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Spirit Will Always Follow (Holland 2016)

Wherever you are
Spirit will always follow
What ever you do
Spirit will always follow
As you walk
Spirit will walk with you
If you run
Spirit will run alongside you
If you fall
Spirit will pick you up
If you cry
Spirit will wipe your tears
When you smile
Spirit will add that extra sparkle
when you laugh
Spirit will laugh with you
When you pray
whether it’s in a church or a forest
Spirit will listen
Spirit will guide
Spirit will show you the way
You just have to open your heart and allow her in
It’s not always easy
but it’s always possible
if you trust
it’ll all be all right in the end
a rainbow will appear
from the dark clouds
spirit will take care of you
if you also take care of yourself
Spirit will always follow
wherever you are
whatever you do
Spirit will always follow.

This poem is inspired by our recent trip to Holland. Let me explain why..

When you live a spiritual life, your eyes are always open to signs and divinity in everyday life. Before I went away I felt I couldn’t bring any of my spiritual items such as my spiritual journal, oracle cards etc, even though I usually do try to keep up my spiritual routine to some extent. This time I thought perhaps I felt like this because I needed to take a break. It became clear in less than 24 hours after landing that this wouldn’t be the case.

The first night we stayed with my in laws, near Assen, a more country side area of the country. They are highly spiritual people so there was always going to be some element of it while we stayed with them. There was a lot very deep talking and clearing, which was mostly connected with my husband. But also they gave us both some very beautiful gifts, which were spiritually minded items so we ended up having spiritual ‘stuff’ anyway! It was on this day that I suddenly made the connection that I had been getting a lot of signs about unicorns, which had been topped off when they gave me a book about unicorns. I had an unicorn healing attunement quite some time ago now, and although I worked with it a little after that, I didn’t continue to do any more. Before we went away there had been connections with unicorns coming up, and it just kept coming, and it still is! On the day I got the book I read a small bit of the book that talked about unicorn signs, and how it’s a sign for you to work with them, so I have been working quite intensely with them since we got back. We also had a beautiful moment there when we went for a walk to the nearby pond and were delighted with seeing a coot and her babies!  What a divine moment!


On day two, it was mostly travelling to The Hague where we were staying for the rest of our break and relaxing. We saw another beautiful area- the Palace Gardens.


Day 3 was the best day! Miguel showed me where he used to live and then we went to Zuiderpark which was absolutely huge and beautiful. But before we even saw much of it there is a city farm there which Miguel used to go to as a child and I fell in love. It wasn’t a regular farm, no meat or dairy produced, but a free educational farm where children can go to learn about nature, taking care of animals and having respect for living beings. You could buy a cup of food to feed the animals so we had lots of fun feeding them, especially the cheeky goats who would practically jump over the gate! We then went into the main enclosure, where I cuddled a beautiful gentle one eyed cow and stroked lots of lambs, sheep, pigs and of course goats! I honestly feel so happy being around animals I had trouble being pulled away and I had tears in my eyes feeling emotional!

Afterwards we had a look at some more of the park, and Miguel showed me a special tree where his granddad used to tell him gnomes lived.


We went back to the area near the hotel to have lunch and next door to our hotel was the church where Miguel’s parents got married, so we decided to go inside. I wasn’t sure how I would feel, as a pagan, I can feel a bit uncomfortable but actually when we walked in, it was beautiful and there people inside praying and I only felt calm. We both sat down and made a prayer ourselves. Then we saw a section where you could light a candle offering in front of a choice of saints/important Christian figures. Even though we both didn’t know anything about him, we both felt compelled to make an offering to St.Anthony. Before we left we cleansed our hands with holy water. When we left we looked up St.Anthony who turns out to have a strong connection with Portugal (which is important to Miguel as he is half Portuguese) but also is connected with animals and the vulnerable, which I felt was relevant to me and connected a lot to the prayer I had made!


We also went into a shop with all Navajo and Hopi tribe items and then in the afternoon decided to go to the coast. The weather had been a mix of rain and sun, it was fine when we left but sadly turned when we got there, it was so windy and wet we didn’t stay as long as we had hoped. I wanted to go near the water and the wind was so bad, it was like we were getting blown away! But I got near a puddle, put my hand in it and felt energy run all through me.

So on that day we were in touch with all the elements- Earth- the park and trees there, fire- candles in church, water- the sea, air- the massive wind at the coast and Spirit- praying in a church.

