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September 2015- the month of too many projects!

on October 2, 2015

September was a very interesting month. There was still lots of overtime, but I was also pretty busy with other things. I also set myself a number of projects during September, which was good, but I think I planned too may, so I couldn’t really put as much attention as I would have liked to each one. So what were the projects?

The first was my secret “Yes” project. I decided to keep it a secret, as I thought if I made it public, some people may choose to take advantage of that. I also set rules- 1. not a yes if it goes against my beliefs, 2. not if it would be a lie 3.not if I already said yes to something else and 4. not if I really couldn’t afford it.- I’m not really sure I gained much from doing this really as a lot of the time I would forget I was supposed to be saying yes, so I guess the main things that happened were that I did more of the things I would usually moderate like drinking coffee and eating etc, and I did go to a couple of things that I probably wouldn’t have done usually, I also filled time even more, usually I just try to do one thing out and about on one day, but I did have some days where I did more than that.

The second project was the crystal project, that was similar to the Goddess project, I would pick a card for each week and then work with that crystal for that week. I would carry it or wear it and I did a few journeys but not many. I worked with Blue Lace Agate (all about soothing and relaxing- I felt very tired that week), Citrine (a stone of happiness and manifesting), Rose Quartz (a stone of love but also brings emotions up- I felt very emotional that week) and finally Emerald (which is also for the heart- I was very happy that week)! It was Emerald week that I gained the most from.

I also did a 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge, but a lot of the tasks set were things I already do, so I didn’t gain much from that.

and to add to that there was some cross over from the previous month as I finished a Denise Lynn book which was a 30 day course and had also finished 21 days of listening to a hypnosis meditation for using the law of attraction!

So yes great but probably a bit too much! I hadn’t set myself any projects for next month but then I saw the ‘Inner Witch Photo Challenge’ on Instagram so I have started that! But I will try not to add lots of other long projects this time, as I just can’t give enough attention to them all!

Anyway so here’s my rundown of how September went..


FRIENDSHIP- very prominent, especially in the last week.

FUN- nothing much specific. Did lots of things but not necessarily what I’d label “fun”

CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION- not much here either, although did write one poem. Did a lot of inspiring things though.


To have regular healing clients- I had one healing session and I did my first workshop, which was all about the Inner Child.

To be a supervisor- ACHIEVED! Finally passed my test 95%

To finish my book- nothing towards this. Although the book I contributed a chapter to, is coming out next week!

to be better at birthdays- better! 2 birthdays I managed to get a gift and card on time!

still no Glastonbury…

spend less time on Facebook- I think so, especially this last week as I just haven’t had time.

reconnect with my pagan/witchy side- yes, went to two rituals

go into nature more- mostly not but last weekend I spent all of it in nature!

watch less t.v- I think so

get into music again- nothing really

What I got up to…

I had catch ups with my friends Sue and Maria, as they were friends I hadn’t seen for a while.

I ran my first workshop which was all about connecting and healing the Inner Child. I think overall it went very well, so I will be running it again in the future.

I met up with my friend Lorna and a few other friends for a meal at Pizza Express. I haven’t been there before let alone as a vegan but I was quite impressed! We took our own vegan cheese which they kindly put on for us, and they already have a vegan pizza on the menu so that helped, we could even have a dessert of a raspberry sorbet!

I had my women’s circle which was on the theme of chakras, had some new people again and another lovely session 🙂

I went to the Pagan Lion moot which I hadn’t been to ages. It was nice to see them again.

I retook my supervisor test.

I went to the Pagan Lion Autumn Equinox ritual. We had someone staying with us that weekend as she was from Manchester and was taking part in Miguel’s workshop the following day. he had met her before but I hadn’t, but it was good as we got on really well and had loads in common. So before she left we went for lunch at a new smoothie bar.

We visited another of our newer friends, Lara, who has kindly offered her home to host future circle meetings. As there seems to be more interest, we need a bigger space!

Last weekend was hectic. Miguel was away for the weekend and I didn’t stop! I spent it with Fiona and Jon. On the saturday we went to a vintage tea party at Shoebury Growing Together, not my thing but the place was lovely and it was a beautiful day. We also met up with other friends Helene, the two Susan’s we know and some others. We had an early dinner at Fiona’s before us, Helene and at the last minute Jude went to somewhere called Alfriston near Brighton for ‘beacons in the dark’ an anti fracking ritual. It was an event with people taking part all over the world lighting a beacon at 8pm. We were on a top of a hill overlooking a river with the almost full moon shining down on us. It was very magical! Then at 8pm we lit our beacon which was lots of lanterns. Didn’t get home until around midnight.

The following morning Fiona, Jon and I went to Two Tree Island to do a clean up. I can’t usually take part as I’m usually working but I had a few days holiday so thought it would be nice.

on Tuesday I met another new friend at the Temple cafe for a coffee, then in the evening I went to a project meeting for the next EDEN conference, as I am hoping to be a bit more involved this year, hopefully doing a workshop on meditation.

Wednesday spent most of the day in Leigh, doing some shopping, seeing my grandad and then in the evening went to the Oaktree for a belated birthday meal for Lauren.

Looking forward to what October may bring!


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