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An Open Letter to Southend

To Southend

You have been my home for thirty three years but now I feel it is time for us to ‘break up’ and I need to move forward and spread my wings elsewhere.

I am grateful for all that I have achieved and all the people I have met during this time. I am grateful for the places here that have been important to me at various points of my life.

The schools I went to here, college and homes I’ve had. The high street which has been the backdrop of many a memory I’ve made here. I used to spend a lot of times with friends trawling around the highstreet, trying out lipbalms in the Body Shop or spending ages looking at all the candles and crystals when Spellbound existed. Going to the cinema.

Then of course there’s the seafront. Memories of walking up and down, eating strawberry laces and drinking slush puppies. Going to the arcades, winning sweets and printing out astrology compatibility reports from one of the machines. Going to what used to be Peter Pan’s and visiting the Crooked House and riding the Ferris Wheel. Seeing the fairytale creatures of the long gone but not forgotten Never Never Land. When I was a teenager and having my first experience of ‘cruising’ and not really understanding the concept of being in someone’s car and not going anywhere.

My family home. My grandparents. Both houses with many memories.

The events I’ve held here- the charity gigs at The Railway Hotel. The djing opportunties at The Kursaal and at Saks Underground.

The Alex for being the place to go to dance on a Friday or Saturday to grunge and metal. The later a little further in Rayleigh, the Pink Toothbrush, my very first memory of going while I wasn’t old enough and not being allowed in, feeling sorrowful as I could hear the sound of Blink 182 blaring out. Saks Underground, The Royal Hotel and the Railway Hotel not only for the gigs but for the vegan food! The Oaktree Market for a many a lovely meal and celebration.

The beautiful Priory Park, Prittle Brook and my favourite place the “secret” garden Churchill Gardens.

Here has been the foundation of my life. I have met so many people that have had huge influences on my life here and many that will continue to do so.

A piece of my heart will always be here and I will be back regularly.

It is not the time yet but the time is coming that it is time for us to move on. Friendships, connections and new beginnings are forming somewhere else.

I am stating my intent that we are ready to go now. With a heart full of gratitude I let this place go as the place I live although it will always be home.

Thank you for all that you have given me.





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Late again! (sorry)! January 2017 look back

Sorry it’s so late but here is my January blog (and I still have a backlog of other blogs to write)…

So first how I’m doing so far with my goals and intentions for this year..

Balance/Happiness/Divine Feminine: I’ve been working a lot with balance and divine feminine. I’ve been tracking my cycle and learning what is better for me in each week of my cycle, it’s been a bit out of balance but through regular self womb healing, listening to my body and working with on rotation a 28 day routine that’s in Miranda Gray’s book ‘Female Energy Awakening’ I’ve been slowly bringing back balance again. Also on the divine feminine part, I did two womb blessings for others in January and my circle was about working with your cycle and the archetypes.I also did two womb healings and gave the 13th rite. As for happiness, so far the year has been a bit slow and ‘meh’ but I’m sure things will pick up again soon.

To cook more- not done this yet

to have new experiences and visit new places- nothing as yet

to do more of what makes me happy- not really yet

to step fully into my role as a healer- did two womb blessings, booked two others. all gift or donation but at least it’s a start! I also did two womb healings

to do more activism- nothing yet

be better at birthdays- well it was Miguel’s birthday and I organised him a surprise shamanic fire ceremony with a few select friends, so I think that was good!

finish my lists- haven’t had money to tick off much but ticked off a couple lol

give up the pill- not yet, 2 months to go…

make more time for creativity- not yet

live to my cycle and educate others- yes as I mentioned earlier. I’m a bit obsessed with this stuff at the moment!

What I got up to

Beginning of the year was really hard, as grief was still hitting us quite hard with the loss of our cat Roxie, and that unfortunately went into anger, and extreme arguing..but eventually it died down and some normality started to come back.

I had my first women’s circle of the year which was our planning meeting, but only a small group.

