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Drum Birthing

Recently after a few years of saying it was something I wanted, and that I wouldn’t anyway because I am a vegan…I made a drum. I had always thought I would get an artificial drum and not make it myself if I ever really wanted a drum, but then I changed my mind. I met the wonderful Melonie when we both did our Level 1 Moon Mother Training together back in 2016…soon after that I attended another one of her personal workshops which was a weekend of sharing with women, with another woman who has become a good friend of mine- Maia. Anyway. From there on I have been following Melonie’s work for some time. She does a lot of amazing things- workshops for women, educating younger people about puberty and menstruation, womb massage, drum circles and making drums….check her drum making stuff out here.

From following her social media channels I could see Melonie is a really good soul, and puts a lot of thought into what she does. I read about how she really cares about where the materials for her drums come from, so she gets the animal skins as ethically as possible. Currently she gets them from culling programs, from animals who would have been burnt. Whilst I don’t agree with culling in itself, it does feel more honouring for the animal for the skins to be used this way, and the difference between this for me and wearing fur, is during the session we truly did honour every part that we used. I don’t expect other vegans to agree with me (I expect a lot probably will not) but this was how I felt, and that’s why I thought I would write about my experience with Melonie (I’ve not made drums with anyone else ever so maybe not all work in this way) to give the full picture of what it felt like a vegan to do this.

We were originally supposed to do the drum birthing day at a friends house, but then my friend had to self isolate, and it looked like it wasn’t going to go ahead. Then one of the other ladies who was attending, told a friend of hers, and that friend then offered her space, so all was on again, and this was literally the day before.

It took me a while to get there (hour and half) and then in our small group I only knew Melonie (there was supposed to be 3 people there I actually do know) so my discomfort was rising. Already I knew I was going to be out of my comfort zone but this was even more so.

Tea was made, altar set, table set up, then Melonie opened the circle for the day with a beautiful heart opening/ connection meditation and a quick share about each of us and our intents.

We then could choose our hoop. She had brought several and encouraged ourselves to pick up each one and really feel into which was the one for our drum. As it turned out each of us picked a different size and each one was really significant for each person. Mine is willow wood, which is the wood of my favourite tree! Then Melonie got us to ask the hoop how it could be honoured, and she had kindly brought lots of items (smudging bits, glastonbury water etc) we could use. Mine wanted fire, so I used the candle we had on the altar and I also drew moon mother symbols onto it with my fingers to imbue it with the energies of radiance, love, hope and peace.

Then it was time to see the animal hides, the bit I was dreading. As it were, all of us were a little nervous, one of the other ladies was also a vegan, and the other just hadn’t thought about the fact she would be working with animal hide! Mel very gently got ourselves to touch it, and get in touch with the energy of it. The first we looked at was a stag hide. I could feel the sadness rippling off it, and tears were coming to a few of us. Then Mel told us to ask the hide how it would like to be honoured. This hide wanted love, and we gave love by singing a song to it (I wasn’t familiar with the song so I can’t remember what song it was) I think there was something else we did too but I can’t remember what that was now). I really noticed the change of energy after we sang, as it now felt much more peaceful. then we moved onto the reindeer skin (the one I chose to work with). This one needed to be shaken (like when you ‘shake it off’ if you like)! then needed smoke, and I wanted to use the rose petals so we used a rose as a smudging tool.

Now here’s the part where I start to get a bit fuzzy as it was a few weeks back now, but it was an interesting day. For some reason I was surprised how much weaving was involved! At times I got frustrated and impatient, as it felt like the others were speeding along with ease but at some point I caught up and we were ready all together to each ‘cut the cord’ and birth our new babies.

Afterwards we made our beaters and did a journey to our drums to find the spirit of the drum. Mine was a rose. The same as we smudged the drum with.

