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Inner wisdom engaged
Beam me up to the inner world
Seize the moment
Be in the now
Dance with the moon
and play with the stars
Do the cha cha slide
hop, skip and jump
Open your heart
let it sing
Awaken the child within
Look at the world with curious eyes
Keep your feet on the ground
but let your head meet the clouds
connection stimulation
follow the soul connection
Hold onto life
See the beauty of nature unfolding
Journey to yourself
and you will find your inner wealth.

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The Power in Our Blood

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Poetry Dowsing Week 12 and Conclusion

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks and I’ve now completed the poetry dowsing course I’ve been doing! If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, I have been writing about it regularly and you can see from the beginning here

Just a quick summary of week 12 and then I’ll write about my overall experience.

The final week theme was ‘Uncovering a Sense of Perseverance’. So thinking about creative habits we may have formed during the past few months and committing to sticking to them. This was also the exercise for the week.

The final week of this I was mostly in self isolation due to a persistent dry cough, so I went out for walks at Wanstead Flats on a daily basis (in the UK at the moment- we are allowed outside once a day for exercise- we can also go out for essential shopping or work if you are classed as a key worker). As I was self isolating I couldn’t go anywhere else so I was (and still am) very grateful we have an open nature space so close by. For the Artist date I just spent time listening to music. I did my morning pages daily and wrote a few blogs, so inspired, but didn’t write any poetry.

Overall- I’m really pleased I decided to focus on doing this ‘challenge’ the last few months as it has been so helpful for me. I read back on all the morning pages today and I can see how they made me feel clearer as I released emotions in those pages so ready to face the day, but also I can see a clear arc of myself over the period of 3 months, which ended up actually in a subtle way charting the gradual fear/anxiety developing in the world regarding Covid 19. After a long period of not many poems at all (with at least a few months in between) I don’t know how but somehow the small exercises each week must have woke up something in me because over the last 3 months I managed to write 10 poems! That’s almost 1 a week!

So thank you Mookychick

for bringing this course/program to my attention and now I’m looking forward to at some point reading the book they based their posts on ‘Dowsing for Water’ by Julia Cameron.

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Poetry Dowsing Week 11

ooh it’s almost coming to an end! To see what I’ve been doing, if you haven’t been a regular reading check out the first post in the series here

The theme  of week 11 was Uncovering A Sense of Discipline. Finding ways to discipline ourselves to work on our creativity if only in small ways. As such the exercise for the week was to spend 20 minutes everyday on poetry, whether that was writing, researching, reading etc. I didn’t manage everyday but did at least 3 days.

I did two walks to Wanstead Flats. For the Artist Date I took part in an online singing circle, I think I missed one day of morning pages.

I wrote a few poems last week (3)! So here they are:

Poem 1

It’s time to go within
It’s what we’ve been waiting for
Can’t you see
All the signs have been there
Now it’s time to head towards the left,
Make a bend in the road, stop going straight
It’s time to rise dear sisters
Let the light shine
Holding the space
For the wider awakening
It’s time to rise dear brothers
Let the light shine
Protecting the space
For the wider awakening
Now the time is here
We need to step up our game now
The planet has been in decline
Now it’s time to truly heal her
Take her in our embrace
Remembering our own true nature’s
Returning to the Divine light
Time to shine your light
Brothers sisters soul family
We came together for a reason
To be the rainbow tribe
So take up your arms
And shoot those Ray’s of light
Out into the universe
Revealing the healing
The layers are finally being removed
Now’s the Time to open your soul
It’s time to rise…

Poem 2

Heal the land, heal the people, heal the trees
Heal the earth, heal the skies, heal the seas
May our hearts be warmed by the fire
The fire of great spirit
Spirit knows who you are
Now it’s time for you to find out
Which way will you follow?
The path of hate
Or the path of love?
Heal the land, heal the people, heal the trees
Heal the earth, heal the skies, heal the seas
May we hold ourselves in honour
Crystal allies by our side
Smudging buddies to hand
Cleansed and protected
To walk the path of the luminous warrior
With weapons of mass compassion
Kindness and radiance
Our superpowers
Heal the land, heal the people, heal the trees
Heal the earth, heal the skies, heal the seas
Heal them for you and me
The change is coming
Just you wait and see
Now is the time to be
For what you do
When hard times fall
Time to heed the warriors call.

