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tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies- January 2016

Can you believe it’s already time for the first monthly round up of 2016? As always time has passed in a blur. For me it’s been about work more than anything else. Apart from last week I’ve been mostly doing six days a week, as I’ve also been helping out in the Rayleigh store as the manager is off sick, so I’m running the store on a Thursday and there all day, and being responsible for closing on a Friday. So really there’s not been much time for much else, although there have been a few things which I’ll get to later.

First how I’ve done with Focus and Intentions for 2016 so far..

KNOWLEDGE- this was mostly about gaining knowledge re: nature, plants an so forth. I haven’t done much of this yet. However I did pass my Advanced Product Advisor test at work 89% so I’m now fully qualified!

HEALTH- I’ve been good with this as you will read. I had one day off sick though 😦

MAGIC- not a big focus this month really

SELF CARE- starting with small things at the moment like putting some nice olive oil cream on my face in the morning, and I took a day off when I felt really ill.


To learn more about nature- not yet

To heighten my spiritual work- haven’t had much time for promoting my healing etc at the moment

To get to Peru- at the moment it doesn’t look like we will be going in March but we can still work on going later in the year.

To honour the seasons and moon fully- there hasn’t been any wheel of the year events yet (the first is next week). I didn’t do much on the full moon although I did put my crystals out. this was the day I was ill I think.

to cook more- not yet I’m so tired most of the time at the moment I haven’t thought about it as much as I would like to yet

go to Yoga classes- I’ve been going every week on a Monday morning. I’ve got a lovely teacher, it’s a small class, it’s gentle and held in a Buddhist temple close to home so it’s perfect. I’m determined to keep this up.

walk more often- not really last week but I have walked much more this month, I walked quite a lot of times to work.

Take better self care- see earlier in the post!

not be affected by other’s stories- still being most affected by this when I shouldn’t be

have no expectations- getting better at this one, but still work to do

manifestation skills- kind of mixed, some days I’ve been doing quite well but other days not.

Finally, what things have I been up to this month other than working hard???

I met up with my friends Lauren and Lorna for a hot chocolate early in the month and a catch up which was nice.

I went to the Inspiring Women meeting and we made our vision boards which is always fun 🙂


Had my first women’s circle meet up of the year which was our planning meeting where we discussed what we did last year, what we liked and didn’t like, heard feedback on what people would like to do. It was a lovely meeting and I was touched by some of the feedback I received about how good people feel after sessions. It was also at the railway, so we enjoyed a tasty lunch too 🙂

I went to the Southend feminist collective meeting, they had a talk from Southend Vineyard, who do lots of worthy things in the community but they were specifically talking about the work they do with sex workers in Southend.

I went to Miguel’s Munay Ki workshop as part of it was learning how to give the rites, so I felt it was time for me to learn. I need a bit more practice first, but soon I’ll start offering to those I feel need it.

I surprised Miguel for his birthday a few days early by getting us tickets to see the musical Vampires Rock: Ghost Train. Which is a light hearted musical with lots of classic rock songs. It was lots of fun and they included both a Joan Jett and a Patti Smith song in the soundtrack so I was happy 🙂 Then on his actual birthday we went to the Railway for lunch.

There was a meeting for the EDEN conference I’m doing a workshop for in March.

Then yesterday was Sherry’s Southend Soup

which you can read about on her blog. The swishing was great, I got lots of pretty new clothes, I can’t wait to wear!

I also did a photo project on Instagram called January Mindfulness. I’m not impressed with the photos I took though so I’m not really bothered to post them.

Now onto February, so there will be Imbolc, Valentines, Associate of the year competition and whatever else comes up. I’ll be doing the self love tarot photo challenge on Instagram set by ethony.



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She Writes Poetry 2016

You remember in my new years day post that I said I didn’t really have any specific writing goals for the year. Well, that kind of changed! I saw an invitation on Instagram by Beth Morey to take part in a poetry project.

What Beth, myself and lots of other women are taking part in is a poetry project called ‘She Writes Poetry 2016’ what we’re all doing is using a book called ‘The Daily Poet’ and attempting to write a poem every day of the year using the prompts in the book!

