activities) i don’t know if I would label them as ‘fun’. I think the most fun I had so far was joining in with the drumming workshop at the E.D.E.N conference I went to, I really let loose, dancing, making some noise, and there was no alcohol involved! Just pure joy, and that’s what I need to find more of!

CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION- I did a lot of writing in January as I had to write my first draft for a chapter about feminism I am contributing to an actual real life going-to-be-published book! It was hard, I put it off and off, but eventually I motivated myself to get moving and make my deadline. I am awaiting to hear what the publisher thinks about it!

I also wrote one poem, and took part in a Vision Board workshop as well as making a joint vision board with my husband Miguel. As for feeling inspired, I’d say I’m not quite there yet but I did attend some inspiring events.


Regular Paying Clients for my Healing- no clients at all this month but I didn’t really focus on promoting this during January due to the chapter I had to write taking up a lot of time.

To get to supervisor training in my job- I’ve been studying almost daily, and I actually started my supervisor training last week, so i am well on the way! I just need to gain my confidence a bit more when it comes to handling money for cashing up etc.

To finish my book- again, didn’t really have the time to focus on this due to the chapter!

To visit: Glastonbury, Gaunts House and Three Wishes fairy festival- nothing towards this yet

To be better at birthdays- I organised a surprise get together meal for Miguel’s birthday and bought him tickets to see Simon Amstell- I think I did pretty well!

Get involved with the Green Party- I attended a local Green Party meeting, but didn’t feel it was for me, so I will see if maybe there are other ways I can get involved or help, rather than go to meetings.

go along to Street Spirit Southend- most of my Saturdays were busy so haven’t got round to this yet unfortunately.

Spend less time on Facebook- think for the most part I managed this, I’ve been cutting down times between looking by 5 minutes a day (not that I would really look that many times a day but I know this way I won’t let myself waste time on there unless my allocated time is up) and I have got to two and a half hours between looking at the feed, and for the most part I have stuck to this.

reconnect with my pagan/witchy side- I don’t think I really did anything towards this particular goal during January.

go into nature more- haven’t really done this yet

watch less t.v- I think I have been watching a bit less, and trying to do other things if Miguel is watching something I am not interested in like read a book.

get into music again- been listening to the radio more (XFM mostly) and I’ve discovered the joy of listening to full albums on Youtube! I’ve also discovered that I like Paolo Nuttini and Royal Blood.

Finally the things I did in January:

Had a meet up with at my friend Carina’s flat with a few other friends including the lively Lorna who lives in Oxford now. A typical vegan get together as we ate far too many goodies and discussed various vegan related issues including raising vegan children. (not me personally but a few of the others are parents)

I went to the Inspiring Women meeting which was the Vision Board workshop I mentioned, this is my board:

vision board hay

I read a few of my poems at a poetry event at the Westcliff on Art gallery, which I think went quite well.


I went to my friend Stella’s Goddess group, where we worked on the throat chakra and also took part in a beautiful shamanic flower ceremony.

I went to the Green Party meeting.

I met up with my friend Lola (my best friend from infant school I recently got in touch with again) at her flat and got to meet her gorgeous cat, have a great chat, some coffee and vegan rocky road!

It was Miguel’s birthday and I arranged a surpise birthday meal at The Oaktree market, so although he knew we were going for a meal he didn’t know there would be friends waiting for him! It was a complete nightmare to organise but went really well in the end, the right people were there and the food was amazing! It was all Japanese themed.


Miguel and I got invited to have dinner at our friends Maria and Simon’s flat, we had a lovely meal, deep conversations and a play with tarot cards.

I went out for lunch with my friend Lauren at The Railway Hotel

and it all ended with the marvellous E.D.E.N conference which I blogged about here


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