Poem 3
Flow said the crow
you know it’s time to go
when you see me near
lift up your wings and fly
soar into the sky
following the stars
beyond the moon
reaching upwards to the heavens
the chamber of your soul
time to become whole
calling back the pieces
complete and whole
I see with your eyes
and you see with mine
reality’s mirror
reflection of the inside on the outside
flow said the crow
Be like the ocean
wide and expansive
deepening your truth
and honouring your heart’s path
I won’t let you fall
if you trust and take the jump
I will catch you
flow said the crow
it’s time to go…
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Poetry Dowsing Week 9

This blog follows a series of blogs I’ve been writing following my progress through a creative course I am participating in currently, to read what about what exactly I am doing, please read the post first here

Uncovering a sense of Perspective was the theme of last week. We were encouraged to reconsider any time we thought of ourselves as ‘not’ being able to do something.

The weekly dowsing exercise was to think of 5 things you’d be willing to try in a creative sense if you were less scared. For extra brownie points, you could make a small step towards one of them. It took a lot of thinking for me to come up with 5 things but the results were surprising..the 5 I came up with were:

  1. actually finish and publish a full length book (known to start many books and not follow through to the end)
  2. Organise a ‘spiritual’/ creative circle
  3. make something- I label myself as bad at crafts of all kinds…
  4. have some arty photos of myself done (hate posing)
  5. experiment with different styles of clothing.

The things I did last week to do with any of this? I wrote another story for my book I’m currently working on,and  thought about what a creative spiritual circle would look like. One of the scariest things for me on that list is making something (I have tried many times in the past but the results are never what I want), and guess what I’m doing this week? (part of week ten but close enough)! I’m going to make my own drum! Felt the call and going to do it this week, which is going to be a challenge for me in many ways.

My walk was another brief one to Wanstead Flats (but not on my own this time). There was one day I almost didn’t do my morning pages as I had to wake up extremely early for work but I did them in the end, just later after waking up than usual, so I still did the morning pages every day. For my artist date I looked at online museums and I managed to find to a really suitable one in the week of International Women’s Day here

I wrote one poem during week 9 after giving my first ‘double’ womb blessing to someone.

A new reality is coming
Can’t you see it breaking
Breaking through the gossip and the lies
Trying to shroud us with deceit
But the veil has been lifted
The new age resistance is ready
Feeling the way is only forward
There is no looking back
We can’t be blinded by the notion of lack
Instilled in us from an early age
Taught that life is hard
Everyday has to be an ongoing battle
To win the race of most worked to the bone
The new reality is coming
Where this way of living will be no more
We can learn to be ourselves again
Dancing even in the rain
Seeing, feeling, knowing
The abundance of living
The new reality is coming
Just open your eyes
You can feel it.


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Poetry Dowsing Week Seven

Note: This follows on from a series of blogs I’ve been writing. following my progress of a creative course I am taking part in. If you haven’t been reading my previous blogs and are interested to know what it is I’m doing, please read my first blog about it here

The focus for Week Seven was ‘Uncovering a Sense of Resilience’. So this week when I felt I was failing or not doing so good, I would have to remember dark/hard times I’ve managed to get through in the past. To remember my own strength to overcome fear, stress, pain etc.

For the ‘Dowsing’ Exercise this week, we had to think of those who we turn to for support when we need them. Then think of qualities and traits those people have that you appreciate. Remembering this list when things get tough. I have a lot of friends but not many I have really close friendships with, and no one at this time I would consider a ‘best friend’ (I did have but sadly I recently had to let go of that relationship) but there are people I do feel I can talk to, that’s a good thing of being part of a larger shamanic community. As we’re all going through the same process (in our case of the Peruvian medicine wheel), we tend to support each other when it’s needed. My supportive friends are from this community and the Moon Mother community, also the wider spiritual community. I appreciate friends who listen as well as talk, who are patient, understanding and kind.