It sounded like fun, and I thought it might help get my creative juices going since although I have been writing a bit each year, I’m not writing as many poems as I used to, and I do find prompts helpful!

Now I haven’t managed to write a poem every single day this month, but I have at least tried every single day. So I’ll share with you highlights each month on those I think are worth sharing. So here are the ones I liked from January, some might need a bit more tweaking but I’m happy overall.

New Year

This year

My only expectation

is manifestation

manifest happiness, friendship and joy

manifest adventures, oh boy!

Dreams can come true, I will make them possible

Let there be no obstacle

I will achieve

all I’ve got up my sleeve

resolution is the solution

the year is 2016

and this year I will be the best I’ve ever been!

She breathes

She breathes, she lives

so why do we throw litter on the ground?

she breathes, she lives

so why do we keep killing all her wildlife?

she breathes, she lives

so why do we cover her glorious bounty in dangerous chemicals?

she breathes, she lives

we breathe, we live

she breathes, she lives

we can eat, we can drink

all because

she breathes, she lives

mother earth, gaia, pachamama

she breathes, she lives

but she won’t live forever

if we don’t get it together

so take the time today

to make sure she is okay

one step at a time

we can make things go the right way

so she breathes, she lives…


Breathe in, breathe out

take it all in

let it all go

breathe in, breathe out

feel your tummy rise

feel your tummy fall

breathe in, breathe out

concentrate on your chest

concentrate on your abdomen

breathe in, breathe out

this is our mantra

from yoga to tantra

breathe in, breathe out

why? because it’s our sacred essence

each breath we take is a blessing

so remember to

breathe in, breathe out

especially if you’re stressing

then you’ll regain focus

there is no hocus pocus

just simply

breathe in, breathe out.


Once I had a waking dream

my bedroom was filled with toys

sounds like that would be great

the only thing is the toys were evil

literally tearing the wallpaper off the walls

still I wonder to this day

why did I dream this dream

meaning of it, is lost on me

evil toys just attacking my room

more like a horror film, but I wasn’t the victim

maybe one day I’ll know

when I begin to remember my dreams once again.

Soft Monster

My cheeks flush crimson red

a critical voice starts talking in my head

“You can’t do this!”

like a snake hiss

my legs begin to shake

I start to feel like a fake

“I’m not good enough”

my throat starts to feel rough

this is my soft monster inside of me

I’d rather not be

she knows the best times to strike fear

wanting me to shed a tear

but one day I said “No more!”

this monster has become a bore

you are not real

I really can deal

the monster faded away

I could face another day

be who I want to be

and be amazing, just you wait and see!


They were on in the same
in more than just name
I am she, I am he
I am they

One day a girl, one day a boy
either way they felt joy
I am she, I am he
I am they

Gender is more than just what’s between your legs
Who says we have to sit so nicely on pegs?
I am she, I am he
I am they

Be who you want to be
It doesn’t matter what they see
I am she, I am he,
I am they

Fly high, no need to sigh
I am she, I am he
I am they
They were one in the same….


any feedback appreciated 🙂



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2016 Focus and Intentions

I never got around to writing a blog run-down of December but in brief there isn’t much to tell- it was mostly working, apart from a few social meet ups but not many.

As regular readers will know, my ‘official’ new year begins in October as I am a practising pagan, so I always set some goals then, but by the time the beginning of the calender year starts, I have thought of more.

So this is how I did with my goals for 2015:

Goals set in October 2014

To have regular healing clients- I had a few but yet to establish any regular people.

To get to Supervisor level in my job- ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I’m not officially a supervisor (yet)! but I am trained as one so I can cover when needed. I’ve so far covered the Rayleigh store and my own store once. I’ll be getting plenty of practice as I will be covering Rayleigh on Thursdays and Fridays for a while, whilst the manager is recovering from surgery.

To finish my book- ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I did finish it, although it’s not really that long at around 30 pages. My plan is to self publish it for free as an ebook.