The interesting thing was that Mel had said at the start that often the birthing process reflects our own birth or a birth of a child. My birth was long (8 hours) and I had to be pulled out with forceps. I got impatient with my drum as I thought I was taking too long and it felt awkward as I was tying it together knots kept appearing that refused to come out of the hole – like me having to be pulled out!

As someone who is not only vegan, but has always struggled with craft, this was an amazing experience. Mel holds it with such love and consideration for both the people attending and the materials (the animal and the tree) she allowed us each free rein to feel exactly what we wanted to create and help us to make that happen with patience and grace. I highly recommend her!


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Cacao Days 2 and 3

This blog continues from my previous blog about the Cacao dieta I am currently taking part in. Here is a brief rundown of how it went for days two and three.

Day Two

Day two I read a lot of conflicting information online about dosage so I started to have a doubt that maybe I had overdosed myself the previous day (although I was fine and journeyed very deep). So this time I cut up five teaspoons of the cacao instead of six and out in even less Cayenne, but a teaspoon of rose water and a bit of stevia.  Again, I cleansed with aqua de florida beforehand, set my intentions and opened space. I made using the same method making it in the cup.

I drank and then journeyed as I did on Day 1 using the same playlist I had found on Youtube. This time I didn’t journey as deep. I felt pain down my right side of my body which stopped me feeling fully comfortable. I did feel healing going on on in my solar plexus like a spiral cleansing, and I was aware it was tied into body shame. But I struggled to stay in the journey. There was no wish to move this time or to write, or anything, I felt a bit despondent after the journey.


Day 3

So yesterday I wanted to journey deep like I did on Day 1 so I tried to think of factors that may have had an effect- the dose? when I ate? the amount of cayenne or rose?? There were a few things that might have made a difference.

So I decided to leave it at least an hour after eating and did six teaspoons again as I did on Day 1. I put a little less rose (like half a teaspoon) but the same amount of cayenne so the taste would not be too spicy but just enough to have a nice spice to it to help the cacao to work. I used the same methods again the setting of the intentions and making the cacao the same way. The taste was probably the best one I’ve made so far.

I journeyed again, this time I would say it was deeper than Day 2 bit still not as deep as Day 1. So I still need to work out the variables that made it so good that day and experiment with other ways in the remaining days of the dieta.

I didn’t journey very deep too quickly but I gave myself longer to settle and eventually a deeper journey came. I felt it working on healing on my heart once again and also on my throat, I coughed a lot which I took as a sign of the clearing I was processing.

I think there was a lot more to the journey I don’t remember even when I intially wrote it down as it faded from my conciousness pretty quickly but I saw one of my shamanic teachers who showed me my own personal tree which he said I was ready to see now as I am growing more wise and more powerful and said I am getting closer to creating my own form of medicine. I also felt very in my body.

I’m not sure how I am going to approach today to try to repeat the journey of Day 1 but may be time to start trying some other ways of doing it.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the medicine but a few emotional triggers/ situations have arisen bringing up a lot of emotions for me at the moment.

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Cacao Dieta Day 1

So cacao as a plant medicine is not something I’ve given much thought to before. I have experienced a few ceremonies and while they were pleasant I never really got anything very deep out of them. I had also never thought of working with it myself especially as there seems to be a lot of people doing cacao ceremonies out- so seems like a somewhat saturated market,

However having said all this, a month or so ago, the spirit of cacao came into my consciousness and she was inviting me to work with her. I wasn’t really sure much about what this would involve or how I could learn to work with it. By some divine timing a message popped up on the shamanic What’s App community group chat I’m part of asking if anyone knew if there were courses about holding cacao ceremonies. From this there was a number of replies, some about possible trainings, links to where to buy it and all sorts of advice. A good friend of mine on the group suggested a ‘dieta’ with the cacao to work with the spirit and communicate with the plant itself to get a more personal understanding. This resonated deeply with me. A ‘dieta’ is traditionally done in places such as Peru, where you work with the plant by ingesting it daily over a period of time. From this I started to do my research about how to prepare cacao and plan my dieta.