Sunday was our last day, we went to see some of Miguel’s friends in Haarlem, then had a stop in Amsterdam which was mostly disappointing as was so busy and not much to look at, but we visited the Kuan Yin shrine again, which was still wonderful. We both made prayers there as well, made offerings to Kuan Yin and read a long prayer they had printed to use as well.


Although short, was my favourite trip to Holland yet. No plans to be spiritual particularly, but Spirit will always follow…


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Belated post: April Poems for #shewritespoetry2016

don’t think I wrote much of anything proper for the 4th month of my poem a day challenge but here’s the scraps I can find, that could turn into something better…

Poem 1

Stick me together and repackage me into something new

rearrange my soul

and place it where it’ll never go

hide my flows deep within

so I can only see the light


poem 2

It might seem cliché

to be true

but it’s what I know and what I’ve felt

love in all it’s glory

what it feels like when you can’t stop to breathe

but all you can do is breathe in…

Deprivation vs Plentitude

As she opened another can of beans

she dreamed of opening a takeaway instead

as she made a salad

she dreamed of a pizza with all the toppings

as she looked at the holes in her shoes

she dreamed of being able to go to the highstreet

and not think about pricetags

she dreamed of bills being paid in full and on time

she dreamed of nights out dancing and drinking

she dreamed of the days there were no money worries

maybe one day it might happen again

but for now she had to walk in the rain.

Poem 4

Bolt the door shut

Catch my fire

so we can truly connect

as a couple united

let’s not break this bond

and our love shall hold, united.

Poem 5

After the rain it all looked different

she no longer felt insignifcant

now she was no longer

just a shadow

now she no longer felt low

she was reborn into something new

fresh as the morning dew

layers all peeled away

time for a new day.

Poem 6

I have folded my sorrows into the mantle of summer night

it’s time for me to do what’s right

to move forward into my life

not accept anymore strife

take it into my stride

after all life is just a ride

we can choose to be scared or just enjoy.

Death Bed (unfinished)

Today is my last day

what can I say?

at least I did it my way

I laughed and I cried

But at least I tried

to be the best person I could be

there were sights I didn’t get to see

but at least I dreamed big

I got to do an interview at a gig

and had my words published in a book

a lot of people wouldn’t have gave me a second look

but I walked across fire and glass

poem 8

look after yourself better

speak up when you’re spoken to

sit up straight

brush your hair

people will think you don’t care

do your best

pass the tesr

don’t be a disappointment

I’ve given you a good life

so don’t give me any strife…

Poem 9

Just being still

gives me that thrill

with my eyes shut

I can go deep into my gut

see deep inside

open my soul wide

In fact, I can go anywhere

that I dare

There is no limit

I can run, walk or swim it

it’s a kind of magic

when you travel in your mind

you never know what you what you’ll find

all it takes is silence

and a little patience

go within and you can only win.







The air we breathe will take us..April 2016

Time for the 4th update of the year, how crazy is that! And although my overtime in Rayleigh finished, I’ve still been working a lot and not much else. In dire need of an adventure, at least I have one soon when we go to Holland for a few days.


KNOWLEDGE (particularly about nature) not something I’ve done much in April really.

HEALTH- been a lot better this month, apart from maybe a bit tired.

MAGIC- another one not focused on this time.

SELF CARE- gave myself more rests when I needed to but nothing else different really

To heighten my spiritual work- I’ve had 2 clients in the late end of April! and hopefully will have 2 more sessions booked in before I go away on the 12th 🙂

To get to Peru- concentrating on the trip to Holland for now.

To honour the seasons and moon more- did my usual things for the new moon and full moon

To cook more- no still not been good with this really

go to Yoga classes- I think I got to 2 classes, but there were a few that were cancelled or on a bank holiday

walk more often- still walking pretty much every day

not to be affected by other people’s stories- think I’m getting better but defintley a few occasions where I was REALLY affected

have no expectations- came off facebook for the month and I think this helped!

manifestation skills- still doing lots of reading up and doing a guided abundance meditation daily

and what I got up to..I met up with my friend Sara at Churchill Gardens and did some colouring 🙂 on the same day I went to see my Grandad as it has been hard to find the time

There was the E.D.E.N conference de brief where we just discussed how it went etc.

I went to an open day at my friend Fiona’s community allotment but the weather was very bad so no one else showed up who wasn’t a part of the allotment! It was supposed to be a poetry reading day, but I was the only one who read an original poem lol

I had my circle which was about forgiveness. There was only 3 of us this time round but it was very strong I think.

Literally everything else was work 😦 sooo can’t wait for the holiday!!!!


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