I started attending the shamanic course that Miguel runs with his friend Gareth. I’m helping out with money etc, but also actually taking part. It’s every two weeks on a Tuesday evening. So far there was the introduction to the course, and last time everyone got to receive a shamanic healing, and witness what that looks like. I didn’t need that much healing apparently so that was nice! and I was told that my womb was glowing and clearly on a mission…lol.

celebrated Miguel’s birthday with a surprise fire ceremony…a very nice day

did the final part of my “redoing” of the munay ki, and as part of that I did the 13th rite- the rite of the womb for the women alongside two other women taking part. It went very well!

that’s it for now x



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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 26: Comments!

Today for the blogging challenge, was all about leaving comments on people’s blogs. I must admit, with the invention of the ‘like’ button, this isn’t something I often do. However, I am always excited when I get comments on mine, so I am going to make an effort to comment more, and not just ‘like’!

I had a look at the Comment Stats on this blog just for fun, and the average is 7 a month, a total of 60 since this blog started and my most commented blog was the first in this challenge! let’s see if I can get this up 🙂

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September: Dreams can come true!!

Well September was another month that flew by in a blink of an eye, and a lot happened!

Here’s how I did with my goals in September:

New job and healing business: The most exciting one of them all! Well shortly after my last blog I got offered two more job interviews. One of them was for the hospital as admin, but I didn’t end up needing to go to that one, as just before that I got an interview for Part Time Sales Assistant at Holland and Barrett and I got the job!!!! I handed in my notice two weeks ago and I just have 10 working days left now before starting the new job. I am really excited as I am actually really into natural remedies etc, so this job is perfect for me! Of course, it’s part time which finacially is a bit of a risk, but they have already said there is always overtime available, and that you can do extra hours in other stores too. I’ve also already discussed the opportunities to work my way up, and it all sounds excellent. I wil of course be keeping you posted on how it all goes.

As for the healing business, we did a spiritual fair in Hornchurch, we both did healing sessions and both had customers so it went quite well!

write my spiritual book: one of the people who had the book finally sent me some feedback (the last person i sent it too ironically) and she gave me excellent feedback which is encouraging but also some things I can do to make it even better, so I am starting to edit again- hooray!

more photos of family/friends: none

write more: wrote one poem, and also have started writing guided meditations for my crystal healing sessions.

more gigs: none

What I’ve been up to:

It was a very busy month! I had my women’s circle and this time the theme was creativity so we shared our work with each other, wrote a poem together, made art and had a good chat about it.

We had a tarot/shamanic healing party at our flat, Miguel and our friend Gareth were doing the healing and readings, so really I was just the hostess, but some new people were here so it was nice to get to know them and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We will be doing more in the future, including one we’re doing on New year’s eve which won’t be at our flat this time, but I’ll be doing healing too which wil be nice.

We did the spiritual fair I mentioned which was a good day, I think Miguel did 4 healings and I did 3. I also had a reading while I was there and bought some crystals so it was win all round!

I had my interview at Holland and barrett which I had to go to the Rayleigh store for. The guy interviewing me was really nice, which made me feel at ease and I didn’t struggle to answer any of the questions so I left feeling confident. My confidence proved to be right when I got invited to do a work trial at the Southend store (where I will be based) the following weekend. I just basically had to put stock out, and I found out a week later that I got the job 🙂

My friend Stella has started a ‘Goddess Gathering’ where lots of women meet up and do some spiritual work, we did work about the base chakra, the element of fire, meditation and readings. It will be every month so looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

To celebrate getting the Holland and Barrett job, Miguel and I went to see ‘Before I go to sleep’ at the cinema. I really loved the book so I was worried they wouldn’t do it justice, but it was great and Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth were excellent in it. defintley go and see it! (but read the book too if you haven’t already)!

i went to a drumming session with my friend Roberta which was nice way to celebrate the Equinox.

Because we hosted the tartot night, we were entitled for a free reading from Gareth so we had a joint one which was excellent and really gave lots of hope for the future. If you ever need a tarot reading, I would highly recommend Gareth. I can put anyone in touch who reads this and thinks they might want one.

It was my friend Lauren’s birthday and she had a meal at the Oaktree with a few friends which was lovely, I had a lebanese vegan lasagne which was amazing!

I went to the first Southend Writer’s and Artist’s Network gathering with my friend Kelly who has also recently released a book. We both had readings to do there. It was realy nerve racking as there was a lot of people but I also felt very uncomfortable with the crowd, especially as they were being quite critical of some of the previous readers. I was so anxious, I ended up drinking my whole bottle of wine (it was bring your own) so reading was okay in the end, didn’t think it went that well, but someone on facebook after the event told me they thought my work was beautiful and it helped them to do their speech, so that really made my day!

