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Little Girl

Little girl
you don’t need fixing
you are not broken
remember words spoken
are not always right
there’s no need to fight
your heart is filled with light
I will keep you safe
I will hold you and I will care
ignore all the other’s stare
together we will be beautiful
as I am you
and you are me
it gets better, you will see
things will change
as you grow, all the nightmares go
little girl
know that you are loved
Together we will rise above.


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feeling inspired today after taking part in a Free Palestine Demo…

Freedom denied

with no place to hide

behind a wall

another civilian falls

blood in the air

this just isn’t fair

why can’t we all get along?

together, we’re all united and strong

isn’t it time we put down the guns?

bring the casualties down to none?

peace doesn’t have to be so far away

it’s time to stand up and say

“This is not okay”

hold hands and understand

it’s time to speak out against the violence

let’s not ignore the faces on the news

try not to let the bias affect your views

today, I for one will stand up

and call for peace

hoping some day this world will change

and I want to be but one voice that helped make that change.


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July: It’s a cruel summer…leaving me here on my own…

Well it hasn’t really been a cruel summer, just oddly quiet, I have been busy most months but the summer so far which is usually the busiest time of the year for me has been really quiet. I much prefer when I’m a busy bee!

How I’ve been doing with my goals:

New job and Healing Business: Well I am STILL looking. The job I thought I had such a good chance with didn’t even give me an interview in the end 😦 I have been continuing to look for jobs on a daily basis. I haven’t had a clients or case studies this month so haven’t really done anything to do with the healing business.

write my spiritual book: haven’t done anything towards this at all! Still waiting to get some feedback to help me go forward with it.

more photos of family/friends: none this month

write more: slacking in this too 😦

more gigs: also 0.
not a very good month for goals really!

What I’ve been up to: had two friends come round at the beginning of the month. On the 15th I went to the Pagan Lion Moot for the first time in over a year! My friend Gareth was doing a talk about Plant Medicine which was really interesting. On the 19th was the second women’s circle, sadly it was just two of us, but we had fun playing with divination tools and giving each other readings. Our friends Rachel and Dave came yo visit the following day. Last weekend I met up with my friend Lauren we gave out some anti aquarium leaflets outside the sealife centre then went to Bobby Jo’s Diner where we had a vegan icecream sundae and milkshake- yum! Last Monday evening we went to the last post with a bunch of other people to give our friend Andrew a surprise 50th birthday meal. I wasn’t impressed with my meal but it was nice to be friends.
It was the last week in July that was actually busy, on Wednesday went to my Passionate Women group meeting which was our creative meet up so we played with fabric paint. I made a t shirt that says ‘Love Trust and faery dust’ Then on Thursday I went to a Sound Bath ran by my friend Crystal, had some healing with singing bowls and did a meditation.

So yeah it’s been a bit quiet but not bad xx

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