I decided I would like to start on Winter Solstice weekend- I started yesterday December 21st 2019 and will continue for  days, having one cup a day, doing my own personal ceremony. Another friend of mine sells Ecuadorian Ceremonial Grade Cacao on her website The Shipibo Market so I bought a few bags from her. (for those not in the know for ceremonial use you must get cacao that is ceremonial grade). I also got some rose water as I read it’s quite nice flavour to put in, and Cayenne Pepper as the spice helps the cacao to work and helps it to get into the system quicker.

So yesterday was my first day as a complete beginner of preparing cacao. I put myself in a ceremony/ritual setting first by cleansing myself with some rose aqua de florida water, and then opening space, calling the directions and Peruvian animal archetypes to be with me and provide protection. I then prepared the Cacao. I have noted a few different methods I have found online, which seemed to be the simplest and didn’t involve too much equipment to try and make the process as easy as possible. Yesterday I decided to try a method making the Cacao directly into the cup ready to drink as found on Amor Cacao Facebook page.

First I measured put six teaspoons of the cacao onto a chopping board (please be advised to look into what dose suits you, I am not a professional and you may need a lower dose), luckily the cacao block was already quite a lot broken down into small chunks so it didn’t take too much effort to get a sharp knife and chop down into as fine as bits as possible (you need to get it into as much of a powder form as you can). I carefully poured them into a mug, I probably lost a bit in the process of transfering from board to mug so was a bit less than 6 teaspoons). I put water into the kettle and some cold water in the jug. I boiled the kettle but didn’t fully boil it, just allowing to get the water fairly hot but not boiling. I poured a little into the mug, slowly stirring the cacao, then adding just a little cold water at a time to try to get the right consistency. It seemed quite thin so wasn’t really sure if I had done it correctly so stopped adding any water and added a very small amount of rose water and a small amount of cayenne pepper (maybe like quarter or less of teaspoon) I tasted it to see how it was and it was still very spicy! It was also very bitter so I added Stevia to make the taste sweeter and easier to drink.

I took the Cacao upstairs to our room and began to drink. I couldn’t drink it too quick because of the spice although the taste was actually quite nice the more you drank it!! I had to have a few sips of water as well. I then laid down with headphones to journey and managed to find a cacao ceremony playlist on Youtube which turned out to be perfect. I set my intent to journey with the spirit of Cacao. I was really surprised for the first time ever I experienced Cacao really deeply and I hadn’t even been sure I had made it correctly! Within a few minutes I felt deep healing around my heart, bringing emotions to the surface with tears. There was a block here and Cacao explained to me it was a huge build up of many years of self abuse from words of self hatred and put down’s etc. I could also truly feel the connection between the heart and the womb space. I was told as I do a lot of womb healing for women, it was time now for me to clear my heart more as well as my womb so I can go even deeper with my work.

I felt deep in the journey but also very much in my body. The journey was mostly about feeling. I could feel deep healing in my solar plexus and my throat. I did see the blue light of my throat chakra and also saw myself being cleansed in waters. I had a strong urge to dance but kept it to feet tapping and mild movements as I was laying down. I started having a strong urge to write, so I came out of the journey, wrote two poems and wrote my experience. I made prayers of thanks and ended the ceremony.

If that was Day 1 I am looking forward to the rest of this week!

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Spirituality Through Expression

Although so many more people are awakening these day and are into various forms of spirituality, (we’re all so ‘woke’ you know)! I think there’s still a lot of people that don’t realise that we can have deep meaningful spiritual experiences that don’t come through meditation, sitting alone at a sacred site or having your cards read.

There are many more physical ‘in your body’ experiences that in turn can maybe create out of body experiences… Expression and creativity is a big one. Yes of course, writing and art. But beyond that not even just writing music or being a musician, maybe you don’t need to be a talented musician at all to have a deep spiritual experience through music or be a talented dancer to have one while dancing.. the possiblities are endless…

I mean to be honest you could have a vision come over you as you’re eating your breakfast or walking to work…but for the purpose of this particular blog I’m going to focus on experiences I’ve personally had with drumming and dancing. Things that you could set out to do with the Intention of recieving insights, healing or simply releasing emotions you no longer need.

