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You make me dizzy, running circles in my head….March 2016

..and yet another month has passed! For the third month I was still doing the cover in Rayleigh, so it was STILL all about work and not much else. I got the 2nd rotten cold of the year but this time it was worse, as it lasted two weeks! During which time I had to hold a guided meditation at a large event, and had to act as the manager of the Rayleigh store for a whole week while the supervisor was on holiday! It’s ended better though as the overtime finished last week and I’ve had a week off so had a chance to rest and start getting my life back again! I am looking forward to April being a much better month, with better health and more fun once again!


KNOWLEDGE (learn about nature especially) I’ve been watching more nature programs, and I’ve now also got a book about birds that will come in useful too 🙂

HEALTH- not been great overall this month, as I had a really nasty cold as well as still being exhausted from all the extra work! On the plus side I walked to work and back almost every day. I went to my dentist appointment today and had good and bad news. The bad news is my gums are really bad, they are showing signs of advanced gum disease 😦 and the dentist said she could only recommend seeing the hygienist, and if I did it now it might be early enough to reverse it. However, I don’t have the means at the moment as well as my phobia of dentists meaning an hour of someone poking around my teeth sounds like a nightmare! so I’m going to look into alternative ways of helping them to heal and got a few ideas already. The good news was no new cavities and my teeth didn’t even need to be cleaned! Hooray!

MAGIC- didn’t really do much with this one again.

SELF CARE- as mentioned I finally went to my dentist check up which was months overdue. I’ve been more vigilant in flossing too. I’ve took more time out to relax when I needed to. My women’s circle was all about self care this month. On one day of my week off I took a “do nothing” day where the most I did was walk to the local park for a short walk, the rest of the day I took really easy, which for those who know me will know is a hard task for me!!

To heighten my spiritual work- did a guided meditation at a conference.

To get to Peru- nothing towards this yet

To honour the moon and seasons more fully- we had the Spring Equinox, I still didn’t manage to dedicate my whole day to it, but I still marked it and had more time than I gave myself on Imbolc. For the new and full moons, I did readings for each, and put my crystals out to charge on the full moon.

To cook more- only a few times again but now work is settling down a bit again I might feel more motivated to give it a go!

go to Yoga classes-I only got to go to one this month 😦 because of overtime again and then this week it was a bank holiday so wasn’t on! boo!

walk more often- I’ve walked pretty much every day again!

not to be affected by other people’s stories- still to work on.

have no expectations- still mostly doing this but still some occasions where I still do.

manifestation skills- did a ‘tarot manifesting’ challenge on Instagram, where you pick a card each day to explore questions about manifesting in your life. I’ve also taken another look at the way we organise our money, which has meant things have been a bit strict, but hopefully in the long run things will get easier!

Finally what did I actually get up to…?

We had an ‘Evening with Spirit’ night at our flat, we had a friend who is a medium come along and ‘perform’ (can’t think of the right word sorry)!, and our friend Gareth did tarot readings and Miguel did mini shamanic healing treatments.

My lovely manager Nathan is no longer my lovely manager 😦 he’s left now, so we organised a little leaving do, a get together at Nando’s. It was a lovely evening.

I went to the EDEN conference, which this year I did a guided meditation workshop at! I was really full of cold at the time and not feeling great and despite a downer in the morning I managed to pull it off! It was a nice day.

I spent a week running the Rayleigh store which again somehow I managed to pull off despite feeling so ill and not knowing how to do lots of things! I found it quite exhausting though.

I had my women’s circle that was smaller this time, there were 4 of us this month, but it was perfect for our introspective look at self care. We spent time quietly looking at questions and reflecting on our self care, then we made a self care diagram to look at when we feel low, and we did a meditation on acceptance.

Then we’re onto this past week which has been a week off at last! Sunday was my ‘do nothing’ day and I spent a lovely day with Miguel. Monday I met up with my friend Maria and helped her pick a dress to wear at a wedding. Tuesday Migs and I went into Leigh. Yesterday I met up with my friend Lola and had a good chat, and gave her some healing too. Today went to the dentist. I also had time to sort out my altar space and sort out my wardrobe, the two things I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

I haven’t done a separate poem post this month as I only wrote one poem really and here it is..