I did a couple of crystal healing sessions, one was a swap I had arranged with someone and the other was a raffle prize winner but she has already asked about booking a paid session- hooray!!!

That’s it for September and I think the October blog is going to be even longer, as it’s not even been a week yet and I’ve already done loads!

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30 years of me!

Yep today is my 30th birthday. How did that happen? I’m not seeing it as a bad thing, I believe in magic and fairies and fairytales..I’m a dreamer..I’ll never be a “grown up”

However, looking back on my life so far, I think I have achieved quite a lot. I thought it would be good to try and list what I’ve done so far, then think about what I want to aim for before I’m 40. So this is my achievements/cool stuff I’ve done now..(in no particular order)

1. I got married

2. I’ve walked on fire

3. I also walked on glass!

4. I’ve done a sweat lodge

5. been to Portugal

6. Been to Holland

7. been to Spain

8. been to Disneyworld, Florida (3 times)!

9. Read at an open mic poetry night

10. went vegetarian

11. went vegan (and still am)

12. done karaoke

13. done A Levels

14. got 9 GCSES

15. learn crystal healing

16. written a book

17. had several blogs

18. presented a radio show

19. organised three music events

20. done the colourthon twice (half marathon walk)

21. taken part in the adidas 5k

22. made money for charities including Refuge, Southend Rape Crisis and Southend Domestic Violence services amongst others.

23. been part of a fire ceremony

24. became a pharmacy dispenser

25. gone to witchfest

26. been to feminism in london

27. gone to FEM11 (another feminist conference)

28. had pets

29. organised a flash mob

30. won competitions (at least 6 times)!

31. been to festivals (reading, V, Hard Rock hell and Offset)

32. been to many, many gigs (including Joan Jett, Patti Smith and Alice Cooper)!

33. been at the front at a gig

34. got a setlist from a gig (about 3 or 4 times I think)

35. been to the Kuan Yin shrine in Amsterdam

36. been to the Cat Museum in Amsterdam!

37. seen the hunnabeds in Holland

38. had 3 major jobs (with a bunch of temporary ones too)

39. seen the Rocky Horror Show live

40. been to protests (including Million Women Rise, Slutwalk and anti animal circus demos)

41. attended several ladyfests (and organised one)

42. caught a guitar pick at a gig

43. seen hair the musical (and joined the stage invasion)

44. shaken Patti Smith’s hand

45. interviewed Robots in Disguise

46. met Laurie Penny

47. met Josie Long

48. Met Paramore

49. been on a press list for a show

50. been mentioned on stage by a band

51. been in the local newspaper

52. written an article for the local newspaper

53. been in a national newspaper

54. had poetry published

55. djed at a public event

56. played an ukulele

57. played a keyboard

58. written for music websites

59. written for The F word

and probably loads more things I’ve missed out! Think I’ve done pretty well so far!

By the time I’m 40 I would like to:

1. have a job I love

2. go to Glastonbury (the place not the festival)

3. see stonehenge

4. see Avesbury

5. go to the 3 wishes faery festival in cornwall

6. published a book

7. see Kathleen Hanna live doing regular volunteer work

9. visit peru

can’t think of anymore yet but I’m sure there will be!



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Day Six: Writing 101

One of the most interesting people I’ve met this year was a woman called Tracey. We met on the crystal healing course I went on. She is the mother of an autistic son, and she also is a teacher of laughter yoga.


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Wild Mind: What I do for myself and everyone..

prompt today: what do you do for everyone and not just for yourself?

I go to work which is for myself and my husband so we can have money to put food on the table and pay our rent. But also I work for my boss and my colleagues as I am a vital part of the pharmacy team. I also work for the patients and customers that come in to help them manage their prescriptions and help them resolve any health issues. I do all this by dispensing people’s prescriptions, ordering them on time, making sure the medicines are on the shelf, getting blister packs done for those who struggle such as the elderly. I help people that want help to give up smoking by seeing them every week and giving them advice and whatever product they want to use to assist them.