Let’s make this clear I’m no musician, I can’t play any instruments, I’m not a trained dancer. I’m like most people I guess, I enjoy singing along to songs I enjoy and dancing to them in the comfort of my own home or a night out.

My most recent experience that was new to me was full on self healing with drumming. I went along to a friends workshop about Drumming With the Ancestors just before Samhain. I love the sound of drums and have had sound healings from others quite a few times but this was different. There were drums for us all to play as well as other simple instruments like rattles if we felt called to do so. The intention was set at the start, we would drum for healing our maternal line then do another session for the paternal line. There was no instruction, it was simply to drum how ever our hands felt they had to drum, and if we felt moved to play something else, we could.

I didn’t really know what to expect, I just started to drum and set the intention to drum for my maternal line. I noticed a certain tone to the drumming and also felt moved to use a rattle and a fairy chime instrument (I’m not actually sure what this is really called bit it’s amazing sounds like fairy music). I could feel the wounds of my female ancestors begin to rise to be released. There was a feeling of ‘I’m not being heard’ which was playing out to me in the physical as a manifestion of the wounds the ancestors were carrying, My intuition guided me to realise this wound went far back to a female ancestor who was burnt for being a witch- but not given a fair trial.

Then we worked on the paternal/masculine, I picked a different louder drum and my pace picked up tremondously, it was LOUD. This time the wound came through of not being seen, all I could hear in my mind was ‘Why does no one see me? Why does no one love me?” There was a lot of anger to be released and some sense of some suicidies that had happened.

As if this wasn’t all powerful enough when we were done we were led on a shamanic journey to meet our ancestors, who ever wanted to come through. This bit is the more obvious spiritual part of sitting still etc but it was through the drumming that opened us up to these experiences, For me an older lady came through who gave me the gift of self belief in the form of a purple smoke she put in my heart. In this journey she gave me permission to call myself a Medicine Woman, as it’s truly what I am and time for me to be who I truly am (actually trying not to cry just remembering this)!

The other experiences I’ve had is through what’s called Ecstastic Dancing. When i lived in Essex a friend of mine ran sessions and I fell in love with it. They call it a moving meditation but you’re not really mediating as such. You may start with some breath work and warm up, then the music starts which can be quite a mix but is generally upbeat kind of trance / dance music mixed with slower ones (and sometimes the odd one you might know)! and you are just meant to allow your body to move however it wants to without comparing to others, just focusing on your own journey, in my friend’s sessions we were told to close our eyes and just be conscious of not falling over into people around us! I experienced different things everytime I went- Once I felt like my Inner Child who wanted to play and run around, was fighting with my adult self- who was tired and pre-menstrual!

Today after just over a year living in London I finally went to one here and it was amazing- I had forgotten how much I loved it! It was far bigger (like 40/50 people not like 10/15). As the dance went on I felt tears release, letting go of something that’s now over, and I can move on, and I brought in with joy as I jumped around the space, feeling like I was in a club without the drink or drugs and it was so freeing! I highly recommend it!

Comment below any experiences you’ve had through non orthodox methods, I’d love to hear about them x

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Hayley- Moon and Womb Medicine Woman

Today is Samhain, the day of honouring our ancestors and also known as the Witches New Year.

With this mind, today I am relaunching this blog, my Facebook page, my YouTube Channel with my new persona- Hayley- Moon and Womb Medicine Woman after being guided to this new name last week at a workshop I attended.

Last night this new cycle was begun with the beginning of a new women’s circle, all of these things will now be linked together with a similar theme running throughout.

So I will be posting/sharing to tie in with the Wheel of the Year, the Moon but also about the elements, the Peruvian Medicine Wheel archetypes and the female archetypes. So Keep an eye out for lots more content soon.

