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Feburary 2015- Give Me One Good Reason Why I Can’t Make A Change…

on March 1, 2015

Blimey, how did it get to be March already? February went past in even more of a blur than January, I guess those few days we normally have at the end of the month make all the difference! I don’t think I have been as busy socially but I have been working really hard. here’s the usual rundown of how it went.

My Key Focuses for 2015

FRIENDSHIP- still feeling good about this, don’t think have been quite as active this month but there has still been things going on in this area.

FUN- didn’t really have enough of this I don’t think, mainly because I’ve been focusing on doing overtime and getting to understand my supervisor training. My mood has been a bit funny at times too, it’s better now but for a few weeks I was feeling quite low, possibly because we were in a mercury retrograde. A lot of people seemed to be going through strong emotions at this time, I’m glad it seems to have averted now! (edit: we did go to see Simon Amstell though which was fun)!

CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION- I signed up to some of poetry blog challenge, where you got sent emails sent daily through Feb with a word, and a form of poetry that you could try if you wanted, there was no obligation and you didn’t have to use all the suggested prompts. I did write three poems, so I’m quite pleased with that, even if they were in a similar vein. I didn’t feel very inspired otherwise though.


Regular Paying Clients for my Healing- didn’t quite put as much focus on this as I had intended but I did have one client in Feb, so that’s one more than last month- hooray!

To be a Supervisor- the training has been carrying on and I think my confidence is slowly coming, I even did the banking in another branch!

To Finish my book- didn’t do this at all. Oops!

To Visit Glastonbury, Three Wishes and Gaunts House- nothing towards these yet

To be better at birthdays- was a bit rubbish this month. Was good with Valentines though- I adopted a bear for Miguel!

go along to Street Spirit- still been unable to do this, although did send some money when they did a sponsored event.

spend less time on Facebook- have been continuing cutting down looking at the feed by 5 minutes a day so now up to 4 hours and 40 minutes between looking, I’ve mostly stuck to this apart from the last few days because I’m going a step further and coming off both Facebook and Twitter for a month! I’m doing it for charity- and I will be posting updates on here on how it’s going. Only been a day so far, and it’s pretty weird as I keep going to look at my phone and it’s not there, and it’s like my head is suddenly full of status updates and tweets! I also couldn’t tweet a request into a radio show earlier! (they only said by twitter or facebook not email)!

reconnect with my pagan/witchy side- nothing towards this yet

go into nature more- I had one walk to Priory park. The cold has been putting me off, but hopefully it will warm up soon!

watch less T.V- think I have been watching less generally

get into music again- went to a local gig the other day to see Mo Fingers, an instrumental band who’s music is hard to categorise, it’s funky, psychedelic and rocky all rolled into one and very danceable! I’ve also been listening to the playlists on BBC 6 Music a few times- I really enjoyed the riot grrrl one. I’ve also just realised I like George Ezra too! (having a radio on at work does make you start liking certain tunes and I only discovered one of them was ‘Budapest’ when I watched The Brit Awards)!

Finally, the things I actually did:

Our friend mark visited (he now lives in Hastings) which was really nice, and he told us all about how different it is there compared to Southend, it sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to visit!

We went to the local theatre to see Simon Amstell, as I had bought tickets for Miguel’s birthday. I had never been to see a comedian before so it was a new experience. It was a shame our seats were really pants, but he was really funny and insightful as well!

I went for a lunch at The Railway with a small group of friends and we had a lot of laughs!

I had a Sacred Money Archetype consultation which was very interesting, you basically answer a lot of questions and then it reveals what your money habits are like. My one is an accumulator, which is someone who is very good at saving but hates spending money, and it was accurate, it was funny!

I had my women’s circle as always even though we had to change the date as people couldn’t make it on the original planned date in the end. We did about Shamanism and it included finding power animals for each other, I think it went very well.

Went to a debrief about the EDEN conference where we just discussed how the event went, and what things were good, what we could do better etc.

I went to a fundraising quiz night my friend Sherry organised, and I as I thought, I am rubbish at quizzes, but as it turns out, so is my friend Sara, so we spent most of the evening making beautiful pieces of art with raffle tickets!  You can help my friend out by sponsoring her here

as previously mentioned we saw Mo Fingers.

Sadly, I had to attend a funeral of an old friend called Stanley who was a long time member of Southend Animal Aid. He was very active to a very late age (he was 94 when he passed). I was very glad to be able to go and pay my last respects to an admirable man.

it ended on a happier note, as I went out last night with my old pharmacy colleagues. We went for a meal at Bobby Jo’s on the seafront and had a bit of a catch up.

Now it will be interesting to see how productive March will be without the distraction of social media..


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