The walk this week was in nature briefly with a friend yesterday, I went to visit her in her area to give her some help with job hunting, she knew I was feeling a bit low, so before getting to the work bit, we had a walk in a nearby National Trust site with a lovely flowing river and plenty of trees, and both talked out things that were on our mind.

My artist date was listening to music, and I did the morning pages everyday although I almost didn’t yesterday, but in the end I just did them later in the morning than usual.

I managed to write two poems this week, the first one I’m really pleased with, the second I’m only sharing on this blog for now as it feels very vulnerable and exposing for me.

Dancing with my shadow 💙
I see the side of me that’s been hidden
Hidden in the dark
Out of sight out of mind
Locked up emotions
Not to be acknowledged
It’s not ladylike to be angry
She never says anything
We can walk all over her
But the shadow and I now dance
A dance to embrace it all
A salsa and a tango
With a side of ballroom to go
We dance step by step
The shadow and the light
Acknowledging all that is
Becoming whole
Seeing the truth of who I am
A real and vulnerable soul
Can’t always be good
Can’t always be bad
Just have to to be complete
Forever dancing with my shadow 💙
Dancing for all eternity
Becoming true and free
Dancing with my shadow 💙
Because it’s the best way to be
To navigate this jungle of illusion we call life
No need to fear
Otorongo is on our side
She’s got my back
As I dance with my shadow 💙
Twirling round and round
The journey never ends
The wheel ever turning
Bringing me back to my self

2nd Poem
I feel like I’m falling falling
into a trap
of my own self creation
putting the blinkers on
Not seeing the truth
Hiding from what’s inside
Falling Falling
Into a rhythm
Of emotional breakdowns
Puncuated by Breakthroughs
I want to be strong
but sometimes I am weak
Knowing what to do
but blocking myself.
I need your help
Can’t you see
I know it’s all about me
But please help me to be free
Help me to find the key
of understanding life’s emotional rollercoaster
sometimes not even knowing
what it’s all about
I need to find my own feet
and sleep so deep
That I can wake up as a new born
Seeing life for the first time
For the first time
for what it truly is
Remembering all there is now
Joy is not found in the past or the future
Time to live in the present
It takes time to be truly alive
Now I know the secret
The falling’s not so hard
and just a part of this beautiful mess called life
Thank you for catching me
Holding me when I’ve needed it the most
A solid foundation is what we have
underneath the occassional tremor
We know what we have is true
No matter what
I will hold space for you
as you hold it for me
Together we watch the wheel turn
even when we’re not facing in the same direction
we’re heading for the same destination
the heart is stronger than the head
Let’s hold each other tight
we’ll soon forget the fight
no need to be afraid
our souls are tied like a braid
I feel like I’m falling falling
this time in deeper love with you.


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Poetry Dowsing Week 6

*Please note this follows on from my previous blogs about a creative program I am following. You can read more about the project by reading my blog about Week One

The theme for this week was ‘Uncovering a sense of resolve’, focusing on our creative work. With the suggestion that if we can be so easily distracted by small things taking us off track, then maybe small steps can also put us back on track. With this in mind, I revisited my book, to see how far I have actually got, and remind myself of what I have wrote so far. My book is a collection of short stories based on my own personal spiritual experiences through journeying and other methods. So I’ve been starting to look back through my notebooks, to find ideas for the next stories to write. I haven’t wrote another story for it yet, but at least I have started looking again, and remembering that my book even exists lol

For the exercise this week we needed to look around our neighbourhood and note 5 things that are interesting about it, as if we were going to write a poem based on it. I found this quite easy, as I love to look for things in the world around me and I have been told that I am good and seeing messages from the everyday world. Then if we felt inspired we could write a poem using at least 3 of those details. I managed to write one, which is about a pigeon I see nearby on a daily basis almost, the pigeon is the most brown pigeon I’ve ever seen, she’s so recognizable I’ve named her Henrietta (although I am assuming it’s a she)! I’ll share the poem at the end of this post.