From now until Winter Solstice is all about Samhain and the element of Fire.

With our circle last night we celebrated Samhain with a fire ceremony to honour the ancestors, and one of our members taught us how to create a despacho in the Bolivian traditional way. Here are some images from our session:

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The Inevitable End of Year/New Year Post 2018/2019!

First a look back to how this year has been for me:

Music of 2018

Still not really very important for me this year so there’s nothing of real note to add here. I switched to Youtube Music instead of Spotify (due to my phone’s lack of space). We went to 2gigs- a Pink Floyd Tribute and  Garbage-

we’ll make it three tonight as we’re going to see a Kiss Tribute in Camden!


I read a little more this year (23 compared to 16 last year) The highlights have been: The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances- White (despite the slightly offputting title it was a pleasant surprise with a constructive look at intersectional feminism and interviews with people across the spectrum of colour, disability and gender identity). The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss, Witch by Lisa Lister, The Optimised Woman by Miranda Gray and Moon Mysteries by Nao Simms.

Films and TV

I have a feeling I did go to the cinema once but I forgot what it was! This year I’ve carried on enjoying Black Mirror (have you seen the latest one, it’s epic)!, Dr Who, Midnight in Texas and New Girl. Recently I watched Trainspotting 2 (which was okay), Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (pretty good) and how could I forget the new darker reboot of Sabrina the teenage Witch???

Moments/Things I did in 2018

Carried on going to Red Tent Rayleigh where I made new friends, tried new things (like different types of dancing) and also made a friend who also became my life coach and got me into ecstatic dance!

Carried on for a while with the Canewdon Witchy Circle but it wasn’t for me so I didn’t go for the entire year.

Gave up on Red Tent Hackney Wick but started a new small women’s circle in Southend which was lovely

Went to events with other shamans- one called Richard Down and a Siberian Shaman called Ladamira.

I went to shadow another South 1 but also had more of my own learnings come up during the process/

Hosted a joint fire ceremony with a friend

Did much more Moon Mother work, and finally went to Glastonbury to do my Level 2! The training was magical anyway but also Glastonbury awoken my vision as I had a spiritual rebirth on the tor and a visitation from Mary Magdalene and Brigid. I had a big process afterwards as the work was so powerful alongside my Medicine Wheel work that I had a bit of an emotional breakdown but once it passed, I felt so much better!

Helped with a Munay Ki

Finally did South Part 2 and started my epic journey of doing the case studies which really empowered me and healed me as well, then a few months later moved onto the West of the Medicine Wheel

Moved! Not just a little move but finally to London!

There was a lot of manifestation this year, a lot of healing (some very deep and some painful) and my connection to the Goddess strengthened in a way I wouldn’t have dreamed possible!

My words for 2018 were Love, Prosperity and Energy and there was plenty of all those things!  I intended to advance my healing work- I moved on in both Moon Mother work and Medicine Wheel work



Instead of choosing three words for 2019 I chose a word using book divination, my word for the year is:  VESSEL- I commit to making myself a sacred vessel to bring the Goddess to others and a vessel of love, opening my heart to others and myself.

I set some of my intentions back on Samhain but here are a few more I have for 2019:

I intend to be more aware of my privilege as a white cis female and vow to be the best ally I can to others.

I intend to speak up more about causes that matter to me in various ways.

I intend to follow the 5 agreements as best as I can- to be impeccable with my word, to not make assumptions, not take anything personally, to always do my best and to be skeptical but learn to listen.




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Witches New Year 2018

Slightly delayed post this year but with good reason, I’ve moved house!

