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Belated post: April Poems for #shewritespoetry2016

on May 7, 2016

don’t think I wrote much of anything proper for the 4th month of my poem a day challenge but here’s the scraps I can find, that could turn into something better…

Poem 1

Stick me together and repackage me into something new

rearrange my soul

and place it where it’ll never go

hide my flows deep within

so I can only see the light


poem 2

It might seem cliché

to be true

but it’s what I know and what I’ve felt

love in all it’s glory

what it feels like when you can’t stop to breathe

but all you can do is breathe in…

Deprivation vs Plentitude

As she opened another can of beans

she dreamed of opening a takeaway instead

as she made a salad

she dreamed of a pizza with all the toppings

as she looked at the holes in her shoes

she dreamed of being able to go to the highstreet

and not think about pricetags

she dreamed of bills being paid in full and on time

she dreamed of nights out dancing and drinking

she dreamed of the days there were no money worries

maybe one day it might happen again

but for now she had to walk in the rain.

Poem 4

Bolt the door shut

Catch my fire

so we can truly connect

as a couple united

let’s not break this bond

and our love shall hold, united.

Poem 5

After the rain it all looked different

she no longer felt insignifcant

now she was no longer

just a shadow

now she no longer felt low

she was reborn into something new

fresh as the morning dew

layers all peeled away

time for a new day.

Poem 6

I have folded my sorrows into the mantle of summer night

it’s time for me to do what’s right

to move forward into my life

not accept anymore strife

take it into my stride

after all life is just a ride

we can choose to be scared or just enjoy.

Death Bed (unfinished)

Today is my last day

what can I say?

at least I did it my way

I laughed and I cried

But at least I tried

to be the best person I could be

there were sights I didn’t get to see

but at least I dreamed big

I got to do an interview at a gig

and had my words published in a book

a lot of people wouldn’t have gave me a second look

but I walked across fire and glass

poem 8

look after yourself better

speak up when you’re spoken to

sit up straight

brush your hair

people will think you don’t care

do your best

pass the tesr

don’t be a disappointment

I’ve given you a good life

so don’t give me any strife…

Poem 9

Just being still

gives me that thrill

with my eyes shut

I can go deep into my gut

see deep inside

open my soul wide

In fact, I can go anywhere

that I dare

There is no limit

I can run, walk or swim it

it’s a kind of magic

when you travel in your mind

you never know what you what you’ll find

all it takes is silence

and a little patience

go within and you can only win.






2 responses to “Belated post: April Poems for #shewritespoetry2016

  1. thrivetrue says:

    Hi! I found your site from a post you shared in a group we are both in on facebook (She of the Wild – I think?). I’d love to feature your poetry in the upcoming June issue of the Thrive True ezine if you’re interested. 🙂 I especially feel that poems 5, 6, and 9 shared in this post would be a great fit for the summer offering. You can learn more about contributing and check out the last ezine to get a feel for the vibe here: thrivetrue.com/cocreate. Thanks! Julia

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