The weather has been awful recently with a lot of storms. So I haven’t really been able to go for a walk in nature, but yesterday we went to Brick Lane to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so we had a walk around there. It was much quieter than usual and the market wasn’t present sadly due to the storm, but I still love walking around that area, soaking it in. I love the quirky vibe and the street art. There also seemed to be something going on for London Fashion Week, so there were some interesting fashion types walking about as well.

For my artist date this week I thought of last week’s exercise which I hadn’t managed to do. I didn’t do a binge watch, but I sat and watched the final episode of a series that really makes me laugh- the IT Crowd. and laugh I did 🙂

I also did my morning pages everyday.

The poem that I wrote:

Every day when I step out of my bright pink door
I walk towards the bridge
And I see my pigeon friends having a feast
From a mysterious stranger I’ve never seen
But one pigeon stands out the most
I’ve named her Henrietta
She’s the brownest pigeon of Forest gate
Henrietta, leader of the gang
Guardians of the arches
Feathered messengers gathering
Under her watchful eye
As they eat their sacred offerings
In exchange for their protection
Keeping the darkened corners safe.

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Poetry Dowsing Week Five

*Note: This follows on from my previous blogs about Week, 1, 2, 3 and 4. To read more about the creative self care program I am taking part in, see my first post here

After a very successful week last week (two poems written, artist date and walk completed), this week wasn’t quite as successful, but I am reminding myself that this program is about self care as well as creativity, so working hard not to beat myself up about not completing everything.

The theme for this week was ‘Uncovering a Sense of Autonomy’, to be honest I’d heard the word before but didn’t really know what it meant. It was explained that it’s about making your own decisions, not letting others influence them. In thinking about this subject, I realised that this is actually a really difficult one for me. I’m really bad at making decisions and I often leave them to other people. I’m embarassed to admit that (and it’s the first time I am really admitting it out loud, as I have tried to cover it up for a long time) that I formed an addiction to using a pendulum. And I was using it for some really silly things as well. This year one of my intentions was to stop using it for this purpose and am pleased to say apart from a few days at the beginning of the year, I have kept it a bit out of sight, and have managed not to use it, but the temptation is there often. But not only in this way, in so many ways and I didn’t realise how much of a problem I have with this until I started thinking about this deeply. So this subject was good for me to have those realisations and start making moves to heal this indecisiveness within.

The exercise was a really fun one, to ‘binge watch’ either comedy films, or a series, as long as it was funny. Unfortunely, I didn’t get round to doing this, but I am planning to do this on another occassion, hopefully this week.

My walk was another forced one, as yesterday the trains were having engineering works again, so I had to walk to the bus stop (which is further away than the train station) in the almighty winds and rain as I had to work and then on the way home as well.

My artist date this week was reading again, this time reading in a nice hot bath.

I managed my Morning Pages everyday again even when I left them last minute, I still managed to do them. No poems this week. I guess the main learning from this week/success, was identifying my autonomy issue and now taking the steps to work on this.



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Poetry Dowsing Week Four

This follows on from my previous posts about the last month that I have been taking part in a poetry dowsing course/program, to read more about what I’m doing- see my first post here

This post is about my progress from Week 4, which has been quite successful overall!

The subject of Week 4 was Uncovering A Sense Of Balance, so gently recognising where we’re out of imbalance and correcting ourselves. This came at a good time really for me, as I have been feeling out of balance, and I still do but at least I am aware and working towards rectifying it. I’ve been really exhausted, it’s like I’ve suddenly noticed that I recently moved house, but also transfered to another store for my work as well. I tried to begin balancing myself out a bit by not beating myself up about not doing things when I felt tired, but letting myself take it easy instead.