Long term regular readers will know that as I am pagan, October 31st is extra special  to me as it’s the season of Samhain, which is all about honouring the ancestors but is also Witches New Year! So I set my main intentions for the year in October and then usually add a few more on January 1st. It’s been an amazing year with some big ups and some bigs downs. I carried on with my Shamanic medicine wheel training, I have now moved onto the West of the medicine wheel which is about facing your fears and stepping into your power, I did my Moon Mother Level 2 in Glastonbury (at last, I went)!and had some amazing experiences there which really heightened my connection to the Goddess. I had a big spiritual rebirth there which did lead me to having a bit of an emotional breakdown, but once I got through it I felt sooo much better! I went to Red Tent Rayleigh regularly which was brilliant, did ecstatic dance and for a while went to a witchy circle as well. It ended with us moving, as we moved on 1st November, what divine timing! We had intended to move to London for quite some time and it has finally happened. We now live near Canning Town in a houseshare with 4 other people and we are loving it so far.

The goals I had set for last year were:

to be empowered in all areas of my life- did feel quite empowered through doing my medicine wheel training and also when I went to Glastonbury as it was the first time I went away on my own and sorted out my own travel and my own air bnb etc.

to be more visible- as mentioned I went to a few groups etc regularly which made a massive difference, especially Red Tent as through that I made some new friends, had new experiences, started going to ecstatic dance and had sessions with a life coach.

to create new beginnings- yes! Right at end, we moved to a whole other county!

to let go more and allow flow into my life- eventually! after having the breakdown I finally let of writing so many lists and putting so much pressure on myself, and look what’s happened since!

My intentions for this new wheel of the year are

1. To build up my reputation as a healer, so I can head in the direction of being able to be self employed. Hopefully by moving to London this will be much more possible now.#

2. To start a new women’s circle in London

3. To do my Moon Mother Level 3 in Ireland in July.

4. To spend more time with people I love and doing things I love

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April 2018

Somehow already a week of May has been and gone in the blink of an eye and I haven’t wrote my blog about April yet! so here is my monthly tracker of how I did with my goals and intentions for the year during April.

My words for the year are: Love, Energy and Prosperity. done things towards all of those but nothing new to add here really or anything that stands out that happened.

specific intentions:

take my healing work to the next level- I went along to another South Part 1 medicine wheel training, I’ve already done part 1 so I came to shadow the teaching, I did get to gift the Harmony Rite of the Munay Ki to some of the students as well. I also had a mad experience with a past life journey I did where I felt all the emotions of letting it go..it was really intense and a little scary!

to be more empowered in more areas of my life- not sure anything specific

to be more visible- attended quite a few things

create new beginnings- paid some more of debts that need to be cleared before we can move.

to let go and allow flow more- I’m getting better at it!

and what I got up during April:

went to the south training I mentioned and had a really powerful weekend realising how much I’ve changed and developed over the last 6 months, plus I got to walk the labyrinth for the third time! (and every time is different)

had a visit from my friend Rae which was nice.

went to Miguel’s current shamanic group as they did an activity we didn’t do when I did the course which was a past life journey, it was very strong and epic.

went to a moot where Gareth was doing a talk about shamanism. I won a whole tub of crystals on the raffle so I was really happy, can’t believe someone had been that generous.

went to Red Tent Rayleigh which was run by Tania and Juliette this month and we did a coaching style exercise which was really powerful and felt great afterwards. I look forward to this every month now.

I started a new women’s circle in Southend again while I am still here and happy to say it filled up, I limited to 4 spaces but ended up having 5 people. we are going to be meeting on full moons. For the first one we took part in the Worldwide womb blessing and it was beautiful!



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March 2018

Another Month gone, so how did I get on with my focus and intentions for the year during March?