To visit: Glastonbury, Gaunts House but my biggest aim is to go to the Three Wishes Faery Festival!- sadly didn’t manage any of these!

My key focuses-

Friendship- this improved a lot, I very rarely felt depressed about friendships in 2015. I feel very grateful to have some really amazing friends in my life now.

Fun- I definitely had more fun in 2015! It made such a big difference having a job I enjoy and feel comfortable with. I felt less stressed and more able to have fun!

Creativity and Inspiration- I did do some good writing in 2015 although still not as much as I would have liked. Photography became a new hobby, although I don’t take it that seriously, I just enjoy taking photos, I’m not interested in the technical side at all! Also- colouring!!

other stuff-

get involved with the green party- I attended one meeting, but I found that not that interesting so I decided it wasn’t for me. Although I still of course support them and I voted for them in the general election. I am kinda involved though as so many of my friends are involved with it!! I went to political protests so I did get involved in politics in a more active way.

try and get along to Street Spirit Southend- didn’t do this, I think the timing of the meetings don’t really fall right for me, although I do support them in other ways when I can.

spend less time on Facebook- ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!! I spent March off Social media which made me rethink how I use it. So now although I still use it, I don’t read the entire feed. I also took both facebook and twitter away from my phone. I only have Instagram on there now, but I think that’s slightly better as it’s just photos and can be quite inspiring for recipes etc.

reconnect with my pagan/witchy side/go into nature more- ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!! Definitely went into nature more and think I did connect more with that side of myself again.


Get into music again- to some extent yes, I went to two gigs ‘proper’ this year.

Okay so now it’s time to focus on 2016! I am changing from ‘Goals and Resolutions’- to ‘Intentions and Focus’ as I feel that has a better energy to it!

The goals I already set in October were:

  1. To learn more about nature- I love nature so much but I can’t name most of the trees, plants etc. I want to be able to walk in a park and know what the types of trees and plants are. I also want to learn about their uses, herbs and flowers. I learn some things at work but I want to go deeper, things like the Bach Flower remedies intrigue me.
  2. To heighten my Spiritual-related ‘work’- I don’t mean my meditations, rituals etc. My circle has gone amazingly well this year and got a lot bigger. I now really want to have healing work to do, and also run workshops, I ran an Inner Child workshop this year that I’m hoping to do again, and I’m also planning a Goddess workshop. I work part time and do overtime when I can, but I’d love to do part time at my ‘normal’ job and part time doing my spiritual related work.
  3. To get to Peru- planning to go to Peru next year for a retreat. It’s a big ask but I’m trusting the universe will provide us the means to go in some way!
  4. To honour the seasons and Full Moons more fully- use them as celebrations and time to enjoy. If I can’t have the full ‘holiday’ on the day itself due to work then I will celebrate it on the closest day off I have.

My Focus this year will be on:



To Cook more- try some of the recipes I see on places like Instagram.

Go to Yoga Classes- part of my self-care/health focus, I want to go to classes again rather than just doing at home as I don’t push myself enough at home. Aiming to go once a week but I know some weeks it may not be possible so as many times as I can in a month.

Walk more often- do longer walks when I go out, in warmer weather perhaps walk to work or home from work sometimes. Consider doing the Moonlight Colourthon again.

Take better self care- I’m great at taking care of myself spiritually and emotionally but physically I could do better. I don’t need to lose weight but I do want to feel fitter. I also need to make sure I have things done when I need them, not keep dodgy clothes, rest as much as I need to do, take care of my body,things like that.

Not to be affected by other people’s stories- not letting other’s emotions bring my own down.

Have no expectations- don’t have a preconceived idea of how something or someone will be, (good or bad), then there’s no room for disappointment or upset.

But on the other hand, also harness my manifestation skills, I think I am getting a lot better at this, so want to keep this up!

My friend Rae asked me the other day what writing goals I have, I’m not really sure I have any. maybe to publish the book and a collection of poetry I put together, but maybe if I have no specific goals, I might write more? We’ll see!

Wishing you all a most magical happy new year!







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