The exercise for this week was to take time out and in a place you feel peaceful, with a notebook or sketchbook to write down any thoughts. It was also about using this time to come back to yourself, so if you’re feeling out of balance, you can recall the peaceful feelings you had when you did the exercise. I’ve just done it today (the last day of week 4 for me) I didn’t go alone but I went with my husband to the local Wanstead Flats and let the breeze clear any cobwebs and I felt trickles of words start to filter through my brain, so came home, made some Ceremonial Cacao, and wrote the poem that had started to form.

For my walk this week it also took place at Wanstead Flats with my husband and also a friend.

I looked up ideas for an Artist Date this time and this helped me get it out of my head that it had to be about going out. I had an evening on my own this week so it was a great opportunity, so I was happy this week to spend time curled up in bed reading a book! I’m reading Let’s Get Lost by Sarra Manning that’s an young adult fiction I think., but I’m enjoying it and it’s bringing up some stuff from my past and school days in some ways for me to look at.

I did my morning pages everyday during Week 4 and even better I’ve wrote two poems this week! (so three so far during the course, the first on Week 1) So here are the two said poems.

Arms Flaying
Hips Swaying
to the sound of the Central Line
leaning right in the corner of the door
this handrail is strengthening my core
squeezed in tight
Just getting on was a fight
Please use all available space
This is a passenger race
This train is about to depart
Where is your heart?
There’s rarely offering of seats
Just the sound of headphone beats
Minding the closing doors please
Quick to that seat before anyone sees
See it Say it Sorted
Spot Snoring Sleepers
and imagine who will be writing a ‘Rush Hour Crush’
or who like me,
is discreetly writing poetry onto their phone
somehow finding inspiration in the daily commute
even in Peak Time
because even when I’m pretending to be a sardine
the words are there
just waiting to be laid bare…

Searching For Snowdrops
I’m searching for Snowdrops
on Brigid’s Day
Hoping to Find her Flame
Reigniting what was lost
Time now for life restored
I’m searching for Snowdrops
White Pearls of Wisdom
That Come from Within
It’s all just a reflection
Simply a Recollection
of our missing Soul pieces
Unravelling so we can see
Who is this person we call me?
I’m searching for Snowdrops
In the Wild Spaces of Imbolc
Time to set me free
to be who I’m meant to be
Stepping into the power
In  this sacred hour
I’m Searching for Snowdrops
on Brigid’s Day
Hoping to find her flame
only to find the flame burns inside
it just needs to be reignited…
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Poetry Dowsing Week Three

This follows on from my previous blogs about Week One and Week Two 

Here’s my progress from Week Three.

Week Three was about Uncovering a Sense of Support. By really noticing who in our lives supports us and our art, and those who don’t. This also went into accounts we look at on social media, to stop looking at those that bring us down and look at those that lift us up. This is something I do consciously try to do anyway, but I also need to do a lot of clearing of my social media accounts at the moment. Earlier in the year I had a Facebook friend ‘cull’ and over the past week I have been whittling down my Instagram account as well.

The exercise for the week was to set a small goal towards one of those creative projects we’ve been putting off possibly due to fear/anxiety etc from our Inner Censors. I decided I would look again at the book I haven’t been working on ‘Tales From the Fire’, I didn’t do any work on it, but decided my small gentle goal would be to go back and just see where I got to do with it.

This week my walk was kind of by accident, as there were problems with the train this weekend that I take part of the way to work so I had to take a bus part way which turned out to be a 10 minute walk from my house (rather than 5 to the train station) and then on the way home it turned out that a football match had been on so when I got to Stratford it was rammed and loads of sections were blockaded so I couldn’t go out the right exit for my bus stop, instead having to take a long way round. Unfortunately it wasn’t an enjoyable walk!

I didn’t do an Artist Date on my own but I did do one and it was a proper going out one this time! I took my husband to see School of Rock the Musical for his birthday! It was a lot of fun and really enjoyable.

I only missed one day of the Morning Pages but again didn’t manage to write any poetry sadly.

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