Love/Energy/Prosperity- carried on with the energy things I started doing (vitamins, more water etc), prosperity I actually managed to raise enough to do my Advanced Moon Mother training this year through my crowdfunding page but also by my own saving, so not only have I paid a deposit, I’ve also booked a room!

healing work to the next level- see above! So in June I’m going to Glastonbury to do Level 2 of my Moon Mother training! I’m really excited, as not only am I doing the next part of my training, I’ve never been to Glastonbury and I’ve also wanted to go, (I’m going a day early and leaving a day late so hopefully I get a chance to see some of it)! and I’m also going away for the first time on my own so scary and exciting.

to be more empowered in more areas of my life- just goes back to the moon mother thing really for March as I did set an intent and managed to do it!

to be more visible- did a few social things

to create new beginnings- nothing specific yet

to let go and allow flow more- every week it’s getting easier..

what I actually got up to in March:

went to my monthly witchy circle, my favourite yet, as not only did we celebrate spring equinox, we took part in a ceremony called a blessingway for one of the sisters who is pregnant, so a blessing for her basically. We could all paint symbols on her belly, and each got a candle to light when she goes into labour, and a bracelet that we cut when the baby is born to represent the umbllicol cord being cut, and we all wrote positive messages for her, and some of her friends read poems, it was really beautiful and very special.

I held a small circle for women’s day (not on the exact day but that week) with just two women but it was really powerful with some very deep sharing 🙂

did a womb blessing for someone

went to Red Tent Rayleigh, had a great evening doing partner yoga and yoga nidra.

There was a special event at AHO studio where we do a lot of our London work, a well known shaman came to do a blessing on the studio and on London and it was all filmed, and we took part.  you can watch it here- https://www.facebook.com/daren.ellis.1969/videos/10156253147798767/?fref=mentions

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How November 2017 was…

focus for the year: Divine Feminine, Balance and Happiness

Divine Feminine- as usual I did a lot towards this, as well as all my daily work, I went to quite a few women’s groups, I won a Skype Womb Ceremony (well basically we talked about red tents, periods and yonis for an hour lol) and did one womb healing.

Felt I was a bit more balanced as I started to go out a bit more than I have been for most of the year! and because of this I was also doing more things that made me happy 🙂


Cook more- did cook a few times

Make more time for creativity- did write a blog, and attempted crafting at one of the circles I went to…

Be better at birthdays- no

Finish the lists- no not really

Live to my cycle and educate others- yep

and my new intentions that I created on Witches New Year..

to be empowered in all areas of my life- in a way yes as I made myself go out more even when I thought we couldn’t really afford it..but also I started to get the influx of bookings for healings! I’ve already had two clients in December and I’ve still got another 3 booked in!

to be more visible- Yep! I went to three events.

to create new beginnings- well I’m slowly tying loose ends to make it easier when the time is right to be able to move…

to learn to let go more and allow FLOW into my life- it’s a slow process as I do love my lists and being organised, but I have been slowly letting go week by week of different lists and different things that stop me from being in the moment. It’s just finding the balance of being in the moment but also making sure things do get done!!

What I got up to during November- I went to the Rayleigh Red Tent, I went a few years ago but hadn’t taken the time for myself to go again even though the venue is literally across the road from where I work! It was quite good, we had a share and then got to try Chakra Dance, which I never done before but it was really good, and we had blindfolds on so it was even more liberating!

I went to the Sisters of the earth Goddess circle I’ve been attending the last few months. We did a guided meditation to the Goddess Freya and made crone dolls. I wasn’t very good so mine is still sitting here unmade 😦

It was transgender day of remembrance on the 20th so I called on others to join and light a candle and send a wave of love at 8pm on that day.

I met up with my friend Lauren and we went to leigh, where I got some crystals and we went had vegan cake at a bookshop that has a coffee shop inside with a vegan menu!

I had a womb healing client and I finished someone else on their Munay Ki Path.

I went to an anti fur protest in Leigh

I went to an evening event which was an hour of gentle yoga and a sound bath, very relaxing!

December so far seems to be all about the healings! (and I did actually pick the card ‘The singer of healing’ as my card for this month on my year reading) I don’t do Xmas but will be going to the work xmas meal which is at ASK this year (I’m looking forward to it as another venue that has a vegan menu now) and we will be celebrating the Winter Solstice. I’m also hoping to go to Red tent Rayleigh again and go out for new year.

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