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Goddess Introduction Course Online

Starting from this coming Sunday.(24th May)

Goddess Introduction course online! Every other week we will be learning about a Goddess starting with Kali. Investment £5 per lesson. There will be 35 lessons in total with discounts available for purchasing either the whole course or multiple lessons.
You do not need to attend all the lessons, you can attend as many or as little as you like.
When payment received you will be sent the link to join the video call. You can pay using paypal mysticus.22@gmail.com and put a note to say it’s for the Goddess Course. Bank details are available on request. If you wish to purchase multiple lessons please message for details on prices.
What to expect: Learn about a different Goddess each lesson- learning the stories behind who they are, their symbols and significance, and also look at how each one influences our own lives. We will do guided journeys to each Goddess, receiving her guidance. There will be complementary exercises and homework given to help you connect introduce her energy into your daily life.
I look forward to guiding you on your Journey to the Goddess!

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Honouring the Enchantress at Samhain

When it comes to Divine Feminine/Goddess energy, we often talk about the triple Goddess- Maiden, Mother and Crone. But in reality there are four aspects to the Divine Feminine. The aspect that often gets ignored and left out, is the third element (Crone being the fourth) is that of the Enchantress or Wild Woman.

Why is she left out?

Society is scared of her.

The Enchantress is powerful and full of great wisdom. She is the creatrix.

So why are we scared of her? She shows us our shadow. She shows us our triggers and makes us aware of what we need to release. This can be a scary process. We don’t always want to acknowledge our wounds.

The Goddess aspects also occur in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Unsurprisingly, the Enchantress represents the pre menstrual time. A very difficult time for many women as ‘negative’ emotions come up like anger, frustration or even sadness. This is the Enchantress bringing up those emotions so we can recognise our triggers and learn to deal with them, and release them during the crone phase (menstrual cycle) during the Crone phase, we can release those triggers as we can now understand them and accept them.

I have found the Enchantress challenging. I found her the most difficult aspect to embrace. I didn’t like that I would be impatient and get angry, anger has always been a difficult emotion for me to accept.

With time I am now starting to fully embrace my Enchantress and know the true magic she holds.

The Enchantress is a creatrix.

The Enchantress is a witch.

She is intuition and divine connection. She holds the keys to healing ourselves.

The Enchantress is daring.

She is challenging but empowering.

The Enchantress knows no boundaries. She only speaks the truth.

The Enchantress dares. She creates. She is a divine yet forgotten part of Shakti.

At this time the veil is growing thin, let us acknowledge the Enchantress in us all, whether female or male, the Enchantress in the Earth.

She is Autumn, both dark yet colourful at the same time.

I will no longer be scared of my inner darkness and allow the Enchantress to speak, to help me to create, to listen to my inner wisdom.

I urge you to do the same.

Vishwa Shakti Avaham…

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August 2015- Working 9 to 5…

August has been another mixed month, I’ve been working a lot (although mostly not 9 to 5 lol) but there’s also been some lovely things too…


FRIENDSHIP- there has been plenty 🙂

FUN- again, not lots I think the most “fun” thing I did was go to FRIEND animal sanctuary in Kent

CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION- think this one has been a bit quiet this month, I haven’t been writing much.


Regular Healing Clients- I had one this month

To be a supervisor- I’ve been doing a lot of overtime but haven’t been able to resit my test yet.

To finish my book- nothing towards this

to be better at birthdays- nope still not good

also still haven’t been to Glastonbury! although I *almost* found a good coach deal

spend less time on Facebook- mostly been good with this

reconnect with my pagan/witchy side- if you’re a regular reader you would have seen I did ‘the goddess project’ so I did quite well with this goal.

go into nature more- not as much as I would have liked.

watch less t.v- not been watching much

get into music again- nothing specific involving this

what I got up to…

I went to the Inspiring Women meeting which was about bouncing back from failure which was an interesting meet up.

I went to FRIEND animal sanctuary in Kent for a volunteer day thanks to some of the lovely animal aid members. It was a great day, and so many lovely animals! Pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep and more!


I had my women’s circle, we had the theme of the body and it was also about bringing the sacredness back to the body.

My friend Lorna came to visit so she had a meet up with a few friends at The Railway.

It was Miguel and I’s anniversary, on the actual day we to a fundraiser party but a few nights later we went for a delicious meal at The Oaktree.

Finally last night my friend Rachel was down from Switzerland from the weekend so she came round for dinner and we had a good chat.

so I didn’t do lots of social things but the things I did do were lovely. Looking forward to more adventures in September!

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Final Thoughts on Goddess Project

artemis1 Persephone-greek-mythology-33433547-2331-2315 pele sophia

So the four weeks of Goddess project are finished! It’s gone by in a flash but before I sum it up, here are the final journeys from Artemis Week.

Wednesday: She said about the importance of remembering your connection to everything- each other, nature and animals. How it’s important to help the vulnerable. Be a combination of strong and compassionate. She then told me I am in a position to empower others. She guided me to run a Goddess workshop in the near future- so watch this space!