You and me together
Watching a sunset
that’s how we met
A part of our lives closing
A curtain finally being drawn
For each of us, it was a time to be reborn
who would have known
just how much our lives would change
that we would no longer need to feel that pain
that it would be love we would gain
the perfect partnership
like ying and yang, we fit together
in some ways opposite
and yes sometimes we fight
but somehow it works
Now we no longer see the colours fade
but instead they rise and
create a new palette of possibility…


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Unstoppable Today- February 2016

Wow month two of the year over already! There was more of the same for me, as my overtime in Rayleigh is still ongoing, as it looks like the manager is going to be off for a bit longer than expected.

My Focus and Intentions Update

KNOWLEDGE- I’ve been walking to work almost every day, and I usually walk along the brook so I’ve been watching the wildlife around me, and learning the names of birds that I might not have seen before. I’ve started seeing grey wagtails every day, they are so cute, how they hop around in the shallow water!

HEALTH- as I just mentioned I’ve been walking to work almost every day!

MAGIC- didn’t do much of this one.

SELF CARE- I am training myself to be more positive especially when it comes to financial matters. I also took part in a self love tarot challenge on Instagram which was really helpful as gave lots of thought provoking questions to work on. I’ve also booked my next dentist appointment which is a few months overdue.

To learn more about nature- see Knowledge.

To heighten my spiritual work- none as yet as I still haven’t had a lot of time to promote it much but I did start planning in dates for some workshops I want to do this year. (to teach)

To get to Peru- nothing towards this yet

To honour the seasons and moon more fully- there was Imbolc, which I did try to celebrate more fully but I planned too much and life got in the way, so my plans for that have been a bit more spread out than on just one day, but hopefully it will all be doing before Spring Equinox! On the full moon, I took part in Miranda Gray’s Womb Blessing, and I also did a reading for myself and put our crystals out. On the new moon before that, I did a reading also.

to cook more- I got cooked a couple of times but with all the work I’ve been doing it’s been not on top of my list.

go to Yoga classes- I went to two, as because of overtime I couldn’t go every week this month sadly.

walk more often- I’ve walked pretty much every day!

Take better self care- see earlier in post

not to be affected by other people’s stories- getting better but still a lot of work to do

have no expectations- have been doing this, and it does make you feel much better!

manifestation skills- been reading lots of info about this, and also finally read “The Secret” which is very helpful!

What else I have been doing-

I went to the ‘Holland and Barrett Hall of Fame’ competition, I had to go to London for the day and take part in games like a Holland and barrett themed Mastermind and things like that. Some people will get picked to go through to the next stage, and then an associate, a manager and a supervisor will all win a chance to go to Las Vegas. I should find out if I got through soon, but I doubt it, as I struggled with some of the games on the day so my knowledge let me down I think! This was an occasion when the ‘no expectations’ thing worked, as I was quite nervous about going to begin with as I usually hate stuff like that, and especially when my colleague backed out at the last minute so I had to go on my own. So I decided just not to worry, to just go with the flow and enjoy the chance to be away from work! In the end I knew someone else there anyway, and I even spoke quite easily to quite a few other people there and although some of the games were quite hard, on the whole I ended up quite enjoying it!

Miguel and I went to a Buddhist Chinese New Year celebration at the Buddhist temple that I do my Yoga at. It was very interesting and an unique experience. It was called a Dharma rite, which included a lot of chanting, and we could light candles for others. It was very beautiful.

For Valentines we went had a yummy lunch at The Railway Hotel.

I went to visit my mum and brother.

I had my circle meet up which was wonderful again! I had lots of new people this time, and had 8 people turn up! There was lots of very deep sharing and new friendships made. We had the theme of Psychic Abilities, and we played a fun game where we had to guess who’s object was who’s. We all did very well!

So overall mostly working again! In March, there will still be a lot of work and I’m likely to be running Rayleigh for a whole week! I also have a week off at the end though and Miguel has some projects coming up. I’m running a meditation workshop at the EDEN conference this month too.





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