I either cook or wash up which is for myself and my husband. I sometimes hoover up or put washing on. I do lots of other household chores. I write which is for myself but hopefully in the long run will be for more people. I run an earth healing group which is for me, other people that want to help the earth and of course for the earth herself. I meditate and journey for myself. I read for myself.


I’ve found this prompt a bit boring and am struggling to make it interesting!

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Wild Mind: What will I miss when I die?

Maybe slightly morbid topic but here is ten minutes worth of today’s writing prompt.


When I die, I will miss my husband. I will miss waking up next to him in the morning and falling asleep together at night. I will miss my home. I will miss meditating in the mornings. I will miss walking along the brook in the morning and staring in wonder at the robins, the crows, the magpies. I will miss that tree that I pass everyday on the way to work which is always full of little sparrows. I will miss their song. I will miss my friends and my family. I will miss my cats. I will miss reading books, I will miss writing with a pen, and filling up notebooks. I will miss making lists! I will miss my phone and my computer, and all the modern conveniences I’m used to. But I will also miss the wind brushing against my face, rain drops dripping slowly across the window. I will miss the warmth of the summer sun. I will miss the feel of the earth under my feet. I will miss the clouds forming shapes. I will miss the moon and tracking her cycle. I will miss the stars and wishing upon them. I will the poetry and the stories. I will miss words. I will miss pictures. I will miss taking photos and writing in my diary. I will miss music and going to gigs. I will miss now and again having a bit too much to drink or eating a bit more than I should. I will miss tasty vegan food. I will miss going to the railway and to the oaktree. I will miss having a takeaway. I will miss dresses and bracelets and earrings. I will miss talking on the phone. I will miss the ocean and the rivers and the lakes. I will miss light and the darkness of night.

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Wolf Like Child Interview

Who are Wolf Like Child? Where are you from?

Ree is Brighton born and bred
Ben grew up in Brighton too.
Eve is from Italy

Why did you choose the name Wolf Like Child? Do you feel an affinity with wolves, if so in what way?

The name WLC represents the strong determined inner wild child, the independent lone warrior like attitude, but whom likes to have their pack/tribe nearby.

How would you describe the music of Wolf Like Child?

People can make up their own minds on that one…we like it!

What inspires you as a band?


Any particular influences?
Collection of band members individual Influences.. Tom Waits. Cat Power. PJ Harvey. Portishead. Patti Smith. The Kills. Kristin Hersh. BB King. Kate Bush. Dead weather. CocoRosie. Ani Difranco. Mike Patton. Nina Simone. Ursula Rucker. Regina Spektor. Zorn. LTJ Bukem. Zappa. Muse. (to name a few!!)

Is there an album or EP on the way? Any singles?

We are presently focusing on enjoying gigging around Brighton and other areas, but there will be an EP/Album in the future,,,
Any upcoming gigs?

Next gig is at Sticky Mikes, Thursday 26th June.

Where can we keep up to date with what’s happening?




For bookings contact:

What’s your favourite thing about being in Wolf Like Child?

… that we all get on and share similar and sometimes challenging perspectives, but we are all open minded to enjoy the debate which makes it fun and interesting.
We all share the same philosophy when it comes to making music in that our priority is to have fun playing and creating, as well as hopefully creating songs that will inspire and encourage critical thought, songs that people can empathise with…

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Pigtails and Army Boots Weekly Update

Sorry for the delay in the update this week, I’ve been bust preparing for my holiday to the Netherlands next week!

News this week

I just found out about this rather awesome female trio called Valentine who will be releasing their self titled début album on July 1st, with a single called ‘Chucky’ out on June 17th. They will be touring the UK in June on these dates:

10th – Leeds The Packhorse
11th – Hull The Adelphi
13th – Sheffield O2 Academy 2
14th – Newcastle Think Tank
15th – Edinburgh Wee Red Bar
17th – Brighton Sticky Mike’s
18th – London Camden Dublin Castle
20th – Birmingham Asylum 2
21st – Manchester Dry Bar
22nd – Leicester Lock 42

here is the video to the incredibly catchy song (Warning- not for the faint of heart)!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released a video to ‘Mosquito’- warning again- if you don’t like creepy crawlies, this may not be for you!