Thursday- she spoke of the importance of determination, and the phrases ‘practice makes perfect’ and ‘if you don’t succeed try and try again’ are very true.

Today- She spoke about how she is a contradiction, but then so is everyone. A happy person is sometimes sad. A funny person is sometimes serious. We all have a darker side. She said when we experience this side of ourselves, to acknowledge it but to remember this is only an emotion we are experiencing not who we are. Who we are is not defined by how we feel, or what we do, or even our purpose in life. We are defined by the moments in our life that we feel the most heart centred. Once we know what those moments are, we need to work on bringing more of those moments into our lives then we are truly being ourselves. Knowing what those moments are and who we are, can also help us find our purpose.

Overall on Artemis week, I have felt much more focused and have got a lot done.

Doing the Goddess project has been great, each Goddess has been super interesting to learn about and each one gave me very good lessons to learn. It’s helped me reconnect with my paganism again and inspired me in lots of ways. I still have lots to learn about so many other goddesses, but this has given me a good start. My favourite Goddess to work with was probably Artemis and I found Pele the most challenging.

If you work with Goddess energy, which Goddesses do you like to work with and how has she helped you?

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Goddess Project: How Artemis Week is Going


In this final week of the Goddess project, I am working with Artemis, Goddess of Hunting, Wilderness and Wild Animals.

Artemis has lots of fantastic qualities, so I have been praying to her to help be strong, independent and focused.

My Journeys so far this week:

Sunday- she told me she will help me bring my focus back and achieve my goals. She said in order to do this, I need to not worry about things. Just BELIEVE and KNOW that you will achieve. She gave me her bow and arrow to aim at my goal of going to Peru next year, and I couldn’t quite hit the target yet.

Monday- I had the bow and arrow again, this time I had to put all my focus into my goals and hit the targets. I did for each one this time which were- Peru, prosperity, healing clients, a successful workshop (I’m running my first one in September)! and one for my circle- regarding a new venue and expansion of the group.She said again about believing they have already happened and focusing. Again, she said not to worry, they WILL happen, just let go.

Today I tried to channel and got this: Strength is focus. Focus is the key to achieving your goals. Aim high, use your bow and arrow, make it yours. Be independent enough not to rely on others to do it for you, you are in charge of your destiny, no one else. Be a spiritual warrior, who chases the rainbow. Speak when you need to speak and even more importantly be silent when you need to be silent. Silence helps bring focus. At least five minutes of silence and stillness a day will bring much clarity to help you achieve your goals.

It’s only been a few days but I feel Artemis is having a strong impact already. I had been losing my focus a bit the last few weeks, but now I feel much more focused and organised.

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Goddess Project Week Four: Artemis


I can’t believe it’s the final week of my Goddess project! I am ending it with a bang though, as the Goddess I’ve picked for this week is Artemis, and I am super excited to be working with such an amazing Goddess!

Artemis is another Greek Goddess and interestingly is another daughter of Zeus, although with a different mother than Persephone.

Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness and wild animals. She is also very much about protection and strength. She appears to be a contradiction, as she is a Goddess of hunting, but she also protects animals. I personally think the hunting part is more an aspect of her personality, she aims for what she wants in life and goes out and gets them!

While reading about her today I felt a strong affinity with Artemis. She is a very feminist Goddess, who also particularly protects women. Apparently as a three year old she made six wishes which were:

. to be allowed to live without having to be distracted by love and marriage,
~ a bow and arrow just like her brother’s,
~ a hunting costume and freedom from having to dress up like a lady,
~ the job of bringing light into the world,
~sixty young nymphs to be her companions and to help care for her hunting dogs, and
~all the mountains on the earth to live on.

She is also a Goddess of childbirth, the moon and a ‘bringer of light’ and is all about courage.

I am looking forward to working with her powerful energy this next week!

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End of Goddess Project Week 3: A Week of Change

can you believe it’s already the end of week 3??

When I picked Persephone for this week, I knew the name but I didn’t really know anything about her. When I found out that she is the queen of the underworld, again I felt a little nervous, as there was that dark energy again. But I needn’t have worried, as Persephone is queen of the underworld, but is also a Goddess of spring, spending only the dark months in the underworld.

The week was challenging again but in a different way. I felt more healthy this week but I have also been doing a lot of overtime this week which has been catching up with me. Seeing as Persephone spoke to me about balance, I think this was part of it, as I wasn’t balancing my work and rest ratio very well this week!

As with Sophia and Pele, I have been praying to Persephone every day, to help me find balance, to help me blossom and bring positive change. I asked her to speak to me through my dreams but the few dreams I remember I’m not sure how they relate. In one, I was still living with my parents and I was opening presents at Christmas. (I don’t celebrate Christmas). Another one I went walking alone very late at night. Last night I dreamt I was on holiday and I got dropped off somewhere near the chalet I was staying in, but I walked the wrong way and got completely lost. Any thoughts on any of these, please leave in the comments!

yesterday I didn’t journey, but I did my last journey to Persephone this morning and realised I hadn’t been able to journey yesterday as I was “going up” to find her but she has already begun her descent into the underworld as Autumn is already in the air. She said the time of change is coming. She said now is the time to start looking at everything I’ve achieved this year and reap the rewards. She also said to make time to rest.

My conclusion for this week is that I haven’t had any big transformations or major changes this week, but it has brought my attention to the need for balance. I do have a tendency to do too much, so I do need to give myself a break now and again!


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Goddess Project: How Persephone Week is Going


This week has been the turn of Persephone. Goddess of the underworld, death, rebirth, but also spring.

As with the other goddesses, I have been praying to her every day. To Persephone, I have been praying for balance and to help me blossom and welcome positive transformation into my life.

I’ve had a few journeys already, here they are so far:

The first one was on my first day of working with her, and I hadn’t actually intended to journey to her but did anyway. I was walking in a forest and it was pouring with rain. I had no coat. I then found a cave which I ducked into. A beautiful young woman was inside. She got me a blanket and wrapped it around me, then brought me hot soup to drink. We watched the rain from inside the cave and she said “isn’t it beautiful, the rain cleanses the Earth and creates new life” she also told me she would help me to self nurture so I would blossom.

On Sunday- this time she was in a beautiful garden as she is not in the underworld until the dark months. She said is about balance, balance between the magical and ‘reality’, and balance in every other aspect. Also about blossoming, and about beauty, both inside and out.

Monday- she said the dark days are coming, but to remember there is still light in darkness, and to still shine my own light in this time. She also spoke about the importance of family. I asked her about why her father helped her get kidnapped, and she said he thought it would bring her independence from her mother.

Today- she was laying down and invited me to lay down. She said how important it to rest and relax, and that sometimes the best ideas come when you are doing nothing. She also spoke about embracing the dark and the light, within the seasons, but also in your self.

I also channelled this:

feel me in the springtime, feel me in the wintertime. In each flower that blossoms but also in every shadow that falls. As the seasons change so do I. Light and dark. I am at peace with both sides of myself. I create growth, change and development. I nurture but also challenge you to be the best you can be. I am not to be afraid of but to face in all my guises, just as you must accept all of yourself. The good and so called bad. Acceptance means development. Development means evolving. Evolving means blossoming. Blossoming into the powerful being you’re destined to be. A being of balance, integrity and determination.

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Week 3 Goddess Project: Persephone


Can you believe I am already onto Week 3 of my Goddess project? This week I will be working with the Greek Goddess Persephone. She is a goddess of the Underworld, Springtime, vegetation and maidenhood.

So it seems another week of transformation is upon me and also some blossoming too!

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End of Goddess Project Week 2: A Week of Transformation

So it’s the end of week 2 of my Goddess project.

First when I picked the Goddess Pele for this week, I was quite worried! From the little I heard about her, there didn’t seem much positive about her. There are many tales of her anger and jealously. However, when I looked deeper there was much more to her. She is all about transformation and change, and “firing” up passion.

I had a feeling the week may turn out to be challenging, but it wasn’t challenging in the way I expected. As it turns out, I started to feel mildly unwell on Monday. The worst it has got has been having a very sore throat (like a knife in my throat eww) but otherwise mostly feeling okay.

I’ve been praying to Pele everyday to help me find my true passions and help to bring positive transformation in my life. I also asked her to visit me in my dreams, and I did dream a lot more this week, but unfortunately I still couldn’t remember the details of the dreams.

On Wednesday I didn’t journey to Pele, but I journeyed to the archetype placed in my throat chakra when I received the Munay-Ki initiations, Huascar to explore the reasons behind getting the sore throat at this time. Interestingly, the energy of Huascar and Pele have very similar qualities. When I went to him he told me that it was a challenge. He told me if I truly felt passionate about something I will do it despite feeling rough and then I will barely notice it. he said if I get past this challenge, my health will improve tenfold and so will the things I feel passionate about. That very evening was the night of the women’s circle I run, something I do feel very passionate about. I also had some new women coming along that night. So I took his advice and went ahead with the circle. I didn’t feel ill during it at all, and I didn’t mention I wasn’t feeling that great beforehand and it went really well, we done a lot and accidentally overran a bit!

today was my last journey to Pele, and this time I went right up to the volcano, to touch it and become “one” with it. She told me there is transformation within me even if I’m not aware of it yet. She said I can be as powerful as the volcano if I want to be, by realising what I really love doing.

So my final conclusion is that it’s been a challenging but very interesting week! In addition to what I’ve mentioned, some other things that have happened this week which tie in with transformation- I dropped a dress size, I went out with some friends last night who were having a meal and I went and just had a drink. A few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to do this and feel comfortable. Yesterday I was completely fine about it and didn’t feel left out at all. And although not my personal transformation, my husband Miguel has finally come off benefits after several years and is going into self employment!

let’s see what Goddess tomorrow brings!


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