Courtney Love

has decided to go on tour under her solo name rather than using her band name ‘Hole’ She used the name again for her 2010 album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ but last year she tweeted ‘Hole is Dead’.

Courtney will play seven dates as part of her forthcoming East Coast tour, starting in Philadelphia on June 20, visiting Boston, Silver Spring, Brooklyn, Port Chester and Asbury Park, before finishing up in Huntingdon, New York on June 29.

Paramore have also announced a tour of the UK. Dates are in September:

Dublin The O2 Point (September 2)
Manchester MEN (20)
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (21)
Birmingham LG Arena (23)
Nottingham Arena (24)
London Wembley Arena (27)

Event Guide

15th May- 20th May

  • 17 May – What The Frock! Birthday Party – The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol – Doors 7.30pm, Comedy from 8pm – Tickets £12 advance, £15 door

    On Friday, 17 May, come to The Square Club and help us celebrate our first birthday with an extra special night of Frock! fun.

    Our line up is:

    • Jayde Adams – WTF!’s resident MC
    • Viv Groskop
    • Alice Frick
    • Charlie Benson
    • Sophie Johnson

    And what do you get on this extra special night? Well, I’m glad you asked. In addition to the FIVE fabulous acts listed above, you also get…

    • The first 15 people to arrive get a limited-edition birthday present
    • Birthday cake
    • WTF! special birthday badge (ONLY available at this event)
    • Sweets and treats
    • Mini treatments from the lovely Lush ladies

    AND… we’re having a raffle in support of One25, which helps women who are trapped in sex work.

  • 18 May – Why Women Are Funny: panel event – Watershed, 1 Harbourside, Bristol – 2.00pm – Tickets £7, or £6 concessions

    There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about whether women are even capable of being funny. After writing a blog post about this that went viral in 2011, Jane Duffus founded What The Frock! Comedy in Bristol to promote women comedians. She found no shortage of funny women to book, and instead of struggling to fill club nights she’s got a huge waiting list of brilliant comedians to put on.

    Two of those comedians are Kate Smurthwaite (who was MC at the first ever WTF!, and has appeared at numerous Bristol events since), and Viv Groskop (another regular WTF! performer), both of whom – as well as being fabulously funny – are established media voices about the place of women in society, regularly speaking on Radio 4, Sky News and more. They join Jane for a panel discussion on women in comedy chaired by BBC Bristol’s Elise Rayner, host of ‘The Afternoon Show’, who has championed WTF! right from the start and is a staunch supporter of women in the arts.

    Tickets £7, or £6 concessions from

  • Artist of the Month: Wolf Like Child- they have kindly sent some more about themselves, here is what they had to say:

    Wolf Like Child are a brand new three piece from Brighton, cutting their teeth on the local live circuit. They blend folk-rock blues guitar, electro-tinged rhythms and funky, dubwise bass with lyrical twists of social consciousness; love, life, politics & randomness!






    The trio are all keen activists in their own individual ways, their songs express a direct social consciousness which is both passionate and thought provoking. Wolf Like Child are unique in that they are not interested in fame and fortune. The band intend to distribute their material for free, encouraging supporters to make donations only if they are able.   


    They recently recorded an 8-track demo with Dean Van Jones at Oscillate Recordings, which you can stream or download here (link). Currently, their focus is on having fun; roadtesting their set around Brighton and other areas, while developing new material which they hope to record in the form of an album very soon.



    Ree had a collection of songs which she had been developing for the past 6 years. Alongside working on an instrumental synth project and collaborating with other artists

    Ben had always wanted to make music with Ree & they had previously worked on various other studio projects together:


    Bluestep project


    The pair started jamming Ree’s songs in 2011, then in April 2012 they found Eve to play Bass. Eve had not long moved to Brighton from Italy and her style complimented the sound perfectly.


    Wolf Like Child have recently started performing their set live and are grateful for compliments on their unique sound and attitude. Their next gig is @ The Sticky Mikes Frog Bar on Thursday 23rd May. Onstage at 9pm. £5 door or £4 guestlist (Event page)…


    How to find out about/listen to Wolf Like Child: 




    For bookings contact:

    No update next week as I’ll be on holiday, so will leave you with this dreamy cover of the week- a version of The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